Prep Expert SAT Review [2021] – Is it worth the money?

Prep Expert, formerly known as 2400 Expert, was developed by SAT perfect-scorer Shaan Patel to help students raise their SAT scores and master key test-taking strategies. Patel developed the course in 2011, a flagship course that took place over six week

s and helps students raise their scores by an average of 200 points. Featured on the popular series Shark Tank in January 2016, Patel won a $250,000 investment from billionaire Mark Cuban to turn his test prep model into an online learning hub.

Now, Prep Expert and the Kranse Institute have partnered to offer this SAT prep course online, through an innovative new app, live online virtual courses, and in-person classroom courses. Patel hopes to help millions of students taking the SAT to improve their scores, so they have a better chance of being accepted into the universities of their dreams.

Shaan Patel’s Journey to SAT Prep Expert

Shaan Patel’s journey began in Las Vegas, Nevada, where his family emigrated from India and bought a budget motel. Patel attended one of the lowest-performing school districts in the United States at Clark High School, and he knew that he needed his SAT scores to stand out from those of his peers to get noticed by his top-pick schools. He took the SAT the first time and earned just an average score; Patel knew he had to get better.

He took all his SAT materials and sat down to organize them into test-taking strategies, which he then began to master. He dissected the test and prep materials and began to build them into a comprehensive SAT preparation guide. When Patel retook the SAT, he raised his score by 640 points to a perfect 2400: something only achieved by 3,000 of the millions of students to take the test from 2005 to 2016.

Not only did Patel receive a full ride to the University of Southern California to pursue his degree in medicine, but he also received over $500,000 in scholarship offers because of his perfect 2400 score. He was also accepted into the MBA program at Yale University. While interviews, grades, and college essays are also important pieces of the college admissions process, scoring well on the SAT or ACT can bring in significant amounts of scholarship offers for students.

Patel knew that his method worked, and he wrote a manuscript for an SAT prep book which he shopped around to different publishing companies. After being turned down over 100 times, he decided to develop his own 6-week flagship SAT course called 2400 Expert.

2400 Expert’s success became so well-known, mostly because students were raising their SAT scores by an average of 376 points. Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill approached Patel, and he subsequently wrote and published his most well-known and well-received book called SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps.

From there, Patel’s courses continued to develop and grow in their popularity, and he knew that this method could help thousands of other students improve their scores as well. In January 2016, Patel appeared on the popular TV series Shark Tank, where he pitched his idea of developing an online, national version of his successful classroom sessions to the Shark investors. Mark Cuban accepted Patel’s offer of investing $250,000 into the company, gaining himself 20% ownership.

Self-Paced SAT Video Course

Both the Kranse Institute and Prep Expert have partnered to deliver this exclusive online course to students anywhere in the world, on any device they use, at any time. The program features 147 lessons that cover over 100 proven test-taking strategies specially developed by Shaan Patel to help students reach their maximum potential scores on the SAT. There are also 30 hours of video lectures in which students can pause, rewind, and fast forward according to their own learning needs and abilities. The videos are cut into 10-minute segments to make them easy to digest and remember.

The lessons focus on important strategies and shortcuts to achieving better scores on the test, rather than expecting students to rely on rote memorization skills. For many students with learning disabilities, the inability to memorize many things has long put them at a disadvantage when they take the SAT. The SAT Prep Expert course helps take away that memorization anxiety and gives students real skills to show off what they already understand in math, vocabulary, and writing.

Course Offerings

Prep Expert offers several options for students to prep for the SAT, according to their schedules and needs. There are in-person and live online course instruction from tutors who are experts in taking and excelling on the SAT, scoring in the 99th percentile themselves. There are also self-directed video instruction courses that students can access from anywhere on their computers or smart devices. There are currently five different course offerings:

  • 6-Week Flagship
  • 6-Week Advanced
  • 3-Week Fast Track
  • Self-Paced Video
  • Weekend Review

In-person classes are currently offered in six cities across the country:

  • Washington, D.C.
  • San Jose, California
  • Orange County, California
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • Las Vegas, Nevada


The 6-Week Flagship Course

The 6-Week Flagship course can be attended in-person or online. The course is 72 hours long and meets for 3 hours twice a week, plus once for 4 hours for a proctored SAT practice exam. By the end of this course, students will have taken and received feedback on six practice SAT exams, helping them to hone the skills they need to improve on to bring their scores up on the next SAT.

Additionally, this course helps students become more comfortable with the format of the test, lowering test-taking anxieties, and building confidence in all kinds of student learners.

The 6-Week Flagship course guarantees a 200-point improvement on a student’s next SAT, or you will receive 100% of your money back.

The 6-Week Advanced Course

The 6-Week Advanced course specifically targets students seeking to score a 1500 or above on the SAT, and course offerings are in live online classrooms. It utilizes the 100 strategies developed by Shaan Patel to help them achieve their maximum scoring potential on the exam. This course is also 72 hours long, but it meets 4 days per week for 3 hours each time. The practice exams are self-proctored at home and must be completed before 11 pm PST.

The 6-Week Advanced SAT course guarantees a 200-point score improvement, or they will refund 100% of your money.

The 3-Week Fast Track Course

The 3-Week Fast Track course is a live online instruction course conducted in a virtual classroom. It is a 72-hour course which meets 4 days a week for 3 hours at a time. Students also take two practice tests per week at 4 hours of self-proctoring each time. This is a crash course which many students find preferable for their schedules and is especially useful to take over the summer.

The 3-Week Fast Track Course guarantees a 100-point score improvement on the next SAT, or you will receive 100% of your money back.

The Self-Paced Video SAT Course

The Self-Paced Video SAT course utilizes Shaan Patel’s own personal recorded instruction to help students learn the key strategies necessary to improve their overall SAT score. The total course hours are 60, and they can be taken at any time of day from any device. The videos are in small segments, and the course comes with plenty of practice tests and questions so that students can learn how to take the test successfully. It even features printable test questions to help students who are written-memory learners.

This Self-Paced Video SAT course features a score improvement guarantee. If you don’t improve on your next SAT, Prep Expert will refund 100% of your money.

Weekend Review

The Weekend Review course is the perfect refresher and review course for students about to take their SAT exam. These reviews are scheduled for the weekend before the next SAT and are 12 hours long. They are conducted in live online classrooms and spread out throughout Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 3 pm each day. The course includes a 30-minute lunch break. Students take practice tests at home and get to exercise the skills they’ve learned one last time before taking the SAT.

Private Tutors

Prep Expert also offers live online tutoring from the best SAT tutors in the industry. These tutors have all scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT, and they are skilled in the 100 strategies of Shaan Patel’s Prep Expert system. They are carefully selected to deliver the material in a fun and engaging way and have been personally trained by Shaan Patel. The packages range from 4 hours up to 48 hours of tutoring. They aren’t cheap, but for many students, the one-on-one approach of preparing for the SAT may be extremely beneficial.

ACT, AP, and SAT II Tutoring

Prep Expert has taken their proven test-taking strategies and developed courses for other standardized tests, including the ACT, all AP subjects, and the SAT II. The ACT prep courses are offered either live online or in-person in Las Vegas, Nevada. The AP and SAT II tutoring is available live online through private tutoring sessions.

Final Thoughts

Prep Expert offers a variety of ways for students to get engaged in the SAT prep materials and actively work toward increasing their scores. Because it employs tutors and instructors who are paid more than anywhere else in the SAT prep industry, and those instructors have scored in the 99th percentile themselves, the learning experience is superior to some other test-prep services.

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