OAT Bootcamp Review & Promo Code 2024 : Is it the Best OAT Prep Course?

OAT Bootcamp is one of the premier comprehensive OAT preparation courses available. It is relied upon by thousands of students each year to achieve high scores on the OAT. This in-depth review of OAT Bootcamp will cover what the course offers and whether the investment in it is worthwhile for you. By analyzing the key features and components of the course, you can determine if OAT Bootcamp is the right choice to optimize your preparation for the exam. In this detailed OAT Bootcamp Review, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this intensive study program, equipping you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 

OAT Bootcamp: An Overview

Best For Biology Lessons
OAT Bootcamp Pros & Cons
8/10Our Score
  • One of the top OAT programs is known for its Bootcamp approach.
  • High-Quality Video lectures. Chemistry & Biology lessons are top-notch.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plans.
  • Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • Most realistic practice test compared to others.
  • Modern sleek interface with mobile app.
    Bootcamp Pro $499, Plus Plan $899
  • Physics video lessons not available.
  • No Live Class Option.

OAT Bootcamp is an online prep course for the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT). It is designed to help students improve their scores and increase their chances of being accepted to optometry school. OAT Bootcamp offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all of the material on the OAT, including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Reading comprehension
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Physics ( No Video Section)

In addition to the curriculum, OAT Bootcamp also offers a variety of features to help students succeed, including:

  • 60 Practice tests
  • 7700+ Practice Questions
  • 2700+ Video lessons
  • Study guides
  • A community forum where students can ask questions and get help from other students and instructors
  • Apps for iOS and Android for practice on the go

An In-Depth Review of OAT Bootcamp Features

One of the key advantages of OAT Bootcamp is its emphasis on comprehensive content review. This program covers all the essential topics tested on the OAT, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the underlying concepts. 

Experienced instructors break down complex subjects into manageable chunks, providing detailed explanations, examples, and real-world applications. They equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle even the most challenging questions on the exam.

High-Quality Video Lessons & Notes

The video lessons provided by OAT Bootcamp are of high quality and deliver content in a clear and concise manner.  The course includes over 400 biology videos, 600 general chemistry videos, 750 organic chemistry videos, 20 reading comprehension videos, and 950 quantitative reasoning videos. Please note that Bootcamp does not provide any video lessons for Physics and QR section. So, if you are weak in Physics, you may consider checking OAT Booster.

The instructors are knowledgeable and skilled at explaining complex concepts in an easily understandable way. The visual and auditory learning experience through these video lessons can greatly enhance students’ understanding and retention of the material. To solidify your comprehension of each topic, a short quiz follows every video lesson. These quizzes strengthen your grasp of the concepts by testing you on the material immediately after you learn it.  

Biology Lesson Preview
Biology  Video Lesson Preview from OAT Bootcamp

The course provides you the flexibility to flag or bookmark any questions you answer incorrectly so you can revisit them for review.

High Yield Notes in each Section

Apart from video lessons, OAT Bootcamp provides detailed notes for each section in pdf format. These are very high yield and concise. You can print out these notes and use those for quick revision.

Organic Chemistry Note Sample
Organic Chemistry High Yield Note Sample


Extensive Practice Exams

Even after months of diligent studying, some students struggle to gain admission to optometry school on their first OAT attempt. One contributing factor is the problem of pinpointing subject areas of weakness without the opportunity to apply knowledge through actual exam questions. Despite prolonged preparation, areas of difficulty may remain obscured without exposure to realistic test questions.

To address this issue, OAT Bootcamp provides extensive collection of practice questions. With over 7700 practice questions available, students have access to abundant preparation materials to assess their understanding of key concepts and identify areas that require further improvement.

You also get 10 full length practice tests and questions are pretty realistic compared to real OAT. Note that each Full Length Test is a compilation of the Practice Tests from every subject. For example, if you’ve taken Biology Test #2, you’ll see the same biology questions in Full Length Test #2. Focusing on practice test questions should be your top priority in preparing for the OAT exam. Mastering these questions is the most important thing you can do to prepare for the actual test.

Biology Practice Test
Biology Practice Test


There is a diverse range of practice questions, carefully categorized to cover the essential content areas of the OAT. These categories include biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning. Within each category, students can find a substantial number of questions to practice and refine their knowledge. 

The OAT Bootcamp practice questions include the following:

  • More than 3800 questions on frequently tested biology concepts
  • More than 500 questions on general chemistry
  • More than 970 questions on organic chemistry
  • More than 400 questions on high-yield physics conceptual
  • More than 780 questions on extensive reading
  • More than 1550 questions on quantitative reasoning

The abundance of practice questions provided by OAT Bootcamp ensures that students have ample opportunities to test their knowledge, apply learned concepts, and identify areas that require further attention. 

Detailed Answer Explanations

One of the key advantages of OAT Bootcamp is the provision of detailed answer explanations for the practice question/tests. 

