Best OAT Prep Courses 2024 : Which One is Best For You?

We have ranked popular OAT prep course available in market with the help of past students, tutors and first hand review by our editorial board.

#1.OAT Booster(Best Overall) 

Higher Score Guarantee
OAT Booster Summary

Most popular OAT test prep among pre-optometry students.

  • Up-to-date course materials with modern interface.
  • $479 for 90 Days of Access
  • Comprehensive science study notes
  • More than 2000 OAT-specific video lessons
  • 7800+ Highly representative Practice Questions
  • Comprehensive solutions and explanations.
  • Ask AI feature to address your query instantly.
  • More than 80 high-yield practice tests and 10 full-length practice tests
  • Equal focus on the Physics section
  • High-yield study notes and flashcards
  • Limited One-on-One online tutoring for any questions you may have
  • Smart Performance Tracking for Revision
  • Apps for both Android and iOS with modern interfaces.

OAT Booster is the most popular choice among pre optometry students right now (ahead of Bootcamp and Kaplan). By offering most representative practice questions and high yield videos with study notes, OATBooster stands ahead of its competitors. It has an extensive library of up to date resources, which includes study guides, strategies, flashcards, study notes, crash courses, content videos, and solution videos.

OATBooster is unique in that it can more accurately simulate the real OAT exam compared to other competitors. The study resources accurately reflect the subject matter and degree of difficulty of the actual exam.  Despite its Quantitative Reasoning and Physics parts being more complex than the actual test, this level of authenticity in preparation will ultimately boost your confidence for the final exam.

Many students who have tried the course particularly liked how OATBooster approach challenging areas. They put an emphasis on comprehending the reasons behind erroneous answers. You will be equipped with immense support for your OAT prep with its in-depth explanations and clarifications supplied by the study notes and content videos. 

Whether you choose the 8-week, 10-week, or 12-week study plan, OATBooster provides well-structured and accommodate various deadlines. Due to this flexibility, you can schedule your study plan following your availability and educational requirements. Though, we recommend to follow 12 week study plan for best results.

Another notable feature of OATBooster is its affordability. Their pricing is very competitive when compared to other options on the market. OATBooster provides outstanding value for the caliber of their study tools for $299 for a 90-day subscription and $499 for a 180-day access period. You can find latest verified discount codes to get the best price here.

You can check our full review here.

Detailed Explanation


  • Comes with easy-to-comprehend advanced analytics
  • Top-notch study notes and videos
  • Each question comes with detailed explanations
  • Quite close to the actual OAT exams
  • AskBooster AI to clear doubts instantly


  • It doesn’t offer live classes

#2.OAT Bootcamp (Best For Biology Section)

Best For Biology Lessons
OAT Bootcamp Pros & Cons
8/10 Our Score
  • One of the top OAT programs is known for its Bootcamp approach.
  • High-Quality Video lectures. Chemistry & Biology lessons are top-notch.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plans.
  • Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • Most realistic practice test compared to others.
  • Modern sleek interface with mobile app.
    Bootcamp Pro $499, Plus Plan $899
  • Physics video lessons not available.
  • No Live Class Option.

OAT Bootcamp stands out among other OAT preparation programs by offering high quality Biology and Chemistry video lessons. Aside from practice questions and tests, OAT Bootcamp provides question banks for each subject, offering students extra practice opportunities crucial for OAT success.

When it comes to Biology, students can choose from a range of tailored and efficient study methods, including Bio Flashcards, Bio notes, Bio videos, Bio bites, question banks, and practice tests. It is worth noting that the Biology section of the course is particularly complex. However, OAT Bootcamp provides the intensive practice needed to improve performance for those struggling with Biology.

Furthermore,  the course offers strategies specific to each OAT subject, guiding students on how to make the most of the available resources. As an example, we can see how OAT Bootcamp offers Dr. Mike’s Chemistry videos that effectively explain complex concepts. It also includes a study timetable and a study guide. 

With the Bootcamp Pro package, priced at $497, students receive 90 days of access to a wealth of resources. You can use the promo code OATMAX to get best discount.

These include more than 2,000 video lessons, 8,800 practice questions, 10 practice tests in full-length, and 60 subject tests.

