INBDE Booster Review & Discount Code 2024: Is it the Best INBDE Prep Course?

In this article, we are going to take a in depth look at the INBDE Booster Prep Course. I’ll provide a detailed analysis of the course, breaking down its features, including video lessons and practice tests, and discuss its price range. Additionally, I’ll provide my thoughts on whether or not it’s the best INBDE prep course on the market.

Before we dive into our INBDE Booster review, let’s first discuss what the INBDE exam is and why preparation may be essential. Dental school can be quite challenging, especially during your third and fourth years. At this stage, you’re juggling clinical work, coursework, and the inevitable stress that comes with dental education. So, it’s crucial to be well-prepared for the INBDE exam, dedicating enough time to study during weekdays, weekends, or both. 

The INBDE is a lengthy exam consisting of 500 questions going over various topics that you learned in your dental school curriculum and having the right resources can make all the difference. 

This is where INBDE Booster comes into play! This comprehensive review will demonstrate why INBDE Booster is a thorough and up-to-date resource.

Summary Table

INBDE Booster
Price Starts at $239.99 (Use DENMAX Discount Code to get Best Price)
Access Period 90 or 180 Days
Mock INBDE Exams 1
Practice Questions 2,000+
Solution & Explanation Videos 700+
Anki Decks 2,000+
Quizlet Cards 390+
Case-Based Scenarios? Yes
Study Notes 300+ Pages
Cheat Sheets? Yes
One-On-One Tutoring? Limited
Pass Guarantee? Yes

Overview of INBDE Booster

Higher Score Guarantee
INBDE Booster Summary

Most popular INBDE test prep among pre-optometry students.

  • Up-to-date course materials.
  • $240 for 90 Days/$360 for 180 Days Access
  • Comprehensive study notes
  • More than 1000+ INBDE-specific video lessons
  • 2000+ Highly representative Practice Questions including case-based scenarios
  • 700+ Comprehensive solutions with video explanations
  • High-yield study notes and flashcards/Anki decks.
  • Limited One-on-One online tutoring for any questions you may have
  • Smart Performance Tracking for Revision


On a higher level ,The INBDE Booster is a comprehensive question bank featuring over 2,000 practice questions organized by subject. These questions cover all high-yield topics relevant to the INBDE and include detailed explanations, as well as custom videos for most explanations that walk you through the process of elimination to arrive at the correct answer.

With a comprehensive collection of study notes, practice questions, and flashcards, this test prep company has meticulously curated everything necessary to excel in the INBDE. Additionally, Booster’s pass guarantee further reinforces their claim.

While the company does offer some free study materials and resources, opting for the premium membership is the optimal choice. You have the choice between two membership options: 90-day access for $240 or 180-day access for $360.

Regardless of the chosen subscription, both INBDE Booster memberships grant access to the following:

  • Over 2000 high-yield practice questions.
  • Comprehensive custom solution videos.
  • A full-length INBDE mock exam.
  • More than 2000 Anki decks.
  • An innovative mark-learning system.
  • Detailed study notes spanning over 300 pages.
  • Cheat sheets, INBDE guides, and tutorials.
  • Daily INBDE Questions on TikTok & Instagram.
  • An 8-week study schedule.
  • One-On-One Tutoring.

Booster enhances the offering with its guarantee policy. The 100% pass guarantee ensures that if you fail the INBDE after using this resource, you are eligible for a full refund or the opportunity to retake the INBDE Booster course free of charge.

Considering the price and the value it provides, Booster proves to be an excellent investment. But does the test prep company deliver on its promises with this INBDE test prep resource? Let’s explore further to find out.

Study Schedule

Before starting your board exam preparation, I highly recommend exploring the INBDE Booster study schedule. This comprehensive study plan spans eight weeks and is divided into three phases.

Phase one focuses on content learning and memorization, where you’ll watch videos or review notes and study guides to absorb the material covered on the boards. Most of the content will be familiar from dental school, with only a few specific topics that may be new or hard to recall. Four weeks should be enough time to cover this phase, provided you dedicate sufficient time during the week.

Phase two of the study plan involves reviewing content and working on practice questions. In my opinion, practice questions are an excellent way to learn board exam concepts. When you understand why certain answer choices are incorrect and recognize the correct answers, read the explanations, and watch the accompanying videos, it helps cement your understanding.

The final phase, lasting an additional two weeks, involves more practice questions and filling in any knowledge gaps. This crucial part of your study plan helps ensure you’re ready for the exam by focusing on questions you’ve flagged and understanding both correct and incorrect answer choices. INBDE Booster excels at providing thorough explanations and videos to aid your learning.

