eGMAT vs Magoosh Comparison: GMAT Prep Course Showdown

 Which one is better to prepare for the GMAT: eGMAT or Magoosh? You get to decide the right answer, but we can point out the key differences so you can make an informed decision.

If you’re applying to a top MBA graduate school in the world, you may want to submit your excellent GMAT score to stand out from the other applicants. Of course, if you want a GMAT score that a business school will consider excellent, you’ll have to prepare for the test properly. That means going through an online GMAT prep course.

Which leads us to this showdown between eGMAT vs Magoosh. Both are well-known brands in the standardized test online prep course industry, but there are key differences that will help you make your choice.

About the Companies

Magoosh is an international brand but it’s based in Berkeley. The Magoosh brand has been around since 2009, and they fact that they’re still around and thriving nicely demonstrates the high demand for their services.

It offers online prep courses for up 9 different standardized tests (including GMAT, of course). It’s quite a popular brand, which is why more than 1.5 million students from up to 185 countries have signed up for at least one of their courses.

Their team is composed of several dozens of full-timers, supplemented by part-time instructors.

With eGMAT, you have a brand that only hires fulltime instructors. They may not have tutored as many students as Magoosh, but then again eGMAT is focused solely on the GMAT (hence the name). They don’t offer any other prep course for other standardized tests (so far).

Within the GMAT niche, there’s no doubting the overwhelming popularity of the eGMAT brand. They have 4 times as many verified reviews as any other GMAT prep course brand. Last time we checked, eGMAT has received 802 verified reviews posted on the GMAT Club. In comparison, Magoosh has received 259.

In fact, based on the number of verified reviews, the number of people who have taken the eGMAT prep course is more than the combined students of the non-eGMAT brand.

Magoosh GMAT Prep Course Plans

Magoosh offers 3 different plans for you to choose from for your GMAT preparation.

Math + IR

This is what you get if you think you don’t need extra help with your GMAT Verbal preparation. You get 175 video lessons with at least 720 practice questions, along with the study schedules. You even get an online whiteboard to practice on, which is what you also get in the real GMAT.

This pan will cost you 219, and for that you have an entire year to access the online study materials. You’re even able to “pause” the plan, so you can extend the access period. If you plan to take a month-long break, then you can pause your access. Your break won’t count as part of the year-long access period when you resume your GMAT preparation.

This offers quick email support if you have questions or need some help along the way. This particular course also comes with a 3-point increase guarantee. If you don’t improve your previous score by at least 3 points, you get a refund.


This is the most popular GMAT perp course plan from Magoosh, since it only costs $249. In other words, if you’re planning on getting the Math + IR plan, you only need to add $30 to receive the verbal content and AWA content as well.

With this plan, you get more than 340 video lessons, which you can even speed or slow down a little bit to help you with your understanding.

You also get at least 1,300 practice questions, which also covers all the GMAT topics. Each practice question comes with its own explanation video, so you can understand how to get the right answer for each.

Then you also take at least 2 diagnostic tests, with the questions taken from the original pool of practice questions. These are full-length tests and are timed as well. You can also take more tests if you want.

You get the 1-year access with the “pause” feature, the email assistance, the study schedules, and the online whiteboard.

But this time, you also get a score predictor. You’re also guaranteed to increase your previous score by at least 50 points.

If you’re going to prepare for the GMAT with a Magoosh plan, this is the one you should take. Even if you think you don’t need help with the verbal section, just pay the extra $30 and make sure you have it covered.

Guided Study: Tutoring + Premium

This plan gives you the Premium plan plus 6 hours of tutoring. This costs $799, but that means you only pay an extra $550 for the tutoring. That’s actually a bargain, since normally you pay $660 for the 6 tutoring hours.

The scheduling is quite flexible, which is a boon for working students. You also get 1-on-1 video chat sessions.

Additional Bonuses

You can try out your Magoosh plan for free for 7 days, and there’s no credit card required. This will give you at least 20 questions and lessons.

If you’re a Magoosh subscriber, you also get a 40% discount when you get the extra GMAT Official Practice Exams. While Exams 1 and 2 are free, with this discount you pay a lot less for Exams 3 to 6.

eGMAT Plans

Here you get the comprehensive GMAT online, or you can get either the Verbal Online or Quant Online.

Verbal or Quant

Aside from the coverage, these partial plans are the same. They cost $249 each, which is $30 more than the Math + IR from Magoosh.

But then again, you get more video lessons. Here you get at least 1,650 practice questions, which is more than twice what you get from Magoosh.

GMAT Online

This is the counterpart of the Magoosh GMAT Premium plan, and it costs a bit more. This time, you pay $349. That’s an extra $100.

But then again, you get a lot more with that one hundred bucks.

You start off with the foundation concepts, with specially designed courses. Then you have the exclusive 80+ application files to help you learn how to apply these foundation concepts to the GMAT questions. All in all, you receive at least 140 hours of content.

This time, you get at least 4,500 practice questions. You also get interactive quizzes and strategy support, along with 10 practice tests to constantly identify your current weak spots. The analytics from your practice tests will help. With the 2 strategy sessions per month, you can really personalize your study plan.

If you have questions, then you can go into the forum where you can search from the more than 20,000 discussion topics. Chances are great you’ll find the discussion that covers whatever you’re concerned about.

With eGMAT, you get a scoring engine that’s very similar to what’s used in the real GMAT. That means you’re able to really monitor your progress.

Direct Comparison

Okay, let’s compare these brands head to head:


Here, Magoosh is the winner. In fact, Magoosh became popular mainly because it offers affordable plans that worked. They may not offer as much material as other brands, but they’re enough for plenty of students.

Plan Magoosh eGMAT
Comprehensive Plan $249 $349
Partial Plan $219 $249


You even get a free 7-day trial without your credit card with Magoosh. Then there’s also a 40% discount for the paid official GMAT practice exams.

In contrast, you have to sign up for eGMAT, and then you have 7 days to try it out. But there are restrictions as well.


Magoosh guarantees an increase of at least 50 points. With eGMAT, you only have their assurances but no guarantees.

Access Period

Magoosh wins here as well, with its 1-year access period. You can even go longer when you use the “pause” feature.

In contrast, with eGMAT you normally get only 6 months of access.


Despite the affordability of the Magoosh plans, when it comes to popularity eGMAT is the winner. Check out the verified reviews on the GMAT club, and you’ll find that 70% of them are about eGMAT.

Duration of Video Lessons

Here eGMAT wins. You do get a lot more for your extra money, starting with at least 140 hours of video lessons. You get less than half of that with Magoosh.

Practice Questions

There’s no doubt that with the 4,500 practice questions, eGMAT wins. That’s more than 3 times the 1,300 practice questions you get with the Magoosh comprehensive plan.

Practice Tests

You also get more practice tests with eGMAT, mainly because you have more practice questions to draw on. While you can only get at least 2 practice tests with Magoosh, with eGMAT you can go up to 10 practice tests.


Okay, with Magoosh you pay less, but you get less in return. But some people still go for their GMAT plan because it works for lots of students.

With eGMAT, you pay more but you get a lot more in return. That’s why it’s so popular—and of course, it works as well.

Pick either one, and we think you’re good to go!