China has developed one of the biggest higher education systems in the world during the past ten years. Every year, most graduates globally come from China, and many flourish in many disciplines and sectors. Top-tier institutions in China have continued to rise in the most critical international university rankings tables.

The chance for students worldwide to pursue their education in China is fantastic. The Chinese government provides scholarships for domestic and overseas students to recognize the importance of high-quality education for social and national industrialization. 

In reality, China is one of the most generous nations in awarding scholarships to international students. More than 50,000 international students are studying in China with financial aid. Most Chinese scholarships are available to international students without IELTS.

In addition, the Chinese government offers several scholarships for full- or part-time education in China and overseas. For undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in Chinese universities, scholarships are available.

The application period for the Fully Funded Scholarships in China 2024-2025 is now open.

#1.Chinese Government Scholarship

A fully financed award for overseas students is the CSC Scholarship 2024–2025. More than 280 Chinese universities provide this scholarship for: 

  • Masters programs
  • Undergraduate Program
  • PhD programs

Chinese Government Scholarship 2024 covers the following:

  • Basic health insurance 
  • Accommodation
  • Monthly allowance up to 3500 Yuan.

All nations in the globe have been eligible to apply. Chinese Government Scholarship applications must be submitted online using the CSC site.

With this scholarship, China and other nations will be encouraged to cooperate and understand one another while advancing education, culture, trade, and political and educational exchanges.

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#2. China Scholarship Council

International students can now receive the Chinese Scholarship Council from 279 Chinese institutions. The Chinese Scholarship Council is associated with the universities that provide CSC Scholarships. The Chinese Scholarship Council offers Chinese Government Scholarships. 

The CSC Scholarship grants a monthly payment of CNY 2500 RMB for Chinese and undergraduate students. For the undergraduate program, there is no charge for the stipend, tuition, or housing.

Due to China’s scholarship programs, studying there is muchly affordable for international students. The CSC Scholarship is the one that overseas students want the most. The top renowned universities offering CSC Scholarship chances are listed below. 

CSC Scholarship at Xi’an Jiaotong University

The ranking of Xi’an Jiaotong University is 265. It is situated in Shaanxi Province’s Xi’an City. The University offers humanities, fine arts, education, law, philosophy, economics, and management programs, as well as the sciences. 

In addition to 511 specialists who received the State Council Special Award, there are 35 academics, six national teachers, 93 educationists, 112 scholars from China’s National Thousand Talents, 29 innovation team leaders from China, and 234 scholars from the Ministry of Education. The students are now significantly boosting the economies of their respective nations. 

Scholarships from CSC at Wuhan University

Wuhan University is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and has a 350-point ranking.

The institution offers 243 PhD degrees, 124 undergraduate degrees, and degrees in law, education, literature, history, science, and engineering. The institution hosts international students from more than 100 nations, providing a fantastic chance for students to create a global alumni network.

The institution maintains a robust library with 5.2 million books and subscriptions to more than 10,000 regional and international magazines. The institution also boasts two research centres, world-class labs, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and sports facilities. 

 Scholarship from CSC for Peking University

The Haidian District, in Beijing Province, is the location of Peking University, which has a 95 overall ranking.

The institution enrols students from more than 116 different nations. The institution is renowned for its top-notch research infrastructure and accomplishments. The university library has more than 7.33117 million volumes, periodicals, and newspapers, making it the most extensive library among Asian institutions.

The institution is situated in Beijing’s Haidian district. For the past 20 years, the University has been ranked among the best in China. The institution offers degrees in science, medicine, social sciences, humanities, economics, and information.

 Scholarships from CSC at Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is ranked 157 overall. International students can now enrol in undergraduate courses at Zhejiang University in 122 different specializations, 326 master’s programs, and 42 doctorate programs.

The University is where international students want to enrol the most in China. The institution is situated in China’s Zhejiang province’s Hangzhou city. 

Scholarships from CSC at Tsinghua University

The world ranking of Tsinghua University is 40. The University’s global standing is evidence of its superiority in China’s educational landscape. The institution awards scholarships to overseas students in 81 fields, including medicine, science, engineering, the arts, history, literature, philosophy, management, economics, and more. 

This is one of China’s top universities, located in Beijing. For tens of thousands of bright youngsters worldwide, attending University is the dream.