After completing a practice test, students can review the explanations for each question, understanding the reasoning behind the correct answers and learning from their mistakes. This feedback helps students identify their weaknesses and areas that require further practice, enabling them to focus their efforts on improving their performance.

Sample Answer Explanation OAT Bootcamp
Sample Answer Explanation OAT Bootcamp

Tagging System for Revision

This unique system in DAT Bootcamp lets you rate your current understanding of a particular practice question when you’re doing your review. Basically, you’re tagging all the questions you might want to review further down the line. This means you can identify the questions that you know you’re already familiar with and the particular questions where you might need more help.

Question Tagging System in Bootcamp
Question Tagging System in Bootcamp

You can tag every question, and that helps you a lot.

  •   If you encounter a practice question that you’ve answered correctly, and you’re confident that you can answer this type of question correctly, then give it the green Mastered tag. Then you’ll know that all these questions are easy for you, and you might give them a skim later when you have some time.
  • Another tag is the gray Bookmarked tag. You can tag any practice question this way (even the practice questions you answered correctly) when you want to take another look at it. This is a reasonable tag to use for practice questions that you should examine later in greater detail.
  • Then there’s the yellow Reviewing tag. This is best for practice questions for which you think your understanding could be clearer. You’ll want to review the various practice questions with this tag so you will feel more confident about answering them in the future.
  • The red Learning tag is for the practice questions you got wrong. These are the practice questions you want to recheck and focus more on. There should be a time when you take all these red-tagged questions, and you should be able to answer them all correctly afterward.
  • This system lets you categorize the various practice questions you encounter, so you get a better idea of which questions need a lot more study. You can then change the tags for the questions when you become more confident about answering them correctly.

Expert Guidance and Support

OAT Bootcamp provides access to experienced instructors who are well-versed in the content and strategies required to excel on the OAT. These instructors offer valuable guidance and support throughout your preparation journey. They are available to answer your questions, clarify difficult concepts, and provide tips and strategies for approaching different question types. Their expertise and personalized attention play a vital role in boosting your confidence and helping you maximize your score.

Study Schedule Options

OAT Bootcamp provides two study schedules

1) 75 days Schedule for PRO package

2)150 days Schedule for PLUS package

Here is a sample of typical schedule for day.

OAT Bootcamp Study Schedule
OAT Bootcamp Study Schedule
  • Flashcards

OAT Bootcamp offers a comprehensive set of flashcards designed to help students efficiently learn and retain essential concepts for the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). These flashcards cover all the major subjects tested on the OAT, including biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and reading comprehension. With their engaging visuals, clear explanations, and concise format, OAT Bootcamp flashcards serve as an effective study tool that can be easily integrated into any study plan, enabling students to reinforce their knowledge and improve their test-taking skills.

Comprehensive Study Guides

OAT Bootcamp provides comprehensive study guides that offer detailed information on all the concepts covered in the OAT. 

These guides serve as valuable resources for students, allowing them to review the content, reinforce their understanding, and consolidate their knowledge. The study guides are often organized in a structured and easy-to-follow manner, facilitating effective study and revision.

Peer Support and Community

Engaging with peers who are going through a similar experience can be invaluable in maintaining motivation and gaining insights into effective study techniques. Thus, OAT Bootcamp provides a community that creates an environment of collaboration and motivation, allowing you to exchange knowledge, share study strategies, and provide support to one another. 

OAT Bootcamp Study Group
OAT Bootcamp Study Group

OAT Bootcamp Pricing & Promo Code

OAT Bootcamp provides two comprehensive study packages to suit varying needs: Bootcamp Pro and Bootcamp Plus. The Bootcamp Pro subscription is priced at $497 for three months of access, while the Bootcamp Plus package costs $897 for 180 days of access.

To offer greater financial flexibility, OAT Bootcamp partners with Zip, allowing students to make four interest-free payments of $125 each for the Bootcamp Pro membership or $225 for the Bootcamp Plus package.

Furthermore, students can pause their accounts without incurring additional costs if they need a break from studying, ensuring they can resume their studies when they are ready.

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Pros and Cons of OAT Bootcamp

Like any study program, OAT Bootcamp has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore them in more detail:


  • Comprehensive Curriculum

OAT Bootcamp offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the material tested on the OAT. This ensures that students receive a thorough and well-rounded preparation, leaving no gaps in their knowledge. The curriculum is designed by experts in the field, ensuring that all the relevant topics and subtopics are covered in detail.

  • Realistic and Challenging Practice Tests

OAT Bootcamp offers a series of practice tests that closely resemble the actual OAT. These tests are designed to be realistic and challenging, providing students with an opportunity to simulate the test-taking environment. 

By practicing with these tests, students can familiarize themselves with the format, timing, and difficulty level of the OAT, thus boosting their confidence and performance on the actual exam.

  • Mobile App & Superior User Interface

The OAT Bootcamp mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, is perfect for students seeking comprehensive OAT test prep. It offers user-friendly access to videos, question banks, previous test results, and support team contact while on the move.

