Manhattan Prep GRE Review

A Teach for America alum started Manhattan Prep so that the best teachers could tutor students. Manhattan Prep can help you prepare for the GMAT, the LSAT, the SAT/ACT, the EA, and the GRE. Since its beginning, Manhattan Prep has become one of the leading test prep providers, having helped over 1 million students from 192 countries to become better prepared for standardized tests.

Manhattan Prep’s mission includes several different philosophies. They prioritize accomplished educators who can help you achieve better results partnered with a relevant curriculum based on real test questions. They teach critical thinking skills to solve difficult test questions, not gimmicks or tricks. And finally, they do their best to make learning and test prep fun.

There is a range of different test prep packages for the GRE offered through Manhattan Prep.


This GRE course is designed for aspiring MBA students. Now that a larger number of MBA programs have started to accept the GRE, Manhattan Prep has reformatted its curriculum to help potential business school students boost their scores in ways that will matter to MBA admissions departments. This class is truly unique and can give you an edge on your competitors if you wish to use the GRE to apply to an MBA program.

The GRE for MBA class is offered in a couple of different ways. You can take the course at Manhattan Prep’s NYC Center in person, or live online wherever is the most convenient for you. Class sizes, whether online or in person, are limited to ensure that students receive the right amount of individual attention and feel empowered to participate in the class.

All the instructors of these classes have scored in the top 1% on the GRE and have gone through a rigorous hiring and training process before starting to teach GRE prep courses. These instructors also complete continuous relevant training during their tenure as a GRE instructor with Manhattan Prep.

The GRE prep curriculum is written by these stellar instructors and included award-winning digital tools such as on-demand video lessons, full-length practice tests, individualized progress trackers, and more. This curriculum is based on actual GRE questions and is updated regularly.

Included in either version of the GRE for MBA course is advanced live instruction, whether in person or online. Course participants will also be provided with comprehensive GRE guides and have access to Interact for GRE, Manhattan Prep’s comprehensive and adaptive online learning experience. This database contains over 100,000 practice problems, 66 interactive video lessons with detailed explanations, and total coverage of everything included on the GRE.

Other online resources include Manhattan Prep’s GRE Mobile app, an interactive online syllabus, six full-length, computer-based GRE practice tests, and on-demand class recordings for on-demand review sessions.

These courses start at $1,399.

GRE Complete Course

Similar to the GRE for MBA test prep course but with slightly less of a business focus, this prep course from Manhattan Prep includes instruction for both the Math and Verbal sections of the GRE. Participants will receive 24 hours of classroom instruction over 8 sessions, as well as daily vocabulary emails and learning science integration throughout the course whether you choose to complete this course in person or online.

If you enroll in the GRE Complete Course, you will have access to the on-demand video lessons through Interact for GRE, which includes practice problems, interactive video explanations and lessons, and comprehensive topic coverage to prepare you for the GRE.

In addition to the on-demand video lessons, participants will gain access to the full suite of GRE resources provided online by Manhattan Prep. This includes an interactive online syllabus for the different sessions, on-demand class recordings to watch again for a more thorough review process, six full-length computer-adaptive practice tests, and the Manhattan Prep mobile app, which allows you to practice with vocab flashcards, challenge problems, and more.

Participants will also receive Manhattan Prep’s GRE guides, which are almost all written by Manhattan Prep’s incredible instructors. These books cover every topic that the GRE could address and are an incredibly valuable asset to your test prep. This course, ideal for a comprehensive learning experience, starts at $1,199.

GRE Just Math Course

If you would like the benefits of the GRE Complete Course, but do not feel that you need as much preparation on the Verbal sections of the GRE, then Manhattan Prep’s GRE Just Math Course may be a great fit for you. It combines either online or in-person classes with the benefits of a math-focused curriculum and all the resources you will need to excel on the Math section of your GRE.

This course is priced accordingly, starting at $699.

Interact for GRE

If you find yourself too busy to commit to regular live online classes or go in-person to a Manhattan Prep center, Interact for GRE is an on-demand experience designed to help you prep for the GRE on your own time and make your studying fit into your busy schedule.

You can choose 1, 3, or 6 months of access to Manhattan Prep on-demand learning materials, depending on how you choose to structure your study schedule. All subscriptions to Interact for GRE include over 100,000 practice problems, 6 full-length GRE practice tests, 77 interactive online lessons, and detailed video explanations for concepts that may be difficult to grasp. Interact for GRE provides the support and resources that cover everything on the GRE, the materials have been created and are taught by instructors who scored in the 99th percentile on the GRE, and in case things become too stressful, there is built-in emotional support and comic relief as well.

The process works by starting with an interactive video lecture where a top-notch instructor will teach you the relevant content, and you will answer questions throughout. The next step is drilling flashcard-like questions to hone the micro-skills you just learned in the lecture. Finally, you will be prompted to take a quiz which uses real GRE-style questions and video explanations for every problem you must solve.

Interact for GRE allows you to engage with dozens of hours of GRE content that is interactive and a useful study tool for comprehensive learning. With over 100,000 practice problems, you’ll never run out of study material. You’ll be able to study at your own pace while still learning how to maximize your study time and achieve your highest score on the GRE. One month of access starts at $249.

Private Tutoring

Manhattan Prep GRE Private Tutoring is available in-person or online. It can be used to supplement additional GRE studying that you are doing or for use as your all-in way to prepare for the test. This option is ideal for students who seek one-on-one prep tailored to their skill and comfort level with the GRE material.

You can choose from hourly tutoring with a Manhattan Prep instructor or customize a tutoring package that works for you. You will be matched with a GRE tutor after filling out the private tutoring form; Manhattan Prep’s Student Services team will match you with an instructor. You will be equipped with GRE study materials and online resources if you book more than 10 hours of tutoring. Flexible packages are available, ranging from an hourly tutoring rate at $255 per hour to a 30-hour package at $225 per hour.

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