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How to Become a Dentist in the USA for Foreign-Trained Dentist?

The most effective approach to practicing dentistry in the US and qualifying to take the licensing exam is to finish a CODA-accredited curriculum provided by a US dental school. Foreign-trained dentists who are accepted into an international school can undergo Advanced Standing Programs. It is a shortened version of the standard DDS/DMD curriculum that typically takes two to three years to complete.  Foreign dentists can obtain a DDS or DMD to … Read more

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Best INBDE Prep Courses 2023

Before you become a dentist in the United States, you need to first pass the INBDE exam. Dental school can be quite challenging, especially during your third and fourth years. At this stage, you’re juggling clinical work, coursework, and the inevitable stress that comes with dental education. So, it’s crucial to be well-prepared for the INBDE exam, dedicating enough time to study during weekdays, weekends, or both.  With that said, … Read more

INBDE Booster Review 2023: Is it the Best INBDE Prep Course?

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INBDE Bootcamp Review : Should You Use it in 2023?

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How to Pass INBDE ? Tips to Pass INBDE

To earn a license from American state dental boards, a dentistry student must take the INBDE. The exam tests one’s knowledge and clinical skills, ensuring that he or she has the credibility to hold the license.  Many states already make passing the test mandatory and a student must pass it within the first five years, implying that one must properly prepare for the exam. If you are one of these … Read more