Kranse Institute Review [2024] -Should you buy it?

Getting ready to take the SAT? A good SAT score can make a big difference when it comes to getting into schools and getting scholarships for university. Though you may feel comfortable studying on your own, many people benefit from a good prep course. You can check our top SAT pep picks, if you want to make a quick decision.

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What Is the Kranse Institute?

Founded by Mr. Shaan Patel, the Kranse Institute operates as an online platform to assist students in taking the SAT.  The founder started an online course for students in order to share his techniques and strategies which led him to become one of only six people who went from an average SAT score to a perfect 2400.

When his success was the talk of the town, the President of the US, George W. Bush, shook hands with him to acknowledge his impressive success. Mr. Patel got a million dollars worth of scholarships because of his remarkable result rankings.

This recognition was his ticket to being accepted to practically every prestigious university he might have set his eyes on. This feat was also his fuel to start his own SAT prep program using the money he saved by earning scholarships.

Unlike other SAT programs out there, Kranse Institute is recognized for its more than 100 different strategies that can help students with different approaches to learning for SAT, ACT, and GMAT. From questioning strategy to memorizing heuristics, Kranse Institute helps students to score high in college admission tests and enter their dream colleges. 

For a sneak peek of what to expect inside the SAT courses of Kranse, watch this video:

Course Overview

Included in the comprehensive digital online courses of Kranse Institute are 100 simple, concise strategies of SAT preparation that the founder guaranteed to have increased the scores of 97% of the students taking them. Increasing their score by an average 368 points, some of these students have gone on to score as high as 2400.

Here are some details about the SAT course:

Kranse SAT® PSAT/NMSQT® Prep (2020)

  • You get as many as 147 video lectures that are instructed by Mr. Shaan Patel himself
  • Instant access to all the modules for 540 days
  • Comes with an updated database for the SAT® PSAT/NMSQT® 2020
  • Accessibility to any internet-ready device
  • There’s a feature where you can track your learning progress
  • Printable test kits for practice tests
  • Lifetime access to the mobile database in the Kranse app

What Makes Kranse Better?

One of the many things that makes Kranse better than the other platforms out there is its ability to offer an interference-free kind of study. Instead of brochures and paperwork that are standard cliches in training, Kranse went out of its way to offer educational videos to make the learning more dynamic.

There are as many as 206 video conference recordings that are tuned to fit any level of learning ability.

User Reviews on Kranse:

As a result, there are about 9 students from Kranse who have already achieved a perfect score for SAT, with 210 that got a massive improvement from their average score.

These videos from Kranse are typically bite-sized cuts, lasting to about 10 minutes each, so the students will not be bored. It is the intention of Kranse to make sure that the students learn in a simple way in a short amount of time.


The main advantages of taking courses from Kranse are the following: short and curated videos,  cost-free application, top-rated recognition, and a comprehensive database of study materials.

1. Short Curated Videos

If we are realistic, even many intelligent students have short attention spans. Kranse designed each module or training video to contain as much relevant knowledge as possible to keep their students engaged. There are 204 videos available.

These videos are sub-divided into 12 different lessons, making each video last about 10 minutes each. As a result, the student can get as much as 34 hours of full-packed, meaty content without overwhelming their stamina to study.

2. User-Friendly Application

Everyone’s on mobile, and Kranse took advantage of it by developing an app for students to download. This way, they can study their lessons on their way to school or while commuting on the bus. No time wasted since the student can just go back to the lesson wherever they last left, as all of the bookmarks are saved conveniently in the app.

There’s even video conferencing in the app that they can freely join whenever they feel like it for them to ask questions if they’re stuck.

3. Brand Reputation

Another big advantage that you can enjoy from Kranse is the prestige and reputation it has already gathered over time. It has even attracted the attention of major news programs including NBC News, USA Today, New York Times, and Bloomberg Business Week for the value that it provides to students and the marketplace in general.

4. Customized Strategies

Another strength to appreciate from Kranse is the simplified approach it renders in its video guides. Where others are simply teaching students to memorize, Kranse offers specific reading comprehension and questioning tactics that are simple but overlooked tricks in problem-solving.

5. Interactive Guide

When you’re stuck in a lesson, you could waste hours trying to figure out the answers for yourself. The advantage in Kranse is a live video conferencing feature where you can ask around to resolve your issues.

