OAT Booster Review 2023 : Is it the Best OAT Prep?

Can OAT Booster really help you crack OAT? Read our honest review to find out.

Pre-optometry students frequently feel stressed as they prepare for the OAT exam day due to the overwhelming amount of material they must learn. And this is what the OAT Booster is about – making it easier for students to understand the concepts and crack OAT in less time. OAT Booster provides the skills and information required to perform well on the OAT with its extensive study strategies, thorough study notes, entertaining video content, and self-confidence-boosting practice exams.

OAT Booster is the most popular choice among pre optometry students right now and known for its highly representative questions.

In this review, we will help you decide if it the right choice for you.

Higher Score Guarantee
OAT Booster Summary

Most popular OAT test prep among pre-optometry students.

  • Up-to-date course materials.
  • $299 for 90 Days of Access
  • Comprehensive science study notes
  • More than 2000 OAT-specific video lessons
  • 7800+ Highly representative Practice Questions
  • Comprehensive solutions and explanations
  • More than 80 high-yield practice tests and 10 full-length practice tests
  • Equal focus on the Physics section
  • High-yield study notes and flashcards
  • Limited One-on-One online tutoring for any questions you may have
  • Smart Performance Tracking for Revision

Now let me cover each aspect of OAT Booster one by one.


OAT Booster is considered among the most economical online OAT test preparation programs. You get 90 days of access to effective study tools and premium content for just $299. You can get best discount with the promo code OATMAX.

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Access to all required study materials, including questions, notes, and video content, is included in the subscription fee. It’s crucial to remember that crash courses must be purchased individually for those interested in accessing them.

The OAT Booster offers individual pricing for each crash course to ensure flexibility and affordability. The quantitative reasoning crash course costs $90 and $125 each for the organic chemistry crash course, while the biology crash course costs $125. You can target particular areas for improvement with these crash courses’ concentrated study sessions without having to pay for a premium membership.

Detailed Study Notes

OAT Booster provides thorough study notes, aiming to expedite the learning process and optimize time utilization. The meticulous design of these study materials ensures the correct portrayal of the key ideas while perfectly matching the content of the optometry admissions test.

The study notes prove particularly beneficial in scientific subjects, encompassing a wide range from biology to organic chemistry. It may be difficult to examine all the specific notes because of the length of the biology part. 

Biology Study Notes
Biology Study Notes


Animalia-Phyla Study Sheet Sample
Animalia-Phyla Study Sheet Sample

For physics and QR section, be sure to know the formulas.

Physics Study Note Samples Physics
Physics Study Note Samples Physics
Organic Chemistry study notes
Organic Chemistry study notes Sample

Still, it is advisable to at least skim over them to reinforce the material presented on the OAT. This calculated strategy improves comprehension and solidifies knowledge for the best exam results.

Full-Length Practice Tests & Questions

With OAT Booster, you’ll have access to a wide selection of practice exams closely similar to the actual OAT exam. Additionally, this OAT prep course has more than 6000 practice problems, providing a wealth of opportunities to fully comprehend the exam format. You will also have access to more than ten full-length examinations and their extensive explanations and answers.

The complete answers to each question are given below the relevant question. This function helps you remember the material by reinforcing your grasp of any weak points. Before moving on to the next section, it is advised to thoroughly review each question’s explanation.


Biology question explanation OATBooster
Biology question explanation OATBooster

OAT booster questions are generally harder than the real OAT, so don’t beat yourself up over low scores on that. It’s important to note that the physics and quantitative reasoning portions of the OAT Booster review were purposefully made harder than the actual OAT. By taking a deliberate strategy, you can confidently approach the test since you are sure you have adequately studied for the exam.

I highly suggest beginning with practice tests immediately and assessing your performance by examining the incorrect answers. Booster provides a thorough analysis of the subjects covered in each test, allowing you to identify areas in need of improvement and high-yield topics. 

Video Content

OAT Booster offers an immersive learning experience through videos, which provide a more engaged learning environment than books and notes. If you are a visual learner, you can improve your memory retention and increase your ability to recall ideas and formulas on exam day by hearing and seeing the topics taught by qualified teachers.

OAT Booster video lesson with Tutor
OAT Booster video lesson with Tutor
DNA Mutations Video lesson OATBooster
DNA Mutations Video lesson  by OATBooster

Over 400 videos in the OAT Booster collection cover a variety of topics and offer insightful advice for acing the OAT. On top of that, more than 1200 video clips that explain the solutions to various practice exam problems are also available.

These videos cover a variety of topics, including 120 on general chemistry, 10 on reading comprehension, 87 on organic chemistry, 5 on physics, more than 33 on biology, and 63 on numerical reasoning.

Particularly, these OAT Booster videos prove highly beneficial for the general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology sections. It is important to note that while the course has covered physics, it could have used more video tutorials and answers with more specific explanations. The videos help you learn the topics that will be covered in the exam in an engaging and fun manner.

Cheat sheets offer invaluable assistance, while videos serve as a great resource for simplified explanations. If you have spare time, consider using flashcards for biology and organic chemistry to aid in memorization.

