Best INBDE Prep Courses 2023

Before you become a dentist in the United States, you need to first pass the INBDE exam.

Dental school can be quite challenging, especially during your third and fourth years. At this stage, you’re juggling clinical work, coursework, and the inevitable stress that comes with dental education. So, it’s crucial to be well-prepared for the INBDE exam, dedicating enough time to study during weekdays, weekends, or both. 

With that said, here are our top picks of the best INBDE courses that will enable you to prepare adequately.

1. INBDE Booster

INBDE Booster is one of the most popular prep courses, all thanks to the high-quality study materials. The course consists of everything you may need to pass your INBDE exam from practice questions to flashcards, and study notes. You can read our full review here.

The following are some features that INBDE offers:

  • Includes over 30 pages of study notes
  • The video feature may have limited content since INBDE Booster is still new but they still offer video lessons in physiology and anatomy
  • Consists of a 90-day package for $240 and a 180-day package for $360
  • Provides flashcards with over 2000 Anki decks
  • Allows you to use Instagram and TikTok daily to ask any INBDE-related question
  • 24/7 chat service for one-on-one lessons
  • Consists of review and cheat sheets that cover fields of dentistry and patient management for review sheets and diagnosis & disorders and pharmacology for cheat sheets
  • Over 2000 premium practice questions
  • INBDE mock exam that gives insights into how you are going to perform during the actual exam
Higher Score Guarantee
INBDE Booster Summary

Most popular INBDE test prep among dental students.

  • Up-to-date course materials.
  • $240 for 90 Days/$360 for 180 Days Access
  • Comprehensive study notes
  • More than 1000 INBDE-specific video lessons
  • 2000+ Highly representative Practice Questions including case-based scenarios
  • 700+ Comprehensive solutions with video explanations
  • High-yield study notes and flashcards/Anki decks.
  • Limited One-on-One online tutoring for any questions you may have
  • Smart Performance Tracking for Revision


Overall, INBDE Booster is an exceptional resource for passing your board exams. Their support team is responsive, and the study schedule and website offer everything you need for success.

While no prep course is perfect, INBDE Booster offers an impressive amount of useful tools and guidance at an unbeatable price.

For affordability, effectiveness, and an overall high-quality experience, INBDE Booster earns our recommendation as a resource for anyone preparing for the INBDE.

2. INBDE Bootcamp

This prep course is an all-in-one program, which is ideal for foreign-trained students. The best part is that it can also be operated using apps from Android or iOS. You can read our full review here.

Here are its features:

  • The course fee starts at $297 for a one-month package, as well as a 3-month package for  $397 and a 6-month package for $597
  • Includes over 2,200 detailed and high-quality questions
  • Has high-yield question banks that resemble the real INBDE exam
  • Every answer, whether wrong or write, is accompanied by a detailed explanation for more understanding
  • Includes video lessons that provide great insight
  • Money-back guarantee that allows you to get a refund in case you fail the INBDE exam
  • Allows you to form your practice questions
  • You get consistent information about your performance so you can easily monitor your progress
  • Comes with mock INBDE exams
Works best if you have very limited time to invest in preparation.
INBDE Bootcamp
  • 2700+ in-depth videos with detailed drawings and explanations that are simple to grasp
  • 2400+ practice questions that are constantly updated.
  • Engaging Mental Dental videos accompanied by quizzes
  • Customizable practice test creation
  • One complete INBDE mock exam
  • Access to the realistic mode to simulate the test interface.
  • A tried-and-true Ari's INBDE study timetable
  • Mobile video classes are available via Android and iOS apps.
  • Mastery labels and Question tagging for easy revisions
  • Cheat sheet for Physics formulas.
  • Flashcards/Anki Decks

Bootcamp and Mental Dental together are the best resources you can use to prepare for the INBDE. The questions are representative of the exam, and the Mental Dental videos help you understand the high-yield topics in depth. Our advice for success would be to start early and stay consistent. Create a study schedule, watch the Mental Dental videos, and practice with questions from Bootcamp. Make sure to make use of the flagging feature and performance analytics to target your weak areas and track your progress.

The platform is user-friendly, the content is comprehensive, and the question banks are incredibly helpful in solidifying your understanding of the material. The staff is also responsive and dedicated to helping you succeed. Bootcamp’s accurate realistic bank, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive features makes it one of the worthy choices for INBDE preparation.

3. Board Vitals

The next on the list is Board Vitals which tries to mimic the real INBDE exam. Another good thing about this course is that you get timely performance analytics so you can keep up with your progress.

