Uworld NCLEX Review 2024 : Should You Buy it?

Being among the most famous and oldest programs for NCLEX prep, Uworld is one of the most familiar names in nursing world community. UWorld is a test bank that offers practice questions to prepare you for various exams, including the NCLEX. They cater to a range of tests, not just nursing but other medical programs as well.

Below is our review of Uworld which will help you figure out if it suits your needs or is even worth the investment.

Everything You Need to Know About Uworld NCLEX

If you’re searching for a comprehensive review program, UWorld might not be your best fit as it is primarily a question bank. It’s not structured like a review course The course is designed to teach you via the rationales for the questions which provide insightful information,. If you’re seeking structured content, you might want to explore other options such as Nursing.com or Kaplan. On the other hand, if your primary need is a robust test bank that can help you gauge your NCLEX readiness, UWorld is definitely worth considering.

The main goal of Uworld is to challenge users and impact their critical thinking abilities, thereby allowing them to level up their NCLEX scores. They also provide information on nursing knowledge with clinical practice to provide updated content.



  • 2,800+ questions including 500+ NGN questions.
  • Over 700 vibrant medical illustrations and images are provided to demystify complex processes, provide context to clinical symptoms, and aid in the recall of crucial concepts.
  • Concise, engaging NCLEX study videos focus on key, frequently tested content, designed to prepare you quickly and effectively for a successful first-time exam pass.
  • Self-assessment Tests and Performance tracking feature.
  • Personalized Study Planner

Who Should go for UWorld?

Uworld can also be a great platform for anyone who is comfortable with whatever they learned in nursing school, and will probably need less teaching and practice materials. This is because you can still prepare for the real exam effectively, using just the practice questions with detailed solutions that Uworld offers. 

The questions will teach you how to easily reason about certain problems, so if you already feel confident about most of the material, then the Qbank is enough for you. Still, before you even place a subscription plan, it is essential to first ensure that Uworld fits all your needs since they focus on only one design of studying.

Unlike most platforms that include instructors who offer live classes and steer you in the right direction, Uworld will only provide you with practice questions. For this reason, you need to motivate yourself if you want to succeed in your studies.

Furthermore, you need to be willing to use other programs together with Uworld. As I said, Uworld does not use videos that help some users to understand core concepts. Therefore, you can supplement Uworld with other platforms that use video content. Simply make sure you check your budget since you will also have to pay for the chosen program.

  • UWorld has done an excellent job of mimicking the look and feel of the NCLEX. The questions are structured similarly to the ones you'll encounter on the NCLEX.

  • One of the larger test banks in the NCLEX prep market, providing extensive content.
  • The questions are spread across all nursing subjects, not just overloaded with cardiac or respiratory questions. This ensures a comprehensive range of questions, including areas like leadership and prioritization.
  •  UWorld provides detailed and comprehensive rationales, providing images, diagrams, and tables to enhance understanding. They also explain why the correct answer was chosen over the others.
  • Includes a progress tracker that enables you to monitor your performance and improve on it.
  • UWorld's mobile app interface is similar to the desktop version, allowing you to take questions on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.
  • High Cost: UWorld is a very expensive platform for offering question banks only. The starting price is around $99 for one month of access to their test bank, but it doesn't include any readiness assessments. To include readiness assessments, the cost increases to $139 for two months of access.

  • Not a Review Course: UWorld is not a review course and won't provide you with a condensed version of nursing school in a classroom-like environment. It is primarily a robust test bank and may need to be used in conjunction with a review course for comprehensive preparation.

Uworld Curriculum

The course’s curriculum is all about the test question bank, which includes numerous questions that are followed by detailed explanations. The questions can help you gain skills, strategies, and content that are essential for passing your NCLEX exam. 

Besides, Uworld offers tough questions to improve your critical thinking skills. Another great part about this platform is that it can weigh your performance, and then predict if you will excel in the actual NCLEX. As a result, you can improve on your weak spots, know your level of skill, and maintain a better progression.

When it comes to the cons, Uworld does not have lectures, videos, or study guides like other popular programs. This can be difficult for some users, especially those who take longer periods to understand a certain concept unless they use other supplemental materials for studying.

Uworld Platform

If you are looking for a user-friendly platform with an excellent interface, then Uworld is the ideal choice for you. Their interface nearly resembles that of the real NCLEX, which enables users to know and feel what the real thing will be like. 

   UWorld Nursing Sample Question

This allows students to feel confident when the time comes to do their NCLEX exam since the environment will be a familiar one. Apart from instilling confidence, this feature can also allow you to concentrate on the real NCLEX as you will not experience formatting distractions. 

To access it whenever you prefer, you can also download the mobile app in case your computer is not near you. But if you are worried that you will experience lags, then you will be satisfied to know that their app operates smoothly, so you can digest information effectively and quickly.

In addition, their practice materials are outstanding. This is all thanks to the use of premium images in their rationales, which are perfect for visual learners. These graphics can contribute to effective study since they bring ideas that are more understandable in a visual way.

UWorld Nursing Answer explanation

Conclusively, Uworld can help you monitor your progress and enable you to identify your weak spots. As you continue to answer questions, you will be able to figure out how to study properly. Moreover, the tracker can compare your progress with that of your peers thus allowing you to know your position in relation to the other students who have already sat for the NCLEX.

UWorld Nursing Performance Report
UWorld Nursing Flashcards Sample

How much does it cost?

The cost will be based on the type of subscription plan you prefer, which is $119 for 30 days, $149 for 60 days, $249 for 180 days, and $299 for 360.

Uworld questions are normally given based on your plan but you will still be able to access 2,000+ questions from the Qbank no matter the subscription you choose. The bonus feature comes in when you gain 100-question assessments if you have a 60-day plan and 200-question assessments for 180-day and 360-day subscriptions.

These self-assessment questions are usually used to test your readiness for the real exam.


Final Words

The purpose of this review is to help you figure out if the course is worth your time and money. If you need more information, go to the course’s official website or ask one of its representatives.


Alternatives of Uworld NCLEX

In case Uworld does not meet your needs you can use other services such as:

This course provides live lessons, in-person courses as well as on-demand options for the NCLEX. Therefore, you can meet up with your instructor in a classroom-like environment if that is what it takes for you to succeed.

Even though Princeton Review is new, they are making major improvements on their platform to include live classes as well as 1,920 practice questions from NCSBN for the NCLEX.

This course provides more NCLEX materials as well as lesson plans at a cheaper price. Even though it is less costly, Uworld has more questions that are intricate and also offers feedback. You can check full comparison here.

Hurst includes well-trained instructors as well as different kinds of class choices like an in-person NCLEX course.


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