INBDE Booster 8-Week Study Schedule - Sample Day
INBDE Booster 8-Week Study Schedule – Sample Day

Practice Questions

The practice questions offered by INBDE Booster are outstanding, standing out for their relevance and accuracy in representing the 2023 exam. Students who used Booster to prepare for the INBDE reported encountering similar questions on the actual test, making it an incredibly representative resource for exam preparation.

Booster’s question banks include a wide range of standalone and case-based questions, closely resembling the format of the real exam. Not only do they cover the content tested, but they also match the question style, length, structure, phrasing, answer choice format, and level of difficulty.

Case Based Question Sample
INBDE Booster Practice Question
INBDE Booster Practice Questions Sample
INBDE Booster Question Bank with text and video explanation
INBDE Booster Question Bank with text and video explanation

To keep up with the evolving exam, INBDE Booster consistently adds new questions, ensuring their question banks remain up-to-date and relevant. Furthermore, the platform has introduced a new feature where daily INBDE questions are shared on their TikTok and Instagram pages, allowing users to practice even while casually browsing social media.

Study Notes

INBDE Booster offers comprehensive and detailed subject notes that cover every topic included in the INBDE exam. These notes are well-organized and span over 300 pages, effectively presenting high-yield information to facilitate faster and more efficient content review.

The notes strike a balance by providing in-depth information without overwhelming you with excessive details, allowing you to save valuable study time. Additionally, the study notes include helpful INBDE pro tips to direct your attention to specific areas of study that require particular focus.

The primary goal is to optimize time utilization, and thus, the notes are designed to be easily readable and understandable. This layout enables you to quickly refer to the notes for a brief reminder of a specific concept, promoting efficient studying.

Video Content

While INBDE Booster is a relatively new platform and still expanding its features, it currently lacks in the area of video lectures. Presently, there are only around ten video lectures available, all focusing on Anatomy & Physiology. 

Anatomy Video Lessons Content Sample
Anatomy Video Lessons Content Sample by INBDE Booster

Nevertheless, it’s expected that additional customized video lectures will be incorporated in the future. To compensate for this limitation, INBDE Booster highly recommends utilizing Dr. Ryan’s Mental Dental videos. These videos are integrated into the study schedule and conveniently linked within the Booster interface for easy access.

Apart from video lectures, INBDE Booster excels in providing a wide range of solution and explanation videos. These detailed explanations for each question and answer choice play a vital role in reinforcing your understanding. The personalized approach of these videos creates an experience akin to having a tutor guiding you through every concept.

Video Lesson Sample by INBDE Booster
Video Lesson Sample by INBDE Booster


INBDE Booster offers a combination of Anki decks and Quizlet flashcards, providing diverse study options for busy individuals.

With topics ranging from Oral Pathology to Prosthodontics and Research, flashcards offer an efficient way to review content even during short pockets of free time. Given the demanding nature of the INBDE exam, it is essential to make the most of every available minute for content review. The flashcards provided by INBDE Booster serve as a valuable tool to achieve this goal.

Anki flashcards come with a range of useful features, such as audio and visual elements, fill-in-the-blank options, and cards containing lists. Additionally, you have the option to create your own Anki decks tailored to the specific content areas you find challenging.

Whether you choose Booster’s ready-made flashcards or create your own Anki decks, both Quizlet flashcards and Anki decks offer flexible study options. They allow you to study while performing tasks like household chores or during your commute, ensuring you can make the most of your time on the go.

Cheat Sheets and Review Sheets

INBDE Booster offers convenient cheat sheets summarizing crucial information on Pharmacology and Diagnosis & Disorders for the INBDE exam. These cheat sheets provide concise overviews of essential drug types and oral lesion types that are important knowledge areas for the exam.

INBDE Booster Cheat Sheet Sample
INBDE Booster Cheat Sheet Sample from Pharmacology

Additionally, review sheets serve as helpful checklists, guiding students toward key concepts, topics, and terms that require focused attention. Both the cheat sheets and review sheets ensure comprehensive coverage of the INBDE content, helping identify and address any potential gaps in important subjects and topics.

Mock Exam

They have only one mock exam as of now.

One-On-One Tutoring

INBDE Booster offers a unique on-site tutoring service. The program provides specialized one-on-one sessions that cater to individual learning styles to a limited extent. 

To access this valuable resource, simply click on the chat support button conveniently located at the bottom right corner of the classroom interface. If you encounter difficulties or need clarification on a question, simply click the messenger button and reach out to the Booster team with your specific inquiry.

