Target GRE Test Prep Reviews [2024 Update]

When choosing how you want to study for the GRE, it is important to remember that everyone has a different learning style, and not every prep program is one-size-fits-all. The tutors at Target Test Prep understand the necessity of tailoring different plans to specific learning styles, time constraints, and other specifications, and have created multiple plans to make sure that however you choose to study for the GRE, Target Test Prep can help you achieve the score you want.

The online software, designed to work on most smartphones, desktop or laptop computers, and tablets, uses innovative technology to help you best prepare yourself to take the GRE. These courses are designed so that any student studying for the GRE can effectively use it to prepare. The more time a student puts into the course, the more value they will receive from it.

Target GRE Overview

Discover the advantages you get with the Target GRE test prep course and find out if it comes with drawbacks. With the info here, you will know if Target can help with your GRE prep or if you need to consider other brands.

Target started out with its GMAT prep course, but it has now branched out with its own GRE prep course as well. The Target GRE plan format is virtually the same as the Target GMAT prep.

That is, you basically have a single plan with all the features. You only have to determine (and pay for) the length of time you wish to access the plan.

Also, the focus is just on the Quant portion of the GRE. That’s the same feature in the Target GMAT. These Target guys are all Quant fanatics, but that’s a good thing if the Quant section is where you want to focus on your studies.


Here are some of the advantages that you will enjoy with the Target GRE prep course:

It’s Affordable

While other GRE plans can cost a lot more (often running into 4 figures), with the Target GRE prep course you spend only $399 at the most. That’s the discounted price for the GRE Maximum Learning, down from $399.

If you only have 4 months to spare for your GRE review, you don’t have to pay for the 6-month plan either. Instead, you pay $299 and save another $100. That doesn’t even count the fact that the usual price for this 4-month GRE Dedicated Study is actually $449.

In fact, you can go with a study plan for a month or two with Target if you want. You may pay as low as $99 a month since at the time we visited the site there’s a discount that cuts down the regular $149 price tag.

You Get a Lot, Even for $99

With other GRE test prep brands, you normally get fewer resources if you are paying for a cheaper plan. Once you pay more than the cost of the basic package, you generally tend to receive more.

But here with Target, you only shorten the access period when you pay less. You still get everything that the max-price student gets. That means you get the following:

  • Guaranteed score increase
  • At least 600 individual GRE math lessons
  • 3,100+ realistic GRE practice questions
  • 800+ HD GRE Videos
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • Custom GRE practice engine
  • Live Support

In fact, you can even say that you get a lot more than the students who opt for GRE prep courses from other brands.

These other brands generally offer a similar number of video lessons and practice questions. But they’re all spread out on all the GRE sections. The number of questions and lessons for just the Quant is substantially less than what you get from Target.

Custom Test Creation

You can prepare your practice test according to your needs and preferences. You can take questions only for particular chapters, or on all of them. You may choose to go mostly with easy, average, or difficult questions.

You also have the choice to include questions that you didn’t answer correctly before on previous practice tests, to make sure that you can handle them now. Or you can keep things fresh by only including questions you haven’t encountered before.

Accurate Analytics

The analytics can pinpoint the particular areas of the Quant section where you’re having more trouble. This then can be your next focus when you resume your review. You can also put in more practice questions for these areas in your next practice test.

High Quality Videos

It’s not just the fact that these videos are all in HD quality. It’s how well the instructors explain the concepts. They can make clear even the most complicated Quant issues in a way that most GRE test-takers can comprehend. It’s this quality that really stands out in the GRE prep field.

Live Support

You’re not entirely on your own with this GRE prep course. In case you’re having some problems, you can just click for immediate live support. That’s much better than using email, which can waste a lot of time.

There’s A Score Increase Guarantee

You’re guaranteed to improve your previous GRE Quant score. If you don’t, you get your money back.

Of course, that means you have to prove that you did all you can with the GRE test prep course. That meant you covered all the test questions and reviewed all the lessons in order to qualify for the refund.


As you may have suspected, there are some potential issues. Consider these points to see if they might be a reason for you to look into another brand or if you are able to live with these issues.

It’s Limited to Just the Quant Section

This is probably the main drawback to the Target GRE prep course. It’s all about the Quant, and nothing else. If you want a more comprehensive review coverage, Target is definitely not for you.

No Live Classes

While this is great for busy people who may not be able to fit a class in their schedule, live classes would still have been nice for some folks. Classes can offer more engagement, and clarify issues that the video lessons can’t.

Tutoring is Expensive

Many people like the tutoring option because it can sometimes be the difference between an OK score and a great score. It’ll cost you $300 an hour with Target to get tutoring. With other brands (even the premium ones), the cost per hour is much lower.

The Trial Run

Other brands offer free trials for 7 days. With Target, the trial is only for 5 days, it’s just on the Quant, and you still have to pay a dollar down!

Course Features

Guaranteed Score Increases

All of Target Test Prep’s GRE Quant plans come with a GRE score guarantee. You will receive a full refund of the access plan purchase price if, when you retake the GRE, your quantitative score does not increase.

