Review of Kaplan’s GRE Test Prep

Employees at Kaplan, the world leader in test prep, understand how tough it can be to carve out time to study for the GRE (or Graduate Record Examination) with a busy schedule and a variety of different learning styles among its customer base. They have created a series of GRE test prep strategy options that are compatible with many different learning styles and lifestyles.

Kaplan offers two different tracks for preparing to take the GRE: on your own or with help from a Kaplan teacher. This review will explain how Kaplan instructors work with GRE test-takers to help them prepare for the exam and the options they offer to match your studying style.

Kaplan GRE Instructor-Led Courses: Live Online

This is Kaplan’s highest-rated option. By taking part in classes that are live-streamed online, you can engage with a team of instructors in real-time to improve your results and understand any complicated topics you may be struggling with.

During the class sessions, one Kaplan certified teacher will lead the live class, while other instructors will lead a group chat on the side while the class is taking place. These teachers providing support in the group chat can also answer any questions you may have in a private chat, so you won’t feel self-conscious about not understanding the material. If you find yourself getting confused or lost along the way, they can also reach out to help you keep moving forward.

The teachers involved in the Live Online classes understand the GRE test, and they also understand how best to maximize your engagement to achieve a higher test score.

This plan also offers access to Kaplan’s GRE Channel, which offers hours of both on-demand and live lessons led by skilled teachers. You can sort these offerings by topic or level to tailor your study sessions and learn the most from Kaplan certified professionals. If this isn’t enough for you, this plan also allows for you to take a practice GRE at a Kaplan testing center to get a better feel for how you will thrive in a testing situation.

This plan offers 21 hours of core online live instruction, 35 hours of elective instruction via the GRE channel, an Official Test Day Experience to help you better understand how you will function on test day, 7 computer-based full-length practice tests, 180+ hours of online practice and instruction, access to over 5,000 practice questions, and a set of Kaplan GRE prep books. The Live Online package is available staring at $999.

If you choose to upgrade to Live Online PLUS, you will receive all the benefits mentioned in the Live Online plan, as well as 3 hours of one-on-one coaching and self-paced study materials both for GRE Math Foundations and for GRE Advanced Math.

Kaplan GRE Instructor-Led Courses: In Person

If you are located near a Kaplan testing center and feel like you will prepare for the GRE better with in-person test prep, then this may be the right plan for you. Kaplan’s expert instructors can help you break down common question types found on the GRE and will help you boost your score with tried-and-true strategies.

With the In Person option, you also have access to the GRE Channel, with online live and on-demand lessons. You can sort the lessons in this channel by difficulty, by topic, or even by teacher to determine how your study session will progress.

The Official Test Day Experience, included in this package, will allow you to take a GRE practice test in a testing environment to help you prepare. These tests are taken under the same conditions as the actual GRE, which can help a great deal with testing anxiety.

This package comes with many of the same features that the Live Online prep course contains, including 21 hours of core, live instruction (in person instead of online), 35 hours of GRE Channel instruction, the Official Test Day Experience, 7 computer-based practice tests, over 180 hours of online practice and instruction, over 5,000 practice questions, and GRE test prep books. The In-Person package starts at $1,299.

Similarly to the Live Online prep course, you can upgrade to an In-Person PLUS package to receive 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring as well as self-paced prep materials for GRE Math Foundations and GRE Advanced Math.

Kaplan GRE Instructor-Led Courses: Tutoring

Kaplan also provides tutoring prep courses for students who learn best in one-on-one settings. Kaplan tutors are all chosen based both on their extensive knowledge of the GRE as well as their empathy and ability to understand the emotional aspect of test prep.

If you choose the Tutoring package from Kaplan, you will be matched with the right tutor for you, who can meet with you either in person or live online and can work with you using digital tools and notes. Your tutor can help you work through the necessary Kaplan prep resources as well as keep you on track with support and consistent guidance through the preparatory process.

The best tutor for you will be chosen using a 3-step process. First, the evaluation step will allow you to tell Kaplan about your study style, academic background, and goals. The second step, the matching step, is when Kaplan will work to understand your needs and select the right tutor for your goals. The final step involves you and your tutor: using your input, the tutor will create a custom study plan for you that fits your schedule and your goals.

The highlights of the Tutoring package include either 10, 20, or 40 hours of private tutoring as well as full-length practice tests and score analyses, prep books and on-demand access to practice questions, the Official Test Day Experience, hundreds of hours of instruction available on the GRE Channel, and a full In Person or Live Online course.

The instructor-led courses start at $2,299.

Kaplan GRE Self-Paced Course

This fully on-demand course option provides you with both the guidance and the convenience that you need to prep for the GRE on your terms. When using this method of preparation, you will be in control, but not alone. You can study anytime and anywhere with support from teacher-led videos. The test prep course also includes a great deal of test-taking strategies, which can make dealing with difficult questions on test day much less stressful.

With performance analyses that target any weaknesses you may have; you can focus your prep in exactly the right areas. You can then track your improvements with progress reports that show your growth continuously.

With the Self-Paced Course, you also will have access to the Official Test Day Experience to understand testing conditions before you actually have to sit down and take the GRE.

This package includes over 180 hours of online instruction and practice, the Official Test Day Experience, 7 computer-based full-length practice tests, access to over 5,000 practice questions, archived GRE Channel lessons, online access for 6 months, and GRE prep books. This package starts at $699. Upgrading to Self-Paced PLUS grants you access to 35 hours of live, elective GRE Channel instruction as well as prep materials for GRE Math Foundations and GRE Advanced Math.