eGMAT Reviews – Is its Verbal Section the Best? [2024]

GMAT Prep Course Review: The eGMAT Option

Is the eGMAT prep course a good option for GMAT test-takers? This review takes a closer look at eGMAT to see if it can really boost your GMAT score.

The GMAT is the most widely used standardized test for MBA admissions in the world, which is why 200,00 students take the exams each year. More than 2,300 schools use the GMAT to help select students for their graduate programs, and about 7,000 Master’s programs (including MBA programs) use the GMAT. The test is administered in 114 countries.

This is a test that you can’t just wing on the fly, and you’ll need to prepare for the GMAT properly. Which leads us to eGMAT.

Why eGMAT Stands Out

The eGMAT brand was launched in 2011, and so it hasn’t been in the standardized prep course industry for long compared to the more iconic brands. But it has quickly risen to the top when it comes to the GMAT prep course niche.

In fact, it’s so popular that there are 4 times as many verified reviews on eGMAT found in the GMAT Club than there are reviews for any other GMAT prep course.

The eGMAT company also doesn’t hire temporary tutors. The ones they have are all full-time tutors, focusing on helping students prepare for the GMAT. That’s their top priority.

It also helps that eGMAT doesn’t offer prep courses for other standardized tests. As their brand name indicates, they’re only about the GMAT. They’re a one-trick pony, but it’s a heck of a trick. This specialization is among the main reasons why they excel in preparing students for the GMAT.

GMAT Prep Courses

With eGMAT, you can go with their comprehensive GMAT Online option. However, you can also choose to focus on just the Verbal or Quant preparation.

GMAT Online

This costs $349, which is quite reasonable compared to the prices of the other GMAT prep courses offered by other brands. For your money, you get:

  • 140 hours of content, including at least 80 exclusive application files
  • A minimum of 4,500 practice questions, with interactive quizzes
  • 10 practice tests to keep monitoring your weak spots
  • Scholarium Analytics
  • Strategy support with 2 strategy sessions per month
  • Q&A online forum, with more than 20,000 discussion topics already
  • A scoring engine that works similar to how the real GMAT works
  • 6 months of access

Verbal Online

If you think that you’re good to go with Quant but you still need help with the Verbal, then you can always just go with this partial GMAT prep course. You save some money, but only a little bit. This will still cost you $249.

Your money gets you:

  • At least 1,600 practice questions
  • 50 exclusive eGMAT application files
  • At least 100 hours of learning content
  • Interactive quizzing
  • Study planners and schedules (2 strategy sessions per month)
  • Scholarium Analytics

Plenty of people go with this Verbal course, especially students for whom English isn’t their native language. In fact, eGMAT started focusing on this particular category of students when it first started,


This also costs $249, which is why it’s a bargain to just get the comprehensive GMAT online option than to get the Verbal and Quant prep courses separately. While this prep course isn’t as complete and detailed as its Verbal Counterpart, it offers ample resources:

  • At least 1,650 practice questions
  • 60 exclusive eGMAT application files
  • At least 40 hours of learning content
  • Interactive quizzing
  • Study planners and schedules (2 strategy sessions per month)
  • Scholarium Analytics

What We Like

Here are some reasons why we like the eGMAT prep course:

It’s Extremely Popular

It seems sensible to trust the most popular name in the GMAT’s verbal niche. After all, why else would it be popular in the first place? It seems logical to believe that it must be good, based on its overwhelming popularity alone.

Of course, it really cements its position by focusing on just the GMAT alone. That’s the only test it thinks about. In addition, their tutors aren’t part-time helpers. They’re all full-time teachers, which means they all share in the GMAT goals. Your GMAT preparation is their main priority.

Plenty of Resources

With 4,600 practice questions and 10 practice tests, you won’t be able to say that you can breeze through the prep course easily. There’s a lot for you to cover, so you won’t run out of practice questions.

Even the practice questions for the partial prep courses are plenty—they may even outnumber the practice questions available for some comprehensive GMAT prep courses offered by other brands.

With 10 practice tests, you’re also able to constantly monitor your progress. You can always check which part needs more help.

High Quality

The videos here are in HD, and they make it easy and enjoyable for you to learn. These full-time teachers really know their jobs.

The Scholarium tool is especially effective in identifying the sections that require more focus. In fact, the whole setup doesn’t just identify your weak spots after each practice test. The analytics keep working and can tell you what to do every 15 minutes.

Room for Improvement

It’s not perfect yet, and here are some factors that can stand some improvement.

Quant Not Quite Up to Par

It’s fairly obvious that eGMAT focuses more on the Verbal part of the test. The Verbal online course offers 100 hours of learning content, but you only get 40 hours with the Quant. While the Quant is still good with lots of application files and practice questions, you might wish that’s it’s just as good as the Verbal.

Clunky Support

Also, the support isn’t really all that great. It would be nice if there was some email support and not a Q&A forum where you have to weed through 20,000 discussion topics to find the answers to your questions.


All in all, it’s easy to understand the overwhelming popularity of the eGMAT prep course. They’re really focused on the GMAT, and it shows. The prices are reasonable, the resources are ample, and the quality is terrific. You get full value for your money—it really works.