For an extended access period, students can opt for Bootcamp Plus at $899, which grants 180 days of access to all the material in Bootcamp Pro, 25 more subject tests, and an additional 700 practice questions.


  • Each section comes with handy test-taking techniques
  • Offers a wide choice of free study material
  • The Biology part may be complex, but it provides excellent test practice
  • Highly representative questions and tests
  • Masterfully crafted for students by students


  • It doesn’t offer information videos on the Physics subject

#3.Chad’s Videos OAT Prep (Good Chemistry Section)

Chad’s videos are consistently praised by students as one of the best science resources for OAT preparation. 

Covering all OAT topics except for Reading Comprehension, his OAT prep course offers a comprehensive range of resources, including detailed study guides, video lectures, practice questions with solutions videos, and practice tests.

The clarity of Chad’s video lectures allows students to optimize their study time. He cuts out unnecessary details and focuses on the crucial information often included in the actual tests. This approach is particularly beneficial for students who want to enhance their understanding of specific subjects rather than starting from scratch.

One of the standout qualities of Chad’s videos is their engaging nature. By incorporating analogies and humor, Chad makes even complex topics easy to comprehend and retain. Chad also emphasizes the importance of practice in assessing one’s understanding of a subject. 

Each topic is accompanied by exams and quizzes that expose students to high-yield questions, effectively preparing them for the OAT test. Overall, Chad’s videos are particularly valuable for mastering Physics, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. 

Furthermore, Chad provides study aids that facilitate note-taking. These aids, such as cheat sheets for Physics equations and explanations of Organic Chemistry reactions, enhance the learning process and provide valuable tools for review.


  • There are quizzes at the end of each section
  • Offers many test-taking tips
  • Video content is concise but in-depth
  • The videos are engaging
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • It lacks in the Biology section

OAT Prep Courses For Extensive Preparation (For Struggling Students) 

The following courses are suited for students who are new to OAT prep or need more exhausting materials:

Kaplan OAT Prep Plus

Kaplan OAT preparation offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to tailor their study experience according to their preferences. With drop-in-style classes, students can attend as many live-streamed lessons as they want each week, allowing them to skip classes they are not interested in. You can check full review here.

Kaplan OAT also provides a personalized, organized study plan to keep students on track. This plan is created by professionals, taking into account individual strengths and weaknesses. And, with calendar synchronization, students always know when to attend their preferred classes. 

Moreover, Kaplan offers additional test preparation resources. The physical OAT preparation book is a valuable tool, providing a comprehensive overview of every subject. It is particularly recommended for the Biology section, covering all the necessary themes and concepts.

It’s important to note that the sample exams in this program, especially in the Physics section, may be more challenging than the actual OAT. This intentionally provides a rigorous practice experience, so students should not be discouraged if they score lower than expected.

With options to study for one, three, or six months, students can choose a package that suits their needs. The Limitless Prep packages (priced at $599 for three months and $849 for six months) provide ample study time for comprehensive OAT preparation. Additionally, there is a 12-month package available for $1,299.


  • Kaplan’s book is up-to-date and helpful
  • Offers many OAT resources
  • Personalized and flexible study options for targeted reading
  • More challenging than the real OAT
  • Guarantees users of higher scores


  • A bit more pricey than other courses

Princeton Review OAT Prep

Cracking the OAT, authored by The Princeton Review, is a comprehensive guide that has garnered acclaim as an invaluable resource for OAT preparation. 

As an esteemed institution with a longstanding history of assisting students across various academic domains, The Princeton Review brings its expertise to create a guide that equips students with practical tools to conquer the challenges of the modern academic landscape.

Comprising 144 pages, Cracking the OAT covers all major topics of the OAT examination. The guide offers a thorough review of various Physics concepts, such as kinematics, electricity, mechanics, and more, ensuring students grasp the essential principles required for success. Additionally, it presents useful strategies for applying knowledge to Science, Reading, and Math tests.

One notable strength of Cracking the OAT is its detailed explanations about the structure and content of the exam. It also offers key techniques to employ when facing difficulties during the exam, enabling students to navigate them with ease.

