How to Become a PE (Professional Engineer)? Study Guide & Tips

When you have a status as a professional engineer (PE) and the relevant license for it, a bright future is waiting ahead of you! A PE often earns a bigger respect from industry professionals and those in the engineering community understand that it has the necessary skills and knowledge to earn its status. So, do you want to become a real PE? Are you already in the process of becoming … Read more

PPI2Pass PE Course Review 2024 : Should You Buy This?

Are you planning to take the PE exam anytime soon? Are you still on the fence about taking a PE prep course? While you can prepare for the exam on your own, maybe you want to experiment with different learning methods or need to save some of your money, subscribing to such a review course can help you better ace the test. Today, we will talk about the PE course … Read more

Picmonic Review 2024 : Should You Buy it?

For the past few years, people have been talking about Picmonic, which is an interactive learning platform aimed at helping students grasp difficult topics through an audio and visual approach. But, does the platform really live up to its popularity? Today, we’ll talk about our experience in using Picmonic and what we think about the whole process. About Picmonic The Picmonic name comes from two words: picture and mnemonic. It, … Read more

How to Pass INBDE ? Tips to Pass INBDE

To earn a license from American state dental boards, a dentistry student must take the INBDE. The exam tests one’s knowledge and clinical skills, ensuring that he or she has the credibility to hold the license.  Many states already make passing the test mandatory and a student must pass it within the first five years, implying that one must properly prepare for the exam. If you are one of these … Read more