Kranse Institute SAT Prep Expert – Course Review

The Kranse Institute SAT Prep Expert course was founded and developed by Shaan Patel, one who achieved a perfect 2400 score on his SAT and won a sizable investment from billionaire Mark Cuban on the popular TV series Shark Tank. When Patel took the test for the first time, he received only an average score. After developing his own test prep method, his was one of only six perfect scores in the entire country for that year.

Journey to SAT Prep Expert

Patel went to high school in one of the poorest school districts in the entire country: Clark High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. About 40% of students in this district drop out before graduation. With so many students from underprivileged homes and such high dropout rates, it is no surprise that many students do not meet national reading and math standards.

Shaan Patel knew that he would have to do well on the SAT to stand out from the crowd. After taking the SAT for the first time and only scoring in the average range, he became committed to developing strategies to help him do better. Eventually all his hard work paid off, resulting in a perfect score.

Patel felt that his method would be helpful to other students preparing for the SAT so he began work on an SAT prep book which he sent around to different publishers. He submitted his manuscript to over 100 publishing companies, but was rejected every time.

Unfazed, Patel decided to develop a complete course, which he called 2400 Expert. Little by little, mostly by word-of-mouth, news about the effectiveness of the course began to draw attention. On average, students were improving by 376 points, and this got the attention of textbook publisher McGraw-Hill.

Patel published SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps in July 2012, but soon set his sights even higher. He wanted to help students on a national level.

In January 2016, Patel went on the hit series Shark Tank to ask for investors to support his company, 2400 Expert. While the other Sharks demurred, Mark Cuban stepped up and offered to invest $250,000 into Patel’s company, seeing the enormous potential in Patel’s drive, business plan, and education model.

The Importance of the SAT Test in College Admissions

Any guidance counselor or college admissions agent will tell students that many aspects of their educational life will be considered when they apply to colleges. Their grades, disciplinary record, attendance record, and extracurricular activities are all a part of this equation. The college essay is also another crucial element of the admissions process, as it displays the student’s personality, focus, and command of the English written language.

The interview is also important, as it allows the college admissions agent to ask important questions about the student’s goals and dreams to assess if they will be a good fit for the campus. They want a sense of how candidates think, solve difficult problems, and discuss new ideas. For Ivy League schools, the essay and the interview can sometimes tip the scale between two candidates who are similarly matched in GPAs and activities.

The SAT can also set a student apart from other students in the college admissions process. The SAT plays an important role in distinguishing students who will be able to handle the heavy academic load expected at top universities from those who may not be prepared to take academics seriously.

When you take the SAT and choose to which colleges you will send your results, you are still able to take the SAT multiple times. When reviewing your college application, the admissions agents will look at your top score. If you did not do well on the SAT the first time, no need to worry. Many students do not do well the first time around. Issues such as test anxiety, unfamiliarity with how questions are asked, and getting used to the formatting of the test can all negatively impact the first score. The good news is that programs like the Kranse Institute SAT Prep Expert can help boost your scores significantly.

Kranse Prep Expert Self-Paced SAT Video Course

Patel’s course is an all-digital online learning experience. Students have access to this revolutionary test prep method via the website and an app.

Patel utilizes 100 strategies that are simplified and target specific aspects of the test to help students succeed. He states that 97% of students who use his course increase their scores, with the average score increase being 368 points when the SAT still used the 2400-point system. A few students were even able to achieve the near-impossible 2400 score.

Because his strategies for the SAT are so effective, students are also applying them to other standardized tests, including the PSAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT, and GREs.

Changing the Prep Expert Program for the Evolving SAT

In 2014, the College Board announced they would be changing the SAT back to a 1600-point score model, dropping the essay and implementing vocabulary that was geared towards relevance in a 21st-century working world.

With these changes to the test in March 2016, Kranse Institute’s SAT Prep Expert changed as well. With the new point system, students are still improving their scores by an average of almost 210 points. In fact, the program is so effective that if you do not improve your score, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Take the time to review this policy before you purchase a course. Different courses and packages available have different point increase guarantees and all require that you have completed the entire course.

SAT Prep Expert also offers a 7-Day Cram Guarantee: Buy the course, review the materials, and if you don’t like it in a week, you can get your money back. Most students see the incredible value in the course and choose to continue the course while preparing for their exams.