The inclusion of two full-length practice tests allows students to assess their preparedness and simulate the exam experience. This hands-on approach is beneficial in familiarizing students with the format and timing of the OAT.

While it has intensive coverage of the Physics section, it should be noted that other topics are not discussed in the same in-depth manner. As such, Cracking the OAT may serve best as a supplement to reinforce knowledge in those areas. 

The book is currently priced at $19.99, a good deal considering its coverage.


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent explanation of Physics concepts
  • User-friendly format for easy browsing and understanding
  • Concise explanations of concepts


  • Difficulties with online registration
  • Minor editing errors
  • Limited coverage of topics besides Physics

Gold Standard OAT Prep

With an online video interview for medical school, a software program, audio, content review videos, four books, and full-length practice tests, the Gold Standard’s OAT prep offers a complete package to support students’ OAT journey.

One of the course’s standout features is its coverage of all OAT disciplines, such as Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. 

While the Physics book is labeled as a DAT book, it also applies to the OAT, with the only difference being the inclusion of Physics in the OAT and Perceptual Ability in the DAT. 

The inclusion of the software application adds another layer of preparation, with three computerized OAT practice exams available. This, along with the additional complete OAT practice exams, allows students to familiarize themselves with the exam format and timing.

One notable strength of Gold Standard’s materials is the detailed answer explanations accompanying practice exams and questions. This ensures that students not only know the correct answers but also understand the reasoning behind them.

Another advantage is the flexibility of choosing between the books or the audio version for content review. The audio version, available on a CD, allows students to study on the go.

Additionally, Gold Standard offers more than 20 hours of video content review specifically dedicated to the Natural Science subject. The inclusion of an online interview video for medical school adds value beyond the exam preparation, assisting students in preparing for optometry school interviews.


  • TopScore software is easy-to-use
  • Comes with detailed explanations and solution
  • Gives an audio-based option to study
  • The practice questions online are representative of the actual OAT
  • Comes with in-depth content reviews


  • Gold Standard doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee

Varsity Tutors for Private Tutors

Varsity Tutors has established itself as a leader in providing the highest value in private tutoring online. Their platform connects students with experienced tutors who create personalized lessons to optimize the learning process.

What sets Varsity Tutors apart is the range of innovative features. They include session recording, collaborative workspaces, interactive whiteboards, and video chat, making tutoring sessions engaging and interactive. The ability to record sessions also ensures that students can revisit and review the material covered, enhancing their understanding and retention.

Flexibility is another key advantage of Varsity Tutors. Students can utilize their tutoring hours for any subject, which can be shared among multiple students within the same family. This flexibility ensures that students receive tailored instruction in the specific areas they need help with.

The convenience of the mobile tutoring app further enhances the accessibility of Varsity Tutors’ services. Students can access live online instruction at their convenience, eliminating geographical constraints and allowing for seamless learning experiences.

In addition to their online tutoring services, Varsity Tutors offers a comprehensive array of practice materials, such as daily questions for different OAT areas, flashcards, practice questions, and free practice tests.

Varsity Tutors gives a 100% tutor satisfaction guarantee, allowing students to request a new tutor if they are not satisfied with their initial session. Additionally, it offers various guarantees, including pass, personal satisfaction, and better scores. 

The rate per hour depends on the number of hours you will choose:

  • $4,368 – $91/hr for 48 hours
  • $3,420 – $95/hr for 36 hours
  • $2,448 – $102/hr for 24 hours
  • $1,296 – $108/hr for 12 hours


  • Guaranteed tutor satisfaction
  • Live online platform is innovative
  • Offers individualized lesson plans
  • You can get instant tutoring anytime you want
  • Tutors have highly-regarded credentials


  • Practice tests are not available in full-length

Crack the OAT

The Crack the OAT package offers an impressive array of resources for OAT preparation. With its extensive video explanations, realistic test simulations, and comprehensive question banks, it provides a thorough content review and ample practice opportunities.

The electronic format of the materials, particularly the video explanations, is a major advantage. It allows for easy navigation and ensures that the information is presented in a digestible and engaging manner. 