Here are its key features:

  • Has 950+ part 1 prep questions and 1600+ part 2 prep questions
  • Part 1 covers topics like pathology, dental anatomy, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, inclusion, embryology, histology, and anatomy while part 2 covers operative dentistry, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pharmacology, and so much more
  • Realistic practice questions that try to mimic the actual thing
  • Has detailed explanations for both incorrect and correct answers that allow you to gain more insight into every question
  • Board Vitals operations are 24/7, so you can access the platform whenever you desire
  • Includes different packages, that is, the master plan at $219 for 6 months, the cram prep plan at $69 for 1 month, and the prepare plan at $159 for 3 months
  • Includes practice questions that are customized based on the subjects
  • Consists of questions with illustrations that allow visual learners to gain a better understanding
  • Offers a free trial for certain practice questions

4. Kaplan INBDE Prep Course

If you are searching for a prep course that provides you with flexible learning time, Kaplan should be your first choice. In addition, the course is delivered by experienced and well-trained tutors so you can do the actual exam hassle-free.

Here are its features:

  • Flexible studying schedule so you can choose your preferred learning time
  • Experienced instructors
  • INBDE exam notes, which are well explained for more understanding
  • Provides 90+ hours for studying
  • Includes NBDE part 1, which consists of details about dental anatomy, basic sciences, and occlusion
  • Kaplan has part 2 instructions, which cover dental science with 10 case studies, radiographs, and dental charting
  • Provides you with tips and case studies that will enable you to pass the exam
  • 2000+ practice questions and instructional videos for both parts 1 and 2
  • Enables you to gain access to numerous practice materials for a fee of just $699
  • Offers diagnostic exams that help you figure out your starting point
  • Lastly, you can use Qbank to come up with your questions

Other INBDE Prep

In case you are not satisfied with our top picks of the best INBDE Prep, you can also opt for the following alternatives:

Crack the INBDE Course

This course is available on multiple devices including PC, MAC, iPad, and iPhone. It includes the following:

  • Analysis reports that allow you to track down your progress
  • Practice questions that resemble the real thing
  • A part 1 package that includes 2,400+ practice questions with detailed illustrations and 6 prep exams
  • A part 2 package with 600 case questions, 2 prep exams, and 800+ practice questions
  • A course fee of $129 dollars for part 1 and $79 for part 2
  • A feature that allows you to compare your score with a national average
  • An automatic update that allows you to stay up to date

B & B Dental NBDE Test Prep

This course can also simulate the actual INBDE exam by providing realistic practice materials. Its features are as follows:

  • Comes with HD video lessons for 15 full hours with whiteboard classes included
  • Consists of 1800+ INBDE practice questions that allow you to prepare adequately
  • Allows you to access 1100+ flashcards that provide more insight on certain topics
  • Realistic practice materials
  • You can practice for your exam with questions that range from simple to moderate, and hard
  • Includes testlets which are also covered in about 20% of the real INBDE exam
  • Includes a basic plan for $99 and an advantage plan for $289

Frequently Asked Questions

What format is used for the INBDE exam?

The INBDE exam normally consists of 2 parts, that is, a clinical simulation exam and a written exam. The written exam will cover topics like pharmacology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental anatomy, and pathology while the simulation exam tests students on their ability to handle real-life dental situations. 

In addition, the exam includes about 500 words in total.

How many questions does one need to answer right to pass the exam?

INBDE scores are usually standardized, so the ADA does not provide information about the number of questions you need to pass. 

However, it is perceived that students who score over 75% on the INBDE Booster exams tend to pass the actual one.

How long do I need to prepare for the INBDE exam?

Mostly, preparation will be based on what type of graduate you are. To be precise, US-based graduates need to prepare for about 1-2 months while foreign graduates can prepare for 3 to 4 months.

Is INBDE accepted in Canada?

Aspiring Canadian dentists have to prepare for NDEB, which is an equivalency process that allows them to become licensed dentists in Canada. An important point to note is that dentistry is taught similarly in bother the US and Canada.

How do I ensure that I pass the INBDE exam?

Typically, the most effective way that ensures you pass your exam is to prepare adequately. You can do this by using various practice materials from any prep course that is listed above. 

For instance, you can opt for INBDE Booster since scoring more than 75% on the question banks can guarantee success on the actual exam.

What is the next step for an internationally trained student who has already passed the INBDE exam?

First, you will need to take a TOEFL exam and score more than 100. Next, you will need various documents like an intent letter, a CV, letters of recommendation, and more to apply. 

An important point to note is that you will need to visit the ADEA  CAAPID website to check for any university that includes Advanced Standing Programs.


There are numerous INBDE Prep courses out there but our top picks are guaranteed to keep you prepared for the actual exam. All you now need to do is to choose one that works according to your preferences.

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