OAT Booster Vs OAT Bootcamp 2024 : Which One Should You Pick?

Hey what’s up everyone, Welcome to Digital Vaults! Today, I’m going to be comparing the two most popular OAT prep courses: OAT Bootcamp and OAT Booster. We’re going to take a close look at how they stack up. If you’re ready, let’s get into it.

Cost Comparison

Alright, so a quick outline for this video: first, I’m going to quickly compare course options and costs. From there, I’ll cover a high-level overview of each course, then the areas in which I see OAT Booster being better than OAT Bootcamp and vice versa. I will end this video with the verdict of which company wins overall and which course is best for you.

So let’s start with that cost comparison.

OAT Bootcamp Course Options and Costs

OAT Bootcamp has two different course options to choose from. You’ve got the Pro Package, which includes 90 days of access to almost all of Bootcamp’s tools and resources. This is their standard course and costs right around $500.
Then, you’ve got their more premium Plus Package, which costs right around $900. It gives you access to the course materials for 6 months and gets you additional five full-length tests. Then, you’ve got OAT Booster, which has just one course offering, and their product is most closely comparable to Bootcamp’s Pro Course, with 90 days of access. It costs around $300.

Putting Things in Perspective

Looking at the pricing in perspective, OAT Booster is a couple hundred dollars less than OAT Bootcamp. Booster costs around $300 while Bootcamp is $500, so that’s a decent amount of savings. However, it’s worth noting that those are full retail prices . Both Bootcamp and Booster frequently offer sales and promotions with 10-15% off. Anyway, the pricing shouldn’t be the only factor in your choice between the two courses.

Let’s take a quick look at how each OAT prep program typically operates and the study resources that you can expect to receive. To begin, it’s worth noting that the courses offered by both OAT Bootcamp and OAT Booster share many similarities in terms of their features and delivery methods. Both programs provide you with comprehensive tools, including full-length practice tests, video lessons with solutions, a daily study schedule, a Question bank, study notes, cheat sheets, and flashcards. Both courses also tailor their study plans to your unique strengths and weaknesses and offer mobile apps for convenient studying on-the-go.

So in terms of the key features and materials, OAT Booster and OAT Bootcamp are quite comparable. Basically, from a very high-level view, the packages look nearly identical, but there are definitely some differences if you know where to look.

The differences really come down more to style of teaching, instructors, and little details in the resources/platform rather than major distinctions in what they offer.

 Areas in which OAT Bootcamp Wins Over OAT Booster

First, let’s discuss the areas where Booster outperforms Bootcamp. To understand this better, let’s take a closer look at where each course excels. Booster takes the lead in practice work, video lessons, study notes, and user experience. Let’s examine these aspects in more detail.

1.Better Biology Section

OAT Booster’s biology section is especially realistic. Some students report that OAT Booster’s biology practice questions include ones appearing word-for-word on the actual OAT.

OAT Booster is also popular for its clear and concise video lessons. If representative materials are priorities, OAT Booster could be a good choice. Its strengths can help you prepare for the latest biology and other topics that will appear on the current OAT.

2. Highly Representative Practice Tests 

A second advantage of OAT Booster is its practice tests material. Bootcamp offers more practice problems than Booster – 8800 vs. 7,800.But, Booster’s question bank is more realistic and aligned with the actual exam:

  • The interface mimics the real OAT.
  • The difficulty, content, and length of the problems closely match what you’ll see on test day.
  • Overall, Booster’s practice questions are more representative of the exam than Bootcamp’s.

Having realistic practice is important to build proper skills and confidence, so this is another point in OAT Booster favor compared to Bootcamp. Please note that a lot of students score 50+ points higher in real OAT compared to practice tests. So do not get disheartened if you get a low score initially.

3.Higher Score Guarantee

One advantage of OAT Booster is its higher score guarantee. Booster guarantees a higher score or your money back, while OAT Bootcamp does not offer this policy.

The score guarantee is a simple but important difference. It provides some insurance and assurance, which could be helpful if you’re feeling nervous about the exam. However, the guarantee may be less significant for lower-priced courses like Booster and Bootcamp compared to more expensive programs like Princeton Review or Kaplan. With a lower upfront cost, the guarantee isn’t as crucial.

