Internship Report Conclusion Writing Sample : How to Conclude an Internship Report (With Examples)?

Writing an engaging internship report conclusion can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! In this blog post, we’ll cover some tips & tricks on how to write a conclusion that is both informative and interesting. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Start with the big picture

When writing a conclusion for an internship report, it is essential to start with the big picture. You should begin by summarizing the primary purpose of your report, the key questions you asked, and any significant conclusions you drew from your research. This will help readers understand your report’s context and how it relates to their work. Additionally, starting with the big picture will give your conclusion more clarity & direction. From there, you can narrow your focus and provide more details about your findings and recommendations. 

Summarize your key findings.

When summarizing your key findings, give a concise overview of the research you conducted throughout your internship. What did you learn during your internship, and how did it help you grow and develop professionally? Be sure to include any interesting trends or patterns you observed and any challenges or successes you experienced while completing your work. Additionally, describe how your work has impacted the organization directly or indirectly. Highlighting your accomplishments can demonstrate how valuable your work was to the Company and can add to the overall effectiveness of the report.

Connect your findings to the real world.

When concluding your internship report, connecting the information you have collected and analyzed to the real world is important. This helps give your internship report a more significant impact, as it allows readers to recognize the relevance of your work beyond the boundaries of the program. 

To do this, you can emphasize the practical applications of your research and findings. For example, if your research focused on increasing customer engagement at a store, you can explain how these findings can be applied to other stores. You can also advise how to implement similar strategies in different contexts. Additionally, you can suggest areas where further research is necessary and present potential solutions that could be explored. 

Finally, connecting your findings to the real world will help to draw attention to any issues or gaps that need to be addressed. By making your conclusions accessible & relevant to a broader audience, you are helping to make an impact beyond the boundaries of your internship report.

Include recommendations for future action.

The conclusion of your internship report should provide a summary of your findings, key takeaways, and recommendations for future action. It’s important to offer practical suggestions for improvement or further research, which can be implemented based on the results of your research. Here are some tips for including meaningful recommendations in your conclusion:

• Consider what worked well during your internship experience and make recommendations for how it can be built upon in the future.

• Think about the challenges you faced during your internship and suggest solutions for overcoming them.

• Take into account any new knowledge or skills that you developed, and suggest ways in which these can be used to benefit the organization.

• Research best practices from similar organizations and suggest how they can be adopted in the workplace.

• Offer ideas for ongoing research that could build on the work you completed during your internship.

• Talk about what you did as an intern and which aspects of the Company you would have enjoyed exploring more.

End on a positive note

When writing the conclusion to an internship report, it’s essential to end on a positive note. After summarizing the key findings of your work and connecting them to the real world, make sure to emphasize the positive impact your internship has had on you.

Highlight any improvements or changes made due to your internship and express gratitude for the opportunity to be involved. Acknowledge any shortcomings & explain how they were addressed. This will demonstrate to the reader that you have learned from your experience and are better prepared for future challenges.

Make sure to thank any mentors or supervisors who have supported you throughout your internship. This is especially important if they provide guidance, resources, or expertise. 

Finally, remind the reader why your internship was successful and how it has contributed to your professional development. Highlight the skills and experiences you’ve gained and explain how they will help you in your future career. Doing so will leave the reader with a strong impression of your work and your commitment to your career.

Sample/Template/Example of an Internship Report

1. In conclusion, my internship experience at ABC Company was invaluable. Through it, I gained valuable skills in customer service & problem-solving, as well as a better understanding of the different aspects of a business. The knowledge I have acquired will benefit me in my future endeavors.

2. All in all, this internship was a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience and hone my skills in [field]. I am grateful for all the lessons & experiences I have gained during my time at [Company], which I can now confidently apply to any future roles.

3. My time at [Company] has been an incredibly rewarding & enriching experience. During my internship, I developed my technical skills & understand the operations of a successful business. I have also made some lasting connections that will be of great value in my professional life. Overall, I have learned so much from this experience, which will benefit me immensely in the future.

Final thoughts

An internship report summarizes the skills and experiences gained through on-the-job training. Writing an effective conclusion involves:

  • Reflecting on the big picture.
  • Summarizing key findings.
  • Connecting them to the real world.
  • Ending on a positive note.

With the right approach, an impressive internship report conclusion can serve as a lasting reminder of hard work.


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