OAT Bootcamp provides an extensive range of study materials while ensuring easy navigation and a user-friendly interface. The well-organized content allows students to conveniently access prep questions, tests, and resources. All study materials are easily accessible from the homepage, and upgrading memberships is just a few clicks away. Accessing subjects, questions, support, community, and other resources is a seamless experience for students.

  • Active Community Forum & Support

OAT Bootcamp offers a vibrant community forum where students can interact with other test-takers and instructors. This forum is a conversation, collaboration, and support platform. Students can ask questions, get clarification on tough concepts, and share study tactics and suggestions. The community aspect of OAT Bootcamp fosters camaraderie and a friendly learning environment. Support team replies queries within 24 hours most of the times.

  • Free 7-Day Trial

OAT Bootcamp offers a free 7-day trial, allowing prospective students to explore the course before making a financial commitment. 

This trial period enables students to assess the quality of the content, instructional style, and overall suitability of the course for their needs. It provides an opportunity to gauge whether the teaching approach aligns with their learning preferences and whether the course meets their expectations.


  • Expensive

One of the main drawbacks of OAT Bootcamp is its cost. Compared to other OAT preparation options, boot camps tend to be more expensive. 

The comprehensive curriculum and additional resources provided by OAT Bootcamp come at a higher price point, which may be a limiting factor for some students with budget constraints.

  • No Live Lessons

Unlike some other test preparation programs, OAT Bootcamp does not offer live lessons or interactive sessions with instructors in real time. While the pre-recorded video lessons are of high quality, the lack of live lessons means that students may not have immediate access to personalized guidance or the ability to ask questions in real time.

  • No Money-Back Guarantee

OAT Bootcamp does not offer a money-back guarantee. When a student enrolls in the program and pays the tuition, they are committed to the course regardless of how happy or disappointed they are with the program. This lack of a refund policy may deter some students who prefer the security of a money-back guarantee.

It’s important for prospective OAT test-takers to consider these pros and cons in relation to their individual needs, preferences, and budget. While OAT Bootcamp offers comprehensive content, effective study materials, and a supportive community, the cost and absence of live lessons or a money-back guarantee may be factors to weigh when making a decision.

OAT Bootcamp
  • 2700+ in-depth videos with detailed drawings and explanations that are simple to grasp
  • 7700+ practice questions that are constantly updated
  • More than 60 representative OAT practice tests and 10 full-length test
  • Access to the Prometric mode to simulate the test interface.
  • A tried-and-true OAT study plan.
  • Mobile video classes are available via Android and iOS apps.
  • Cheat sheet for Physics formulas.
  • Flashcards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of OAT Bootcamp?

The price for OAT Bootcamp is $497 for the Bootcamp Pro membership plan and $897 for the Bootcamp Plus membership. Both membership options offer flexibility through ZIP payment plans. You can use promo code OATMAX to get the best price.

Is OAT Bootcamp a worthwhile investment?

Absolutely! OAT Bootcamp is highly valuable for pre-optometry students seeking expert tutors who follow a proven study schedule to explain various concepts. One of the unique features of OAT Bootcamp is that it offers free membership, allowing students to access study materials without making any payment.

How many practice tests does OAT Bootcamp provide?

OAT Bootcamp provides over 60 practice tests. These practice tests are designed by former OAT students and accurately reflect the difficulty level of the actual OAT test.

Does OAT Bootcamp have a mobile app?

Yes, OAT Bootcamp has a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app grants you access to question banks and detailed videos, making it a comprehensive tool for preparing for your optometry admission test. It also allows you to conveniently reach out to customer support while on the move.

Making an Informed Decision for Your OAT Preparation

In conclusion, OAT Bootcamp offers a structured and comprehensive approach to preparing for the OAT. By enrolling in this boot camp, you gain access to a well-organized study plan, expert guidance, and a supportive community of peers. These programs provide a clear roadmap for your preparation, saving you time and effort in creating a study plan from scratch.

One of the key advantages of the OAT Bootcamp is the thorough content review it offers. Experienced instructors break down complex concepts, making them more accessible and easier to understand. 

Through regular practice exams and sample questions, you can apply your knowledge and develop effective test-taking strategies. The guidance provided by instructors ensures that you stay on track and make progress in your preparation.

Furthermore, personalized study plans tailored to your individual needs are a highlight of the OAT Bootcamp. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, instructors help you focus on areas that require improvement, optimizing your study time. This personalized approach ensures that you address any gaps in your knowledge and build confidence in your abilities.

In the end, whether you choose OAT Bootcamp or any other prep course for preparation, success on the OAT depends on your dedication, discipline, and consistent effort. Utilize the resources and support available to you, develop effective study habits, and stay motivated throughout your preparation. 

With the right approach and a focus on your goal, you can maximize your chances of achieving a competitive score on the OAT and taking the next step toward a successful career in optometry.


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