So keep the higher score guarantee in mind, but also consider the other pros and cons of each course and how much the guarantee matters to you given the pricing.

Areas in which OAT Bootcamp Wins Over  Booster

Now let us discuss some of the areas where OAT Bootcamp has an advantage over Booster. Okay, let’s switch gears now and talk about some of the key benefits of using Bootcamp. I see three major advantages:

Chemistry lessons, study notes  and User experience.

1. Chemistry Video Lessons

First, let us talk about video lessons. Note that Bootcamp does not have video lessons for the Physics section. So,if you are weak in Physics, you should prefer Booster.

While both Bootcamp and Booster offer hundreds of video lessons and practice questions, we found Bootcamp’s Chemistry videos are a little better than Booster.

  • Higher production quality with better graphics and visuals.
  • More in-depth explanations and analysis. Bootcamp’s videos go into more depth compared to Booster’s, which can seem a bit cursory.
  • Dr. Mike’s Chemistry whiteboard videos are outstanding.
  • Overall, the Bootcamp video lectures and practice problem walkthroughs are more compelling and helpful.

So if Chemistry video lessons are important to you, that’s an advantage OAT Bootcamp has over Booster based on our assessment.

2.Bio Study Notes

Another advantage of OAT Bootcamp is its Bio study notes. As I mentioned, both Bootcamp and Booster offer written materials like cheat sheets and notes. However, we prefer Bootcamp’s Bio study notes for a few reasons:

  • They strike a good balance of detail and conciseness. The notes cover key concepts without overwhelming you with too much information.
  • They include a lot of graphics to enhance comprehension.
  • They are very logically and clearly organized.

Overall, Bootcamp’s study notes are more engaging, effective, and easy to use compared to Booster’s. So that’s another point in favor of OAT Bootcamp.

3.User Experience

Finally, OAT Bootcamp has a better overall digital platform and user experience. Its platform is modern, clean, and intuitive with great functionality. Everything is easy to navigate and use. In comparison, OAT Booster’s platform is decent but a bit basic. It lacks some of Bootcamp’s more modern features and isn’t quite as polished in design.

So to summarize, three pros of OAT Bootcamp are:

  1. Higher-quality video lessons and solutions.
  2. More realistic practice questions and larger question banks.
  3. Better study notes and digital platform.

Final Verdict

That wraps up our detailed comparison of OAT Booster and OAT Bootcamp. So, which course do we recommend?

OAT Bootcamp and OAT Booster have different strengths, so choose based on your priorities.

Bootcamp pros: Sleek interface, Good content with mobile app, useful chemistry videos/markup tool
Booster pros: Representative practice tests, Included Physics lessons,, updated study materials,

If you are starting your OAT preparation, OAT Booster is the better overall course.

So ultimately, we recommend OAT Booster if you want the most effective prep for the OAT. If you feel underprepared or giving a repeat test, you can use OAT Bootcamp’s Biology and chemistry  video content and notes. 

Higher Score Guarantee
OAT Booster Summary

Most popular OAT test prep among pre-optometry students.

  • Up-to-date course materials with modern interface.
  • $479 for 90 Days of Access
  • Comprehensive science study notes
  • More than 2000 OAT-specific video lessons
  • 7800+ Highly representative Practice Questions
  • Comprehensive solutions and explanations.
  • Ask AI feature to address your query instantly.
  • More than 80 high-yield practice tests and 10 full-length practice tests
  • Equal focus on the Physics section
  • High-yield study notes and flashcards
  • Limited One-on-One online tutoring for any questions you may have
  • Smart Performance Tracking for Revision
  • Apps for both Android and iOS with modern interfaces.
Best For Biology Lessons
OAT Bootcamp Pros & Cons
8/10Our Score
  • One of the top OAT programs is known for its Bootcamp approach.
  • High-Quality Video lectures. Chemistry & Biology lessons are top-notch.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plans.
  • Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • Most realistic practice test compared to others.
  • Modern sleek interface with mobile app.
    Bootcamp Pro $499, Plus Plan $899
  • Physics video lessons not available.
  • No Live Class Option.

Don’t overthink the choice. What matters most is your hard work, not the course. Both are great, so select one and dive in. Use discount codes to save on your choice.

Focus on preparing seriously with your chosen course rather than endlessly comparing the two. With dedicated study, either can help you succeed on the OAT.

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