Nurse Plus Academy Review 2024 : Is it Enough to Clear NCLEX?

Nurse plus academy has been gaining a lot of traction in nursing community with focus on high quality practice questions in a low budget. But does Nurse Plus Academy live up to its popularity? How good are its practice questions?

Our team tested the program and came up with this comprehensive review of the course and the study material, testing its effectiveness as a study resource.

Nurse Plus Academy Summary

Before diving into the details of the course, here is a summary of what we loved and what we believe the course can improve on

Nurse Plus Academy
Best Budget Pick

Nurse Plus Academy

  • If you're on the lookout for a cost-effective course with NCLEX-like practice questions and mock tests, then this course is meant for you.
  • If you have limited time to prepare and basic concepts are fresh on your mind, this course should be enough for you.
  • If you prefer the convenience of studying via your smartphone or tablet, then this course is tailored for you.
  • However, if your preference leans towards viewing lectures or presentations about nursing, this course may not be the right fit for you.
  • Budget AdaptabilityNurse Plus Academy presents a flexible budget plan to cater to your unique needs. If you're aiming to prepare for your nursing exams in a month, their Monthly plan is an ideal option. However, they also have attractively priced premium packages for extended access; the decision on how much to invest in your exam preparation materials is entirely in your hands.

  • Well-Crafted Course Design: Concise course design which can be used even in the last 1 month. Efficient, no-nonsense study experience free of technical glitches, and it's fully operational on every device — be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Bonus ContentNurse Plus Academy goes beyond simple test preparation by offering beneficial additional resources. The career and salary guides they provide can be instrumental in helping you navigate your professional journey after acing your exams, even though the main emphasis of this NCLEX prep course is on practice questions and flashcards.
  • Realistic NCLEX practice questions with detailed answer solutions.
  • You can choose to have the questions, rationales, and answers read aloud rather than reading them.
  • An exceptionally authentic NCLEX simulator to practice under conditions akin to the actual exam.
  • There are flashcards and cheat sheets which you can use for content review.
  • Useful summary sheets and flashcards for revisiting important content.
  • The "Answer Popularity" functionality displays the choices made by other exam takers.
  • No Video lessons. Not suitable for visual learners 
  • No live classes.
  • There are no prep books.

Nurse Plus Academy Intro

While there is a lot of theory in nursing, passing NCLEX is mostly about practice and familiarity with question pattern . With the new Nextgen question pattern, practice questions have become even more critical. With the Nurse Plus Academy, the emphasis is solely on the practice questions. It focuses more on practice rather than reading materials. This approach is quite similar to Uworld. No matter how often you read your study material, the most effective way to study for an upcoming exam is by practicing problem questions. This is what exactly Nurse Plus Academy offers: a way to practice a problem set one after another until you get it right.

The premium subscription which includes more than 2,700 practice questions. They also have a simulator program that mimics the NCLEX exam and also includes content review tools, including flashcards, cheat sheets, etc.

Practice Questions

The course is well-structured and easy to access. When you log in on your dashboard, they break up the practice tests according to topic. 

While they are not comprehensive tests, each set of questions contains a lot of questions, around 60, that focus on a narrow topic/subtopic. So, when taking a test on the topic, you will work on the problems under it until you get a 100% score.

Nursing Plus Practice Test Questions with Explanation

Yes, you cannot move to the next topic questions until you score a 100% mark on the current topic. While it can be super annoying, it ensures you get mastery on the subject. They force you to work on a weak spot you are struggling with over and over until you improve. Yes, frustrating, but effective. 

Nurse plus offers a “get a hint” feature that you can use if you need assistance with answering or get stuck a question. All answers marked wrong are moved to challenge bank which you can review later.

Answer Explanations

Additionally, besides forcing you to answer the questions repeatedly until you can achieve a 100% score, it provides you with a well-explained answer to every practice question. The answer also has an explanation breakdown of why each answer choice is correct or why it is incorrect and emphasizes the concept currently being tested. 

Besides the practice questions, there is the “marathon” topic which you can use after working on modules. The module is a recap of everything on the topic. Therefore, basically, Nurse Practice Academy is more about repetition. 

