Best 5 Real Estate Exam Prep Courses 2024

Are you trying to achieve your dream career in real estate? Without a doubt, it will require you to go through a few steps first, such as getting a license. To become a licensed realtor, you have to excel in your real estate exam. 

Since passing this exam can be quite a challenge, most students opt for joining a prep course. There are numerous prep course options out there and we know it can overwhelm you. For this reason, we have reviewed the top 5 best real estate exam prep courses.

Without further ado, here are our thoughts about them!

#1. Colibri Real Estate

The first on the list is Colibri Real Estate, an online forum offering post-licensing, continuing education, and exam prep courses. They feature an innovative studying technique, a comprehensive curriculum, highly qualified instructors, a student support system, and much more.

Why you should choose Colibri Real Estate?

Firstly, this course is easy to navigate, includes frequently asked videos, and is open 24/7 so you can access it at any preferred time. In addition, you can enjoy their four-course levels, which consist of a real estate math supplement, e-textbooks, exam prep videos, and a 24/7 assistance system through email or the student forum.

Their packages can vary based on the state but they can still cover every educational requirement stipulated in your state. The following are some of the packages you can go for:

  • Exam prep at $99
  • Pre-licensing courses at $ 437
  • The Ultimate Learning package can either be at $400 or $800 based on where you come from.

Subscribing to higher level plans enables you to gain access to practice exams, high score guarantee, live question and answers sections, as well as customizable exams.


  • ARELLO and IDECC certified.
  • Includes an interactive learning technique for an enjoyable and engaging studying approach.
  • Has a high pass guarantee.
  • Experienced and highly trained instructors.
  • Presence of live question and answer sections.
  • 24/7 accessibility.


  • Does not include hard copies for some tiers.
  • Courses for upgrading a license may not be available in every state.

#2.Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan is a great choice for most students since it is more comprehensive and effective. They offer extremely engaging live classes and online lessons that allow students to communicate with each other as well as their instructors. Here is an overview of Kaplan that will allow you to understand their curriculum and everything they offer:

Why opt for Kaplan?

Kaplan is also one of the most popular Real Estate prep courses that has provided pre-licensure and exam prep courses since 1945. They are available in 20 states nationwide including Nevada, California, Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, Minnesota, and others. You can gain access to their detailed study materials like question banks, textbooks, and unlimited practice exams whenever you prefer.

Similar to Colibri Real Estate, Kaplan’s prices can also vary based on the state. Their packages include the things below.

  • Average subscription at $99 for every live online, self-paced online, and on-demand course. However, some states can offer lower prices for online courses up to $49 and higher prices for on-demand courses at $199.
  • The Career Launcher Package, which is an online course that allows individuals to start a real estate business and includes exam prep content and licensing, at $400 to $1000. In addition, the package can include 75-180 learning hours based on your state.

Their on-demand courses allow you to access weekly study groups where you can interact with other students and instructors for more clarification or to get solutions to any question. In addition, Kaplan has a student support program where you will receive replies within 24-48 hours through email.

The only unfortunate thing about Kaplan is that they do not refund your money in case you fail the exam. However, reviews from other students state that Kaplan guarantees a score increase, all thanks to their comprehensive programs.

Pros of Kaplan

  • Their instructors are real estate agents in practice.
  • Access to weekly study groups.
  • Includes a Career Launcher package.


  • Prices can be extremely costly.
  • The interface is somewhat dated and not easy to navigate.

#3.The CE Shop

If you are looking for a course that supports quick learning, then CE Shop is for you. You can easily finish this course within 2 weeks so you can launch your career immediately. Yet, this course may not be ideal for anyone who has other engagements since you may be required to balance your responsibilities with learning within a short period of around 40 hours per week.

Why opt for the CE Shop?

Firstly, CE Shop provides a unique product known as Exam Prep Edge. This is a type of initial assessment that you can take and then receive feedback afterward on your strong or weak areas. In addition, the Exam Prep Edge can also provide you with unlimited practice tests, which will allow you to test the ability of your content retention as well as figure out your weaknesses so you can work on them.

Furthermore, the CE Shop has another unique feature which is an in-depth study plan that provides you with lessons based on the topic. The study plan is also customizable thus allowing you to set the dates and times in which you are available within the week. The CE Shop also includes a dashboard that allows you to monitor your progress so you can know where you stand. 

The best part about this course is that you can download their study materials for offline viewing. This allows you to study while on the go or whenever you prefer thereby reducing a stressful learning atmosphere. Another good thing about this course is its student support system, which allows the students to contact their tutors through email.

Similar to most Real Estate Exam Prep courses, the CE Shop also offers prices that vary based on the state. Their prices can be from $75 for exam prep for the national salesperson exam and $125 for state and national exams.


  • Includes a free trial for pre-licensing courses.
  • Customizable and in-depth study plan.
  • Less costly especially for individual courses which can cost as low as $9.


  • Their website may not be as smooth as other real estate prep courses.


#4.Aceable Agent Real Estate Education Review

Aceable Agent is another real estate exam prep course that you can use to prepare adequately. They provide a comprehensive self-study program that includes audio and video lectures and practice questions. Here is what you should know about Aceable Agent.

Why opt for an Aceable Agent?

This course provides you with only exam prep courses and licensure lessons. Their prices are also reasonable, which means that anyone can afford it. In addition, the exam prep courses cannot be bought separately thereby making it a perfect choice for students who want to take all their lessons together.

The curriculum of this course is quite simple and very effective. Most studying will be accomplished through self-study materials and video lessons. When you have completed any of the lessons, you can access their practice problems that allow you to test if you have understood what you just learned and for content retention.