6. Experienced Tutors

Yes, you can do your own self-study method, but that’s a risk that may not pay off. With Kranse, you get access to the kind of tips and tricks to pass your SAT that have been field-tested by experienced tutors.

7. Diagnosed Mistakes

If you’re studying on your own and you’re checking yourself, chances are you’re going to be biased in favor to your performance. When you study with Kranse, you have a coach who is fully equipped to assess your performance in the most unbiased way possible. You can study more effectively if you have a correct assessment of your work.

8. Organized Learning

It takes a whole lot of time organizing which of the SAT lessons you should focus on and how much time to spend on each one. That organization time is something you can outsource to Kranse. They create the lesson plan, prepare the study materials, and pick the right books to get you learning the relevant lessons fast and effectively.

9. Affordable

Private tutoring for your SAT can cost you, so you want the best value for money. The average cost of tutoring is about $100 an hour, and so an investment with Kranse that will cost you $500 for 18 months’ worth of training hours is very attractive.

Kranse Prep Expert: SAT Video Course At Your Own Pace

The remarkable thing about the Prep Expert SAT video course from Kranse is that you’re able to learn the modules at a pace comfortable for you. If you’re a morning person who wants to study early and you memorize more when you’ve just had your morning coffee, then you can watch the courses at that time.

With this specialized feature, you can pretty much prepare for your SAT whenever you want, wherever you want. So long as you have immediate internet access after purchasing the module, you’re pretty much set.

Kranse Pricing Policy/Money Back/Coupon Code

The attractive thing about Kranse’s pricing policy is that it always comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you feel like the course is not getting you to where you want to be, simply request a refund.

For the prices, it’s the same for all courses. Whether you’re taking the Kranse SAT® PSAT/NMSQT® Prep (2020), the GMAT Prep, or the ACT Prep course, the price for the package, as of June 2020, is $499 each, which recently used to be at $599/each.

As of June 23, 2020, you may be able to enjoy as much as 50% off the Kranse Institute courses. Visit this link for the promo code:

Draw Backs

Some of the misgivings that people have experienced from Kranse Institute were not mainly from the course itself, but from the billing system.

Fraudulent Billing

There’s a formal complaint filed at the Better Business Bureau indicating that there seemed to be a fraudulent charge made on the account of one user for a course from Kranse. When the user called the Kranse customer service, there was no positive response.


Another minor negative a user raised is the issue of duplication. There may be some modules from Kranse that can be found in other platforms, such as

The user argued that the same DIY methods of self-study that his friends used to succeed were similar to the programs sold by Kranse.

Price Issue

Some reviewers online also claimed that the $599 price point from Kranse might be too steep. There are coupon codes and promo offers, though, made by Kranse itself for those who want a better deal from their investment.

Price Comparison with Other Brands

What makes the prices of Kranse’s courses stand out from other brands is the number of courses packed in. With the SAT course from Kranse, you get more bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest and don’t consume that much time.

Other brands’ prices may not be subject to promos and discounts. Kranse regularly offers coupon codes spread across its affiliate networks so you and your friends can enjoy as many discounts as possible.

Other brands will also not check if the prices they set are responsive to the amount of value that the customer receives. In Kranse, you get a set of metrics being met. There’s even an average increase of about 210 points to the users who took the SAT test.

An improvement from 50th to the 90th percentile was also observed among the takers.


  1. Am I wasting my time and money with Kranse?

It depends. If you’re not as committed as you should be with studying the required modules and courses, then no amount of training from Kranse will do you any good. If you diligently follow the course guide from Kranse and practice with the test kits provided in essay writing, math, and science, then Kranse is definitely not a waste.

  1. Can I enjoy Kranse even if I’m an international student?

Yes, you can. There are as many as 30 hours of lecture videos in math, science, and languages in Kranse that any non-U.S. citizen can understand even if English is not their first language.

  1. Do you have actual user reviews on Kranse?

Yes, and you can watch a video testimonial from one Kranse Institute student here:


In summary, it’s safe to claim that if you want a better way of preparing yourself for the SAT exams and you want the motivation from a tutor, then the Kranse Institute can be a decent place to start.

There’s no guarantee to passing the exams even if you take the Kranse Institute programs. However, you increase your chances when you partner with experienced tutors and you eliminate the distractions that will hinder you from taking the SAT exams successfully. If you want to explore other SAT prep options, check our buying guide here.

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