Organic Chemistry Formula Sheet Sample
Organic Chemistry Formula Sheet Sample


Flashcard Sample OATBooster
Flashcard Sample OATBooster

OAT Crash Courses

OAT Booster offers crash courses which are basically 3-hour small-group classes specially made for organic chemistry, general chemistry quantitative reasoning, and biology, in addition to the vast library of practice questions, notes, and videos. By compressing key information into concentrated sessions, these crash courses from OAT Booster will help you make the most of your study time.

For the majority of students, the biology crash course is the most beneficial because it stresses the crucial ideas associated with this portion. It is taught by Dr. Sohraby, who is an Orthodontic Resident, Feralis Biology Notes Creator.

OAT Crash Courses Tutors
OAT Crash Courses Tutors

 Understanding the OAT themes highlighted in these crash courses will allow you to devote more study time to these crucial subjects, thereby enhancing your chances of outperforming other candidates in the exam.

Mini-quizzes, which are an important component of the crash courses and provide additional practice and reinforcement of the material, are also included. Additionally, the tutors provide valuable advice on approaching various question types, assisting you in navigating any potential blind spots.

Comprehensive Study Schedule

OAT Booster provides a thorough 10-week study plan designed to increase your OAT scores and obtain a high ranking. Thousands of students have successfully used this study program, giving them a well-structured framework to concentrate on their academics and efficiently measure their progress. By following this schedule, you can ensure that you make the most out of OAT Booster’s study materials and resources.

For added flexibility, OAT Booster also provides alternative study schedules to accommodate students who require more or less time for their preparation. You can access a 12-week or an 8-week study schedule, allowing you to customize the timetable to suit your individual requirements and learning preferences better. But,do keep in mind that an 8 week study schedule may be tough to manage for average students. So, it is advisable to follow a 12 week study plan.

Sample OATBooster Study Schedule day by day
Sample OATBooster Study Schedule day by day

Higher Score Guarantee

OAT Booster provides guarantee to provide 50% refund or free 90 days extension if you get lower AA score.

To be eligible for the Higher Score Guarantee, you need to fulfill the following criteria within the duration of your membership purchase:

  1. Complete a minimum of 8 Practice tests in each subject area, ensuring that your registered score exceeds 250.
  2. Finish at least 80% of the supplementary questions and video content available on OATBooster.com.

Higher Score Guarantee Terms and Condition

Higher Score Guarantee T&C

What We like
  • Excellent comprehensive study materials with visual aids, such as graphics
  • Around 7800+ Practice problems that closely resemble the real thing.
  • Engaging 1600+ video lessons in easily digestible portions
  • Every question comes with detailed answer explanations.
  • Realistic Practice Test similar to real OAT.
  • More affordable compared to others
  • Offers a guarantee for a higher score
  • It offers advanced analytics to identify your weak area.
  • Course materials are updated regularly
Don't Like
  • No Live Class Option.
  • No App. Tech and interface can be improved to give it a more organized feel.

OAT Booster Section-wise Commentary


This section encompasses a vast array of topics, featuring questions that range from general to highly specific. The Booster videos effectively cover all the topics, and the Feralis Booster notes provide extensive detail, though they can be challenging to go through. It is recommended to go through the notes, as they help reinforce the concepts presented in the videos. Pay special attention to Booster taxonomy videos.

The primary distinction between Booster practice tests and the actual OAT is that the real OAT contains a higher number of broader, simpler questions. While the Booster tests include more specific, difficult questions that could still appear on the OAT, they are less frequent.

General+Organic Chemistry

To do well on the chemistry section, practicing problems and repetition are crucial. The OAT questions primarily focus on predicting the products of reactions and understanding concepts such as stereochemistry, chirality, and reaction mechanisms. Dave’s video lectures cover all the relevant concepts, but to study best for this section, constantly review the Booster reaction sheet for organic chemistry after watching all the videos and while practicing problems. If you can memorize most of the reactions and reagents, this section will be straightforward. Whenever you struggle to remember reactions, spend time on reviewing the reaction sheet thoroughly, from top to bottom, focusing especially on major reaction types like aromatic substitutionalkene reactions, and carbonyl reactions (of aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids).

Quantitative Reasoning

The difficulty level of this section is comparable to SAT math. The Booster Practice problems include several more challenging questions, but they cover virtually all question types you might come across. As a result, you’ll be well-prepared and able to tackle the problems without any unexpected surprises.

Reading Comprehension

OAT Booster provides a balanced blend of search and destroy questions alongside inference-based questions (main idea/tone/reasoning) to ensure you’re ready for all question types. Use the practice tests to improved your speed. However, it’s worth noting that on the actual OAT, approximately 80-90% of the questions are search and destroy, with answers easily located in the passage. This is why reading the passage first is advisable, as it makes pinpointing the relevant information for each question significantly easier.


Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the formula sheet for physics (provided by OAT Booster), reviewing it repeatedly to ensure you have a strong grasp on all the formulas. Strive for not only problem-solving proficiency but also a solid understanding of the underlying concepts.