The detailed answers to the questions are helpful. They are not boringly long, but they deliver enough information on the topic and guide you on where you may have gone wrong. Safe to say, these solutions offer a blend between being short and precise and being detailed too.

Answer Explanation Nursing Plus Academy

Nurse Plus Academy NCLEX Stimulator 

Nurse Plus Academy NCLEX stimulator is designed to feel similar to the actual NCLEX. The simulator has the look and feel of  real NCLEX, and with firsthand experience, I have to say it is quite close.

Depending on your performance, the algorithm also mimics how NCLEX gets easier or harder. For example, if you are missing questions, it gets easier, and if you are answering the problems correctly, it gets a little challenging. 

The simulator is also great because it allows you to take numerous tests, and allows you to generate a new test with a new set of questions. Therefore, you can practice your NCLEX using software like the NCLEX, familiarizing you with exam conditions. 

This is a great feature that does not get the attention it deserves, and that is incredibly helpful to help one get ready.

Performance Metrics

Besides the increased practice work, Nurse Plus Academy also has an impressive performance metric. They have a way of showing you what chances you have of passing and how your performance is compared to other students. 

They can calculate these metrics using a probability calculator. While it is considered a small feature, it is a bonus because you can see the actual position and compare how you compare to others.

Digital Flashcards & Cheat Sheets

As for the flashcards, you will get more than 300+ digital flashcards, which might meet your expectations or fall short, depending on your needs. On the front, the flashcard has a concept. Meanwhile, a matching definition of the term is on the back of the card. Thanks to the up-to-date program, you can quickly cycle through different cards. Furthermore, you can divide them into categories according to what you know and what you might need to review later.

Flashcards – Nurse Plus Academy

Personally, I was impressed by the flashcards. They come in handy when you just squeezed in a few minutes to study.

In the same respect, I also found their cheat sheets to be useful. They come as PDFs and are effective in quickly familiarizing yourself with key content. They also include a summary of the essential material you might need right before going to take your exam. 

Cheat Sheets Content Nurse Plus
Nurse Plus Cheat Sheet Sample

While the flashcards and cheat sheets are great additions, they are not very robust. They are more of a nice add-on, but they would use a lot more features. I have lived using flashcards since high school, but some people prefer using textbooks to learn. In this case, the flashcards feature may not be as helpful for them.

What We Did not Like about Nursing Plus Academy?

Every course has its upside and downsides. After discussing the upsides of the course, it is only fair we discuss the downsides too. There are a few crucial components of a course that the Nursing Plus Academy lacks.

First, it lacks the traditional content review. While there are a lot of practice questions, smart features, including the NCLEX simulator, and a way to track your performance it does not offer any features for traditional content review. The course does not include any video lessons, live classes, or hardcopy prep books. 

This is a major disadvantage, especially for students who learn best through visuals or hardcopy material. Additionally, without the live classes, it could be hard for students who struggle with accountability, discipline, and commitment. Live classes demand presence, which pushes students to act and be part of it. Without these, most students cannot get the pressure to act. 

Therefore, for resources, you will have to be content with the flashcards, cheat sheet, and a way to review problem solutions.  This is almost the same as you would get from other competitors such as Kaplan, Uworld and However, the competitive edge of Nurse Plus Academy is the problem explanation for their practice quizzes.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are different pricing and options for the program. Nurse Plus Academy has a free version of the materials, though it is more of a free sample/ trial period and not really an actionable study tool. Besides having limited content, the free version has annoying popup ads, which can be distracting. So, you will need to consider upgrading to their premium plans for more study material and convenience.

There are three plans you can choose from: the monthly plan, two monthly plans, and the annual plan. The monthly plan for the program goes for $49 every month. The two-month plan is a flagship package where you can access everything, and it goes for $99. The annual plan allows you to use the program and all its resources for a year and goes for $139.

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The right plan for you will depend on your current situation and what plan suits your study needs best. Either way, all their packages are affordable, and you can be assured you will get value for your money. 

Content Access

The duration for which you can access the course material is dependent on the package you purchase.  The monthly access will only give you access for 30 days, while the two-month package gets you 60 days as the annual plan gets you a full-year access to the online material. For most people, the two-month plan is enough.