 Shanghai Jiao Tong University CSC Scholarship

The most technologically sophisticated city in China is Shanghai. The ranking for Shanghai Jiao Tong University is 81. Almost 16129 undergraduate students received degrees from the University, while 30,217 graduate students received degrees. The University includes 12 associated units, 13 affiliated hospitals, two affiliated medical research institutions, 31 departments, and 31 research institutes.

For students from abroad, this is one of the top universities. It has a sizable international alumni network. The former pupils are currently employed by well-known businesses, including global corporations.

Scholarship from CSC at the University of Science and Technology of China 

The ranking for the Chinese University of Science and Technology is 80. A total of 33 departments and 23 colleges, and academicians of the highest calibre make up the institution. Academic courses are being taught, and 2,154 instructors and researchers are monitoring the students’ research projects at the University. 

Students have access to 6.2 million local and foreign master’s and doctoral dissertations, 4,50,000 foreign language e-books, 2.4 million Chinese e-books, 40,000 Chinese e-journals, 5,70,000 international theses, and a wide range of additional resources.

Scholarship from CSC for Nanjing University

The ranking for Nanjing University is 223. The University contains 127 departments, 98 collaborative research centres, several centres for data analysis, network communication and information centres, and centres for educational technology. 

Nanjing University is one of the best universities in China, backed by the 211 Project at the federal level. The University is renowned for its worldwide collaboration and exchange with eminent research institutions and multinational corporations. The University hosts hundreds of international students each year.

You can find fully funded scholarship without IELTS for international students here.

#3.Hubei Provincial Scholarships

All undergraduate, graduate and doctorate majors are available at Hebei Normal University to recipients of the Hebei Provincial Government Scholarship. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has provided the scholarship with an initial funding of 35 million yuan (about $5 million). The scholarship is divided into three categories, with the highest awarding each student 40,000 yuan (US $5,700).

  • Scholarship Type: Government
  • Offered by: Beijing Municipal Education Commission
  • Institutions: 24 higher learning institutions in China
  • Type: Fully funded
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
  • Scholarship Amount: Ranges from 10,000 RMB to 20,000 RMB per year (Approx. USD 1,390 to USD 2,785)
  • Deadline: Between February and June depending on participating university.
  • Official page:
  • List of universities: Check this.

#4.Zhengzhou University President Scholarship

It offers a full tuition fee for four years, accommodation, and a monthly stipend of CNY 3,500/month.

The Zhengzhou University President Scholarship aims to provide financial support for overseas postgraduate students who wish to pursue doctoral degrees there. The President Scholarship has been established to sponsor outstanding international postgraduate students to pursue their degrees at Zhengzhou University to improve global exchange and cooperation. 

#5.ANSO Scholarship

The ANSO Scholarship annually helps 200 Master’s students and 300 PhD students attend the USTC to continue postgraduate studies. Depending on whether the student completed the qualifying exam held by USTC/UCAS for all doctoral applicants following admission, PhD recipients earn a monthly stipend of RMB 6000 or RMB 7000.

#6.Beijing Government Scholarship

The Beijing Municipal Government offers overseas students the fully financed Beijing Government Scholarship 2024–2025. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has provided the scholarship with an initial funding of 35 million yuan (about $5 million).

The scholarship is divided into three categories, with the highest awarding each student 40,000 yuan (US $5,700). Only first-year degree students are eligible for this program, which offers full or partial tuition coverage for overseas students.

#7.Biomedical Sciences Scholarships

The biomedical sciences scholarships free overseas students from paying tuition. Students residing in the residential college are eligible for a living stipend of up to 17,000 CNY per year and an accommodation allowance of 8000 CNY per year. Medical insurance for international students is typically CNY 3,200.

Scholarships are given for undergraduate education during the four years the BSc Integrative Biomedical Sciences program typically lasts.

 #8.Yenching Academy Scholarship

The Yenching Academy China Scholarship is offered for a 2-year master’s degree program. Nearly 120 students join at Yenching Academy under the Yenching scholarship. Students from the Chinese Mainland and outside are chosen for this prestigious scholarship in Asia. Students worldwide may now study for free in China thanks to the Peking University scholarship.

Around 80% of the student body is made up of international students.

#9.Confucius Institute Wisdom Scholarship

For international students, the Confucius Institute Award is a fully financed scholarship. More than 150 Chinese universities offer this grant to students interested in studying the Chinese language and culture. The CIS scholarship includes tuition, housing costs, health insurance, and a monthly personal spending allowance.