Prepare for a mix of simple and complex questions, both conceptual and calculation-based. Topics may include kinematics, density, torque, electrostatics, and optics. Be prepared to encounter questions on topics such as thermodynamics, lenses, mirrors, forces, and free body diagrams. Familiarize yourself with various scenarios involving these concepts.


Is OAT Booster Worth it?

OAT Booster is a cost-effective prep course that provides highly accurate sample exams, video content, and thorough study notes. Among the numerous OAT courses, it stands out as the most advantageous option in terms of value for money. OAT Booster’s study materials provide all the information you require to be successful in your OAT preparation. You can rely on the OAT Booster study schedule to help you stay on track each day, telling you which videos to watch and which additional practice questions to complete.

With OAT Booster, you can be sure that you’re getting a thorough and reasonably priced program that gives you the tools and direction you need to do well on the OAT exam.

Upto $50

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Save upto $50 in OATBooster Package with this coupon

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OAT Booster FAQs 

Is OAT Booster a good choice?

OAT Booster is the preferred choice of numerous pre-optometry students because of how closely its practice exams resemble the real OAT exam. By choosing OAT Booster, you get access to a variety of crucial study resources, such as thorough OAT notes, crash courses, educational videos, and a carefully planned study regimen. All these resources are offered for a very reasonable price, giving you 90 days of unrestricted access.

The program is an excellent option for pre-optometry students looking for a top-notch OAT preparation experience due to its price and comprehensive nature.

How Precise Are the Practice Test Scores Provided by OAT Booster?

It becomes clear that the practice exams are quite predictive of the real exam when you compare your performance on the OAT Booster practice tests and the actual OAT.

While most students typically score higher on the actual OAT than on the OAT Booster practice exams, the results usually fall within a similar range. This observation holds particularly true for the quantitative reasoning, general chemistry, and biology sections.

Are OAT Booster Crash Courses required for everyone?

OAT Crash Courses can be helpful for review and maximizing scores, but they are not mandatory. For students recently exposed to the material, comfortable with the content, on a tight budget, preferring self-study, or just meeting a minimum score, self-preparation may suffice. However, for those needing intensive review, less confident in certain topics, thriving with structure/interaction, limited time to study, or aiming for a high score to be competitive, a crash course could be a useful tool for gaining confidence and improving performance on this important test.


Despite being affordably priced, the OAT Booster offers comprehensive study materials to help you ace the OAT exam. It provides practice tests, videos, and other learning tools that will help you prepare for the test and be confident when that day comes.

Aside from the study guides, it also includes crash courses that allow you to choose the programs that best suit your preferences and areas of interest. The only downside is that it has no live online classes, but it is still worth its price and your time, nonetheless.

Upto $50

Use OATMAX to Get Best Discount for OATBooster Package

Save upto $50 in OATBooster Package with this coupon

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View Coupon

People Also Ask Questions

Q: What is the OAT booster?

A: The OAT Booster is a thorough test preparation course created exclusively to help students perform well in the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). It provides a variety of study resources, including in-depth study notes, practice exams, videos, crash courses, and a study timetable, all of which are intended to help you prepare for the OAT exam and do better on it.

Q: Is the OAT booster harder than the  real OAT?

A: The OAT Booster strives to provide sample exams and study guides that nearly mirror the content and degree of difficulty of the real OAT examination. The OAT Booster practice exams may be difficult for certain students, but their goal is to help you get ready for the real exam. The objective is to provide a thorough and demanding preparation process that adheres to the OAT exam criteria.

Q. What is an OAT Booster Crash Course?

A: OAT Booster provides small-group crash courses lasting three hours each, tailored to optimize your study duration and enhance your understanding of challenging topics. Specifically, OAT Booster features one general chemistry course priced at $99, three organic chemistry courses priced at $125 each, two quantitative reasoning courses at $99 each, and three biology courses for $125 each. Depending on your exact area of weakness, you can pick any of those as per your requirement.

Q.How does OATBooster compare with the OAT Bootcamp?

Overall Booster study materials and practice tests are a much more accurate and up-to-date representation of real OAT compared to Bootcamp. Booster offers content for Physics and QA sections, which Bootcamp doesn’t provide. Many students find Bootcamp notes to be more beneficial for biology, as they are concise compared to Booster’s comprehensive approach, which covers every possible detail.

Q: How hard is the OAT exam?

A: The difficulty level of the OAT exam can vary from student to student, depending on many factors. How you prepare for the exam, your skill set, and your background knowledge will matter.

It is best to prepare for the subject areas that the exam covers. They include quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, biology, physics, general chemistry, and organic chemistry.

It will help a lot to give review materials a go when preparing for OAT. These courses make it easy for you to become familiar with the exam format and its coverage. You can take practice tests while reviewing all the topics that may come up during the actual test.

Q: Is 370 a good OAT score?

A: The OAT scores range from 200 to 400, with 300 being the average score. Getting a score of 370 is considered above average and a good score. 

It’s crucial to remember that the notion of a “good” score can change depending on personal objectives and the specifications of optometry schools. It is a good idea to do some research on the particular institutions you are interested in to find out what average OAT score is needed for admission.


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