Tutor requires several things before approving your refund request. Prior to buying an access plan to the Target Test Prep GRE Quant you must have taken an official GRE. Within two weeks of purchasing your access to Target Test Prep GRE Quant, you must send, by email, a copy of that official score from your GRE to [email protected]. Once you have taken your new GRE, submit the score to the same email within two weeks of receiving it.

Tutor Target requires you to complete all the modules given in Target Test Prep’s Comprehensive Study Plan. This includes all details such as attempting practice problems, watching the video, and reading every lesson.

If you put the effort in with access to Target Test Prep GRE Quant, your score should increase!

GRE Flexible Prep

This plan, designed for people who have busy schedules and want to prep for the GRE on their own terms, comes with a guaranteed score increase. Billing for the GRE Flexible Prep course recurs monthly, and you can feel free to cancel anytime!

The Flexible Prep course comes with over 600 individual GRE math lessons, as well as over 3,100 GRE practice questions and over 800 HD GRE videos. The OnTarget Learning Analytics allows you to understand the progress you have made and lets you work toward specific goals regarding different topics on the GRE.

Target Test Prep’s custom GRE Practice Engine provides the practice questions you need to target your weaknesses and build a stronger core of GRE knowledge. Coupled with the live support offered by Target Test Prep, this plan is excellent for people who want to work hard at prepping for the GRE but might have to work around an already busy schedule.

This program is available starting at $149 per month for as many months as you need to study for the GRE.

GRE Dedicated Study

For people who know they will have enough time within a 4-month window to complete the GRE prep they need, Target Test Prep offers a GRE Dedicated Study plan with 4 months of unlimited access to their prep materials. This plan has very similar features to the monthly Flexible Prep plan, with over 600 individual math lessons, over 3,100 realistic practice questions, over 800 GRE videos in HD, live support to help you with any issues, and the custom GRE practice engine paired with the OnTarget Learning Analytics tool. It also comes with a guaranteed score increase.

However, the easy one-time billing makes this plan a great choice for people who know exactly how long they want to take to prepare for the GRE and do not want to have to deal with monthly billing statements.

The Target Test Prep GRE Dedicated Study plan is available starting at $449 for 4 months of access.

GRE Maximum Learning

For test-takers who want to optimize the amount of time they spend studying, the Target Test Prep 6-month access package called GRE Maximum Learning, gives students plenty of time to comprehensively work through as many practice problems, videos, and individual lessons that they need to excel on the GRE.

With over 600 individual math lessons that Target Test Prep provides access to, finishing those in 1 or 4 months can seem daunting; the same goes for the over 3,100 practice questions and the over 800 HD GRE videos. However, with 6 months of access, you will have plenty of time to go through all the videos and practice problems that you need.

The Target Test Prep OnTarget Learning Analytics tool will help you track your progress and understand what next steps you need to take, and the custom GRE practice engine can help you find questions that will challenge you to improve your score over the time you are granted access. Should you need the support of an expert, Target Test Prep Live Support will be there to help you. Their score increase guarantee helps to ensure that your studying will not be in vain.

The Target Test Prep GRE Maximum Learning package is available starting at $499.

GRE Tutoring

If you are looking for a personalized learning experience to help you prepare for your GRE, then consider private tutoring sessions through Target Test Prep. Target Test Prep GRE tutors are dedicated to helping you achieve the GRE score goal you have set for yourself, and have the expertise necessary to do so. They offer one-on-one GRE tutoring for the Verbal, Quantitative, and Integrated Reasoning sections of the GRE.

Students throughout the United States and around the world have used Target Test Prep to get the GRE scores they want. Using an innovative online conferencing software allows Target Test Prep to create a personalized tutor-student experience. Tutoring is completely private and occurs in real-time. The tutor customizes their instruction to meet the needs of the student with whom they are working.

Private GRE tutoring does not come with a score guarantee or a score increase guarantee, but your tutor will do everything they can to help you achieve an impressive score.

GRE tutoring from Target Test Prep starts at $300 per hour.

Free Trial

If you are not yet quite sold on purchasing access to a Target Test Prep GRE study plan, for just one dollar, you can purchase 5 days of access to the online GRE Quant Course. This gives you unlimited access with no automatic billing after your trial expires.

You will receive 5 days of full access to this course, with access to all the features that come with the different course plans. You won’t be billed after the expiration of your trial unless you choose to enroll in one of Target Test Prep’s subscription-based study plans.


Sure, it’s only for the Quant section of the GRE. But with the sheer amount of review resource materials here, it’s easy enough to understand why you’re very likely to increase your Quant score with Target. It offers a lot of materials—you’ll have your hands full.

What’s more, there’s no denying the effectiveness of the video lessons. These informative videos, along with the 3,000 practice questions, can really guarantee that you’ll do a lot better on your Quant than before.

Target’s track record with the Quant section is undeniable, as this is the area of their expertise. If Quant is your weak spot, Target will reinforce it like no other brand can.

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Does the Target Test Prep course work on all devices?

Yes, it is designed to work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Are the course test offered computer adaptive?

No, at this time, they are not computer adaptive.

Can I contact my tutor between sessions?

Yes, tutors are available to you through e-mail even if you do not have a tutoring session with them that day.