The package covers all the essential OAT subjects, including Science, Reading, and Math. With over 50 simulated section tests, students have ample opportunities to familiarize themselves with the exam format. 

The detailed answer explanations provided for the 3000+ questions help students understand the reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers, enabling them to improve their test-taking skills.

However, among its drawbacks is the limitation of one computer activation. In today’s digital age, where access to materials from any device is crucial, this restriction may limit the convenience and flexibility of studying on different platforms.


  • Video information designed for easy browsing
  • Solid performance of the software in assessing your weaknesses and performance level


  • It can’t be shared
  • Access is limited to one PC
  • No books available
  • You can only get the package in electronic format
  • It lacks the Physics section

Dr. Romano’s OAT Prep

The OAT Destroyer study guide, developed by Dr. Romano, a renowned test prep expert, is highly regarded among optometry students preparing for their entry exam. It offers a comprehensive and conventional approach to preparation.

This comprehensive teaching tool, presented as a complete spiral book, covers questions on all the concepts and topics assessed on the OAT, including quantitative reasoning, biology, general chemistry, and physics.

The OAT Destroyer study guide provides students with a range of valuable resources, including comprehensive study guides and high-yield online tests for additional practice.

Students also gain access to educational videos on YouTube, which serve as an additional study aid. The availability of video chat tutoring adds another layer of support for students seeking guidance and thorough explanations of math, physics, and biology concepts.

The OAT Destroyer’s pricing is reasonable compared to other study materials, with the three comprehensive books available for $175.95.

However, it’s important to note that no payment options or performance guarantees are provided with the OAT Destroyer. Consequently, many students supplement their preparation with other resources like the Kaplan OAT prep course.


  • Availability of video chat tutoring
  • Affordable price


  • Doesn’t provide a better score or a money-back guarantee 
  • More of a book than a course


The courses and resources that can help prepare you to take OAT depend on your level of knowledge. Advanced learners will benefit more from courses such as OAT Booster, OAT Bootcamp, Chad’s Videos, and Varsity Tutors for Private Tutors.

Meanwhile, beginners will gain valuable insights from resources like the Kaplan OAT Prep Plus, Princeton Review OAT Prep, Gold Standard, Crack the OAT, and Dr. Romano’s OAT Prep. Do your research before choosing the course that best fits your needs. 

People Also Ask questions:

Q: How should I study for the OAT?

A: The most effective strategy for studying for the OAT may differ from student to student. Still, some general pointers include making a study schedule, using study resources (like prep books, online courses, or practice tests), concentrating on weak areas while also reviewing strong subjects, practicing with sample questions and timed exams, getting assistance from tutors or study groups, and maintaining a healthy balance of rest and self-care throughout the preparation process.

Q: Is Kaplan OAT worth it?

A: Whether Kaplan OAT is worthwhile will vary based on personal choices and requirements. The well-known test preparation company Kaplan offers a variety of study guides, online tools, and practice exams. 

Their OAT preparation courses provide thorough material covering and a variety of study aids, including video lessons, practice problems, and individual study schedules. Before choosing Kaplan over the rest, it is a good idea to do some research, contrast different OAT prep alternatives, read reviews, consider your learning style, and set a budget.

Q: Can I study for the OAT in 2 weeks?

A: While preparing for the OAT in a short amount of time, such as two weeks, is doable, it is typically advised to allow for a longer study period in order to properly cover all the essential material and get enough practice. The OAT includes a variety of topics, so trying to pack everything into a small amount of time might not produce the best outcomes. 

It is still possible to advance in two weeks, provided you have a strong foundation in the OAT subjects and are prepared to commit to an intense study program. Be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into your studies at this time.

Q: Is Kaplan OAT harder than actual OAT?

A: The practice exams and other OAT preparation resources from Kaplan are frequently made to be more difficult than the actual OAT. This strategy aims to give students a greater degree of preparation and make sure they are equipped to handle any challenges they may face on the actual exam. 

Although the Kaplan OAT practice resources may be more demanding, they can help you deepen your comprehension of the subjects and hone your test-taking abilities. It is crucial to practice using a range of materials to guarantee that you are well-prepared for the actual OAT exam.



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