Scholarships at the Confucius Institute come with tuition and lodging costs, fundamental health insurance, and a monthly stipend for personal needs. For BTCSOL students taking a Chinese language and culture course, it is 2,500 Yuan per month; for MTCSOL students, it is 3,000 Yuan per month.

#10.British Council Great Scholarship

Students from 14 nations can receive £10,000 toward their tuition costs for a variety of one-year taught postgraduate courses under the GREAT Scholarships program. Up to seven scholarships are being made available by the British Council in China as a part of the Generation UK initiative, which supports and encourages the movement of British students to China. In England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, 49 institutions are offering 200 scholarships for the academic year 2024–25.

#11.Schwarzman Scholars Program 

International students can get a fully financed master’s fellowship under the Schwarzman Scholars Program 2024. Each year, 200 students are selected for this incredibly rigorous program to pursue a Master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing. This scholarship provides a stipend of $4,000 for personal costs and paying for room and board, health insurance, and tuition.

Tuition costs, round-trip airfare to and from Beijing at the start and conclusion of the academic year, textbooks and materials for needed courses, and health insurance are all included.

  • Funded by: The Schwarzman Foundation (For Tsinghua University)
  • Type: Fully funded
  • Education level: Masters’s degree program
  • Duration: 1-year program
  • Deadline: The deadline for the USA and global applicants is 20th Sept 2024 (Opens on April 2024).

#12.Ningbo University Scholarship 

One of the best universities in China is Ningbo University. All international students are eligible to apply to Ningbo University. Ningbo University offers CSC scholarships. This scholarship is provided for Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs, with stipends of 3000 RMB for Masters and 3500 RMB for PhDs. 

Full, bright scholarships are available for students from other nations. There is also a monthly stipend available for accompanying family members. 

#13.Hangzhou Normal University Scholarship

The students who enrol in an undergraduate program will get a 2500 RMB monthly stipend, housing, and a tuition price waiver. Those who sign up for the master’s program will get 3000 RMB as a monthly stipend. Students in the doctoral program are eligible for a monthly stipend of 3500 RMB.

The Hangzhou Normal University campus is next to a well-known beach, receives 50,000 visitors each season, has nearly 90 km2 in size. The number of students could be accommodated significantly more three years ago thanks to 60 huge buildings. 

#14.Dalian Medical University Scholarship

Dalian Medical University The scholarship’s application deadline is Open. One of the prominent colleges selected for this scholarship program’s recruitment drive for overseas applicants to enrol in Dalian Medical University.

Students pursuing master’s degrees will get a monthly stipend of 3,000 CNY. The monthly living stipend for doctoral students is 3,500 CNY. All degree-seeking students are excused from paying tuition. Additionally, the University will offer a lodging facility.

#15.Fujian Medical University CSC Scholarship

Scholarships are available from Fujian Medical University for both graduate students and undergraduates taking undergraduate courses. Students are qualified for financing if they are accepted. Applicants must be admitted into the University’s degree program to be considered for scholarships at FJMU.

Before beginning studies at FJMU, international students should apply through the International Center website, speak with their school counsellor, or contact the dean of international affairs.

A monthly stipend of 2500 RMB will be given to recipients enrolling in undergraduate programs, and a monthly stipend of 3000 RMB will be given to recipients applying for master’s programs.

#16.Shantou University Medical College Scholarship

The Li Ka Shing Foundation will provide a scholarship for 4-5 years to every self-funded student accepted to Shantou University (LKSF). The reward amounts for medical and nursing degrees are RMB 7000 or RMB 6000 per student per year, respectively.

The cost of attending University ranges from 23,000 to 34,000 RMB, with monthly housing costs of roughly 800 to 1200 RMB and living expenditures of about 1000 to 1500 RMB.

#17.Bohai University CSC Scholarship 

Registration fees, tuition fees, required teaching materials, and accommodation costs are not charged to the students. The living stipend for a PhD program is 2000 RMB, whereas the living allowance for a Master’s program is 1700 RMB. For international students, the University also provides full health insurance.

The scholarship amount varies depending on the student’s monthly grade point average from RMB2500-RMB7000 (GPA). For 12 straight months beginning with their first semester, the prize recipient must keep an average GPA of 3.5 or better to be eligible for renewal.

#18.Beijing University of Chemical Technology Scholarship 

Outstanding undergraduate students can apply for a full CSC scholarship through the Beijing University of Chemical Technology program. There are almost 16 colleges that BUCT covers.