Apart from the self-study option, Aceable Agent also offers live learning through weekly tutoring and webinars. These types of lessons enable you to communicate with your instructors and ask any question.

The best part is that they include an app, which you can download on your smartphone and study while on the go. Moreover, they have a high score guarantee with a pass rate of 94% and can offer you a full refund in case you fail the actual exam.

Since they offer a self-study program, completing their course will be based on your studying routines. It can even take you just a few months if you devote most of your time to studying. The pre-licensure lessons can go for 60-180 hours of final exams and coursework.

Aceable Agent, however, can be accessed in 14 states only including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, among others. For the pricing, the cost will vary based on the place you live. For instance, prices in Florida start from $177 while prices in South Carolina are almost $700.


  • Includes engaging audio and video content.
  • More affordable than other real estate prep courses.
  • Includes a mobile app.


  • Cannot be accessed in all 50 states but you are instead limited to 14 states only.


#5.Real Estate Exam Scholar

The last on this list is Real Estate Exam Scholar, which allows you to access all their study materials online or through the mobile app. This makes accessibility very simple.

Why opt for a Real Estate Exam Scholar?

Unfortunately, this course offers exam prep courses only. But if you want a pre-licensure or continuing education course then you can check out the courses above. You can easily complete their course within a short period including a weekend, weeks, or months, based on your studying routine.

Real Estate Exam Scholar provides online and self-paced courses. You can gain access to over 25 practice exams, exam secrets and hints, flashcards, downloadable content, and state-specific questions. In addition, this course uses immersion technology to help simulate the environment of the actual exam. 

Their prices are also manageable since they start from $39 and include a full refund policy in case the student fails the exam. If you are a student who is studying on a budget and has already completed the pre-licensure course then this is the right course for you.

Conclusively, Exam Scholar has a 95% exam pass rate, so you can rest assured that using this course will guarantee a score increase. On top of that, this course enables you to know what the real exam looks and feels like, improving your confidence.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 95% exam pass rate.


  • Does not include continuing education or pre-licensure courses.

Comparison Table of the 5 Real Estate Exam Prep Courses

Real Estate Exam Prep Course Price
Colibri Real Estate $99-$800
Kaplan $49-$1000
The CE Shop $79-$125
Aceable Agent $117-$700
Exam Scholar $39

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Real Estate Exam Prep Course

Typically, you should first check out the features of a certain course before going for it. Here are some general features you need to look out for.

  • The level of effectiveness

The main reason for taking an exam prep course is to help you prepare maximally for the actual thing. But how do you figure out if a certain course is effective? You can always check the reviews of previous users, and the quality of their study materials for example engaging videos with clear pictures, well-trained instructors, and so much more. According to most students, Kaplan is the most effective with a pass rate of over 70%.

  • State-approved curriculum

Another essential factor you need to check out is if the course is simple to access and uses a state-approved curriculum. The Real Estate Commission keeps a list of exam prep courses that meet the educational requirements of a specific state. Therefore, you need to first check if the exam prep provider is on the list before investing in them.

  • Presence of study materials

Every real estate exam prep should include all the necessary material for studying that will help you ace your exam. These can consist of Qbanks, full-length practice exams, section quizzes, textbooks, and video lectures. More importantly, a course must have practice exams.

These exams are the ultimate things that allow you to know how you have mastered the materials as well as the areas you need to work on further. In addition, the question banks can help you target the tough questions so you can master them within no time. Of course, the Q-banks have to be as realistic as possible.

  • Student support system

Having a support system allows you to interact with your tutor especially if you need clarification on a certain area or solutions to questions. If you enjoy studying with other people, then Kaplan is the best choice for you since it also includes weekly study groups. Other choices like Colibri Real Estate have a 24/7 support system and you can get answers to your queries within a short period.

  • Pricing options

Each course offers different pricing options based on where you live. Therefore, you can check for the price that suits your budget whilst looking out for the quality and effectiveness of the course. In addition, you can also go for a course that has a money-back guarantee to ensure a full refund in case you fail your exam.

  • Delivery type

There are usually three different types of formats for the real estate exam prep courses including Self-Paced, Live In-Person, and Live Online. The self-paced courses are ideal for anyone who prefers studying alone and at their preferred pace. This means that you will have limited support from the instructor thus forcing you to be self-disciplined.

Another type of format you can go for is the Live Online option where students get to learn in a virtual classroom instead of attending the in-person location of a specific course. Lastly, is the live in-person course, which includes students going to a physical area and learning in a classroom. The only issue with the live in-person course is that you cannot determine how and when to study.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to take a Real Estate Exam Prep course?

For some people, it is not necessary to take a real estate exam prep course. For instance, if you did your pre-licensure lessons recently and have a great memory, investing in a prep course should not be one of your worries. However, if you are not accustomed to the real estate industry and terminologies, going through a course may be effective if you want to gain a score increase.

  • Are there any educational requirements one must meet before taking the real estate exam?

Educational requirements will vary depending on the state you live. For instance, Texas necessitates 180 course hours while Massachusetts calls for 40 hours. This is why you need to check for the educational requirements of your state before choosing a real estate exam prep course since exam contents can also vary depending on where you live.

  • What happens when you fail the real estate exam?

Real estate exam prep courses come in handy if you want to pass the actual exam. But in case you fail, it is possible to repeat the exam even though you are required to pay the fee for the exam again. The best part is that you can repeat the exam as many times as you want but some states limit your waiting time before you can schedule for another exam.


There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your hard work has paid off. Passing the real estate exam may require effort and skills, and this is why using a good prep course is essential. Simply check out the features of the course first and opt for any that suit your needs.


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