The SAT Prep Expert Course

The SAT Prep Expert course delivers material in short, manageable chunks which are easier to retain and can be reviewed as many times as you need. With a price of $499 (which can be paid through a payment plan), students get access to the course for 18 months, allowing them to review materials as frequently as needed.

The course is divided into five sections:

  • General Strategies
  • SAT Essay
  • SAT Writing
  • SAT Reading
  • SAT Math

Each section comes with practice questions and lessons which are easy to understand and follow.

The full course has 147 lessons, 100 specially crafted and proven test-taking strategies, and 30 hours of lectures you can watch at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Video tutorials are delivered in 10-minute segments, which makes it easy to locate a particular lesson and review it quickly. The videos focus on strategies and shortcuts, rather than rote memorization as some other test prep companies encourage. Inspired by Shaan Patel’s own experience taking the SAT, students will find this course more accessible and relevant than other prep courses.

Students with Learning Disabilities and Differentiated Learning Styles

Students with learning disabilities will find this course especially accessible. The combination of video, written information, and practice questions helps students who are auditory and visual learners have equal access to the test prep course.

Students can move through the course at their own pace, stopping and replaying key information as necessary. They can also review the course as many times as they need to throughout their 18-month access period, which covers up to nine possible test dates.

Graphic organizers and other test aids are provided to help students learn how to craft the perfect essay, so that they can write their own on the actual SAT. Shaan Patel teaches these courses using differentiated instructional delivery, much like an inclusion teacher or a private tutor.

Because students can view these lessons on their phones, tablets, or computers, there is also the possibility of being able to change the font depending on their device, which can help learners with dyslexia. Students also have the option to print out learning materials to fill out, which benefits writing-based memory learners as well.

The SAT Prep Expert App

The Kranse Institute SAT Prep Expert app can be accessed from any Android or iPhone system or tablet. It tracks student progress on practice questions and even features tips and opportunities for cash prizes.

It is the first and only app of its kind in the SAT course prep world, and it brings SAT preparations not only into the home, but wherever the student goes. With this kind of convenience, students can study no matter where they are, and study as many hours as they need to improve their scores. On average, students who use SAT Prep Expert need a minimum of 24 hours of studying time to increase their scores.

The Cons

While Kranse Institute’s SAT Prep Expert program is revolutionary, convenient, and proven to work, it does have one drawback: It does not offer live instruction options. Many students can still complete the course successfully, but to those who need more personalized instruction, this may be an obstacle.

Partnership with Prep Expert

The Kranse Institute and Prep Expert have partnered together to give you the best of both worlds. They offer a unique combination of self-paced online work as well as live teaching sessions, to offer that extra personalized instructional experience to students. They offer live online classes with SAT teachers who are well qualified in this area. All the instructors have scored in the top 1% on the SAT so they can speak from first hand experience about the effectiveness of Shaan Patel’s strategies.

As many experienced teachers know, keeping students engaged is usually the biggest challenge in the classroom. Online teaching is no exception. Prep Expert uses a platform that allows for polling students for responses during online class as well as tools to connect students to their teacher and classmates. In addition to the lessons, live classes, and assignments, enrolled students also have full access to all of Prep Expert’s course books to supplement their instruction. With certain packages, these incredibly thorough resources are even available for 60 days beyond your completion of the course for further review. With the exception of the SAT essay practice, all assignments can be completed using digital devices.

There are several great packages available. The three most popular include a 6-week Flagship course, a Fast-Track course with the same material condensed to a shorter time frame, and a Self-Paced course which provides the prerecorded lessons and materials needed, but without the live classes or required deadlines for assignments. If you need the instruction as quickly as possible, there is also a Weekend Review course which is the fastest and cheapest available package. For those not quite ready for the SAT, they offer a PSAT course. For those who think that in-person instruction is best for you, Prep Expert also offers in-person instruction in six locations in the United States.


Final Thoughts

The convenience of this test prep software is unmatched in the SAT prep industry, and the fact that students can access it from anywhere and take advantage of differentiated instructional strategies makes it incredibly accessible. With the Kranse Institute’s money-back guarantee and the 7-Day Cram Guarantee, there is really nothing to lose. We think you’ll find that it’s definitely worth the investment.