A postgraduate will be paid 5,090 USD per year. Total monthly housing costs are 300 USD. Total monthly living expenses range from 620 to 1,212 USD.

#19.Shandong University Scholarship

Providing financial support to deserving new international students is the goal of the Shandong University Scholarship for International Students. Outstanding graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate students are chosen as winners each year.

For both Bachelor and Master students, there is a monthly stipend of 700 RMB in the first year. The amount is 1,000 RMB per month for PhD students.

#20.Jiangsu University CSC scholarship

The Jiangsu University CSC grant is available to overseas students who desire to pursue computer science undergraduate and graduate degrees.

It gives 50,000 RMB per student year for four years of undergraduate study and 70,000 RMB per student annually for two to three years of graduate study.

#21.Shaanxi Normal University Scholarship

University created the Shaanxi Normal University Overseas Student Award as a full or partial scholarship to help deserving international students enrol in SNNU for postgraduate study. 

Students receiving Chinese Government Scholarships should be informed that after completing their mandatory one-year of Chinese instruction, they must pass the HSK or another authorized Chinese test.

Those who fail the HSK or the designated test have one year to finish their studies in their major. However, if they cannot pass the examinations, they must return home as non-degree students. Shaanxi Normal University administers the test.

#22.The Renmin University of China Scholarship

CSC Scholarship for Renmin University in Beijing, China Opportunity is available to international students and is fully sponsored. The scholarship permits the study of all subjects offered at the Renmin University of China at the Master’s, PhD, Postgraduate, and Graduate levels. For master’s degree students, the monthly living allowance is CNY 3,000, and for doctorate students, it is CNY 3,500.

#23.Sichuan University China Scholarship

Sichuan University has a very stable and extensive history, which started in the Zhong-Si area when the institution of higher learning was established in 1896. Every year, 120–160 applicants are sought out by the University for scholarships. There are scholarships available for language study and bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

For 2024–2025, Sichuan University will provide a scholarship program for international students. 

#24.Yanshan University Scholarship

The YSU President Scholarship was established to help self-supporting international students, including a doctorate, master’s, undergraduate, and preparatory students. The YSU President Scholarship application is not open to recipients of the Chinese government or international Chinese teacher scholarships.

For suitable overseas students, a thorough examination will be done. According to the pertinent laws of the state and institution, the scholarship applications will be evaluated and distributed.

#25.CQUPT (Chongqing University of Post & Telecommunications) Scholarship

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications accepts applications for Master’s or Doctoral degrees. Numerous scholarships are available for overseas students from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications worldwide. Depending on the degree students are enrolled in at CQUPT, either Chinese or English will be used as the teaching language.

#26.Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

To encourage the globalization of higher education in Jiangsu and to make Jiangsu a famous province for foreign students, the Jiangsu Provincial Government established the “Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship” for overseas students. 

This scholarship will support outstanding international students and intellectuals while they pursue full-time education in Jiangsu’s universities and colleges. In accordance with educational exchange agreements, it also covers exchange students and students enrolled in non-degree programs.

#27.Confucius Institute Scholarship

  • Funded by: Chinese Government
  • Type: Fully funded
  • Education level: All about the Chinese language and culture.
  • Duration: Accordingly, based on the program chosen
  • Deadline: Annually on 1st May
  • Official website:

The scholarship covers tuition and lodging fees, medical insurance, and a monthly allowance for personal expenses. In addition, scholars will have access to a number of resources on campus including language classes and cultural activities. Basic medical insurance is also included in the application process. Applicants must provide documentation of their most recent physical exam with the documents listed in the application form to receive the scholarship.

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What is the CSC Scholarship’s 2024 deadline?

30th of March, 2024

What GPA is needed to be eligible for scholarships in China?

3.3 is needed to be eligible for scholarships in China. Students need to have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 on a scale of 1 to 4, or 80 on a scale of 100, to boost their chances of receiving a scholarship.

When should I submit my application for a China scholarship?

The application period typically lasts from early January until early April. To submit an application, applicants must do so with the necessary supporting documentation. 

Which city in china has the largest population of international students?

Studying has the largest population of international students because it is China’s financial hub and offers a variety of opportunities.

How many wages are possible for international students in China?

An international student may legally work 20 hours each week. They can receive a monthly income of 1000–5000 RMB based on their job.