The team consists of practicing dentists and current residents, who will either assist you in real-time or respond promptly to your message.

You can trust that your questions will be answered in detail and without delay. Utilizing the 24/7 chat service tutoring option is highly recommended to enhance your INBDE studying experience.

Guarantee Policy

INBDE Booster offers a guarantee policy to students enrolled in accredited dental programs in the US or Canada who fail the INBDE exam despite using the Booster. There are two options available under this policy: a full refund or the opportunity to use INBDE Booster again at no additional cost. However, meeting specific requirements is necessary to qualify for the guarantee.

To be eligible, students must have been enrolled in the 90-day INBDE Booster membership and have completed a minimum of 90% of the Booster content, among other requirements.

The guarantee policy reflects the company’s confidence in its product, providing assurance that your investment will be worthwhile.

INBDE Booster Pros & Cons


  • Affordable pricing
  • Highly representative of the actual exam
  • Regular updates to ensure study materials remain current
  • User-friendly website with easy navigation
  • Comprehensive and helpful solution videos of high quality


  • Limited availability of INBDE Booster video lectures at present.

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Final Verdict

INBDE Booster is a highly affordable test prep resource that offers a wide range of study materials, including practice questions, videos, detailed solutions, study notes, study guides, Anki flashcards, and one-on-one tutoring via chat support. The user-friendly website ensures efficient navigation, saving valuable study time. Additionally, INBDE Booster is exceptionally representative of the actual exam, with well-crafted practice questions that closely resemble the content, style, and format of the INBDE.

By using INBDE Booster, you will encounter similar questions and cases that appear on the real exam, enhancing your preparedness. The resource not only covers high-yield content but also provides valuable insights into the process of elimination to help you arrive at the correct answer choice.

The solution videos offered by Booster are a valuable asset, providing comprehensive explanations for each question and answer choice. However, it’s worth noting that currently, the available video lessons are limited to the Anatomy subject.

Nevertheless, these videos deliver focused and relevant content crucial for exam preparation. It is eagerly anticipated that more videos will be released covering other subject areas.

Another standout feature of INBDE Booster is its tutoring option, accessible through the chat support feature. The responsiveness of the team in addressing questions and concerns is commendable.

Overall, INBDE Booster offers excellent value for its price and extends beyond mere test preparation. It instills confidence, enhances clinical knowledge, and cultivates essential skills for future dental practitioners.

By closely emulating the real exam, INBDE Booster not only prepares you for the dental boards but also equips you for success in your dental career. Ultimately, it is a valuable resource for aspiring dental professionals.

Higher Score Guarantee
INBDE Booster Summary

Most popular INBDE test prep among pre-optometry students.

  • Up-to-date course materials.
  • $240 for 90 Days/$360 for 180 Days Access
  • Comprehensive study notes
  • More than 1000+ INBDE-specific video lessons
  • 2000+ Highly representative Practice Questions including case-based scenarios
  • 700+ Comprehensive solutions with video explanations
  • High-yield study notes and flashcards/Anki decks.
  • Limited One-on-One online tutoring for any questions you may have
  • Smart Performance Tracking for Revision



Is INBDE Booster Free?

No, the INBDE Booster is no longer accessible without charge. While there are some free study materials, it is recommended to sign up for the premium membership to access the full range of high-quality resources offered by Booster.

How long does it take to complete the INBDE Booster course?

Following the recommended study schedule, it typically takes around 8-10 weeks to complete the INBDE Booster course. This estimation assumes dedicated focus on the course without any other distractions.

Does INBDE Booster offer a mobile app?

No, INBDE Booster does not currently have a mobile app available.

Can I access INBDE Booster from any device?

Yes, INBDE Booster can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is a web-based platform that allows convenient study access from various devices.

Is there a limit to the number of practice questions available on the INBDE Booster?

No, INBDE Booster provides a vast bank of practice questions to enhance your preparation. The question bank is regularly updated to ensure a diverse range of questions, allowing you to practice extensively and reinforce your knowledge in all areas tested on the INBDE exam.

Can I track my progress and performance on INBDE Booster?

Yes, INBDE Booster offers progress tracking and performance analytics. You can monitor your performance on practice questions, track your completion status of study materials, and identify areas where you need further improvement. 

This feature helps you focus your efforts on specific weak areas and measure your progress over time.

Does INBDE Booster provide support for difficult concepts?

Yes, INBDE Booster offers various resources to help you understand and master difficult concepts. These resources include detailed study notes, solution videos, flashcards, and one-on-one tutoring through the chat support feature. 

The goal is to provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure your success in tackling challenging topics on the INBDE exam.

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