Pass Guarantee

Like most other NCLEX courses, the Nurse Plus Academy offers a pass guarantee on their three paid packages. So, after buying the resources and using them fully as you should, you either get to pass your NCLEX exam or get your full money back.

What Other Users Had to Say

Based on reviews from other users, here is their experience with the course.

Barba, from the US, shared her experience: “I do not like the lack of educational videos to accompany each section. I want a quick review of the information on the topic before taking the test in each section. I would also appreciate it better if there were some pictures to illustrate some concepts as they can help with understanding since I am a visual learner. While I appreciate and enjoy the detailed rationales and explanations for why you got the practice question right or wrong, visuals are important.”

Christie, from the US, shared her satisfied experience: “I used the Nurse Plus Academy to study for my NCLEX for around two weeks. I take the questions daily, and I did pass the NCLEX-RN with 85 questions, so I greatly recommend the program. As a student, I did not subscribe to the most expensive package, but it did help me get ready for my exam.”

Keli, from the US, says: “I do not think that Nurse Plus Academy is the most intuitive NCLEX program. The course made it seem like I needed to complete the practice questions in order, and I did not like it.”

Emalee, also from the US, says, “I am glad I bought Nurse Plus Academy. It helped me pass my NCLEX-RN, which I was taking for the second time since I failed the first time. What helped me most was their rationales. Also, I appreciate how they broke down each subject according to categories, which helped me understand where I failed. Their mock exams can mimic the real NCLEX, which was extremely helpful for me. While I encountered a few challenges with the program, I reached out to their customer service team, and they were very responsive.”

Nurse Plus Vs Others

Here is a summary of the NCLEX preparation programs from Nurse Plus Academy, UWorld, and Archer.

Nurse Plus Academy UWorld Archer
Prices Starting from $49 per month Starting from $139 Starting from $89 
Practice Tests Unlimited within content access period with more than 2,800 practice questions 3 Full length Test and more than 2300 practice questions Unlimited within content access period (2700 Practice questions)
Answer Explanations  Good but next to Uworld Best in the category Decent
Authenticity of NCLEX Practice Problems Very Good Good Average
Additional Tools Flashcards and Cheat Sheets NA Video Lessons & Webinars
Money-Back Guarantees Yes No No


The Takeaway

We all have different study methods. However, the Nurse Plus Academy course remains a simple and straightforward NCLEX program. It specializes in practice tests and minor review tools. It is not topic-focused or learning oriented, as most emphasis is on practice tests, but it is a great resource to have. Nurse Plus Academy is affordable, and you get value for the money.

Having tried and tested the program, we would say the Nurse Plus Academy is a great study tool that focuses on realistic practice questions. You get the program at a bargain price point and get to enjoy everything apart from comprehensive content review.

If you are looking for more comprehensive preparation with video lessons, you should check or Kaplan NCLEX.


Does Nurse plus academy work?

If you have less than 3 months for preparation and you have basic concepts fresh in your mind, Nurse plus academy is a good choice for NCLEX preparation.

Is Nurse Plus Academy good for NCLEX?

Yes, you should consider buying the course when preparing for your NCLEX. Their courses are affordable, offer great practice for the NCLEX, and you get a lot of value.

Is it Expensive?

No. It is one of the most affordable option in NCLEX preparation. There is a free and paid version. The free version costs nothing but might cost your time with the numerous ad popups. The premium package starts at $50 to $140 for the annual package.

How does Nurse Plus Academy compare with Uworld or Archer?

In summary, if you have to select just one and it is your first attempt, we would recommend Nurse Plus Academy. They provide the best mix of value, realistic practice work, quantity of practice material, and solid explanations.Its question bank is outstanding and explanation with AI tool is first in the industry. While Archer and UWorld are good in some specific areas, Nurse Plus Academy seems to excel overall.However, if comprehensive explanations with ample visuals are essential, UWorld might be a stronger option. Likewise, if you want supplementary video lectures, Archer could be a better choice. But I would suggest checking for video lessons then. If you’re trying to choose one of these Qbank-based review courses, I would select Nurse Plus.

It is important to note that the three options above are more geared toward students who do not need a lot of features and prefer to practice using question banks. So, if you think they do not meet your expectations, you can pick more comprehensive options like Kaplan and


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