NCLEX Review 2023

If you are considering for your NCLEX preparation, but are having second thoughts, let us help you decide. There are a lot of good NCLEX prep course but not all courses are equally effective and suitable for your learning style, budget, and exam preferences. This article provides a detailed honest-to-goodness review of the Nursing Prep course. It will also compare with other popular review courses. This way, you can decide if matches your every learning needs.

Our Top Pick NCLEX
8/10Our Score
  • Best for students who need content review.
  • Realistic NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) with an adaptive test-like algorithm
  • 6500+ practice questions with great explanations.
  • Highly visual short video lessons with mnemonics.
  • Helpful cheat sheets and picnomic
  • Unique 200% pass guarantee (double-money back guarantee)
  • Robust mobile app for on-the-go learning
  • Lacks live instruction option

The course gives you up to five simulations of NCLEX exams, 300+ PDF cheat sheets, 6,500+ practice questions, a 475-page review eBook, and personalized study plans. You can also join online study groups, watch the NCLEX channel, and get a 200% money-back guarantee. has a passing rate of 99.25% and offers access for one month to two years depending on the package you choose.

The following is point-by-point information about the offerings of

Study Path

One you upgrade you get this option of following a study course or just access all course lessons.

5 day guided study path NCLEX

Video Lessons

Let’s  first cover the primary study tool of’s content review materials: the video lessons. With around 300 on-demand video lessons (approx. 10 minutes each)covering every topic tested on the NCLEX, it is quite comprehensive. NCLEX Video lessons List
Video Lessons with additional tools

They’re full of  graphics and diagrams illustrating concepts on-screen and breaking information down into manageable chunks. With helpful tips, tricks, and content review, these videos are a fantastic value addition for visual learners.

These lessons are taught by licensed professional nurses. The lessons in the videos are very easy to digest and understand. Each lesson is given in meaningful chunks. That is why the topics are divided into short but highly engaging video lessons. 

In addition to the video lessons, offers cheat sheets, images, mnemonics, and a comprehensive NCLEX review book. While these resources are excellent and beneficial, they aren’t integrated seamlessly into the course. They feel more like add-ons rather than key components of the study plan. However, for text-based learners, the review book can be quite helpful, as it features many helpful graphics, sample problems, and bullet points. Despite this, the video lessons remain the most valuable part of’s study materials in our opinion.


Mnemonic Coronary Arteries Sample
Picnomic Sample


Cheat sheet Sample

Video Lessons with additional tools

The instructors use a slide show approach that shows visuals such as drawings, illustrations, graphics, diagrams, etc. Then, as the instructor delivers the lesson, they make notes on the screen while explaining each lesson well. This allows students to make connections with lessons, allowing space for insights and discoveries.

Practice Questions

The video tutorials are supported by practice materials with practice questions. has more than 6,500 high quality realistic practice questions. The practice questions not only come with the answer but also the answers come with an explanation.

Quiz after video lessons

You can also create custom quiz in practice questions section. You get a detailed performance review as well. practice questions Performance report Sample

To familiarize the students with the real NCLEX examination, the practice questions are patterned after the format of the NCLEX exam.

Review eBook

The program includes a 466-page NCLEX eBook that provides a comprehensive overview of the NCLEX exam, including how computer adaptive testing works, the passing threshold, and various rules and guidelines. This eBook is an excellent resource for understanding the unique nature of the NCLEX exam and how to approach it.

eBooks are additional resource materials for NCLEX review. It consists of over 400 pages of bulleted comprehensive content that is very easy to digest. Additional practice questions are available as an eBook, thus making it a very useful supplement for the main study materials. This is also available in hard copy material. The hard copy is specially designed for people who cannot stay long on-screen and for those who prefer paper over technology. So, if you prefer an actual book over an eBook, it is readily available.

Mobile App

The good news about Review is that their program is available through a mobile app. So, you can bring your materials anywhere you go; if you are stuck in traffic, what better way to pass the time than go through the review materials; if you are waiting for a friend in a café, you can just open the mobile app, watch a lesson, or answer few practice questions. The mobile app is a great way to squeeze some studying time in between breaks or if you have a few minutes to spare. SIMCLEX

In this segment, we’ll be discussing the SIMCLEX, which is likely where you’ll spend most of your time, even if you require extensive content review alongside your practice. The SIMCLEX program offers valuable simulated practice tests, and we believe it’s one of the top features of

Out of all the NCLEX simulators we’ve tried and tested,’s SIMCLEX stands out as one of the best, if not the best, in the field. Nurse Plus Academy also has a great version, but’s SIMCLEX really shines.

What makes it so great? It’s an NCLEX simulator that closely mirrors the real exam experience. It adapts its difficulty based on your performance, increasing or decreasing the complexity of questions depending on whether you’re answering them correctly or not. It also provides the same number of questions you’d encounter on the actual exam to help you pass. Overall, it’s an incredibly realistic mock-up that prepares you well for the real NCLEX.

NCLEX Simulator offers an NCLEX simulator or practice exam called SIMCLEX.  SIMCLEX uses similar adaptive simulator as the NCLEX. Being one of’s priced possession, they patented the SIMCLEX. The team of spent years designing and developing the algorithm of this exam simulator. That is why it is the number one selling point of the prep package.

SIMCLEX Sample from
SIMCLEX Sample from

The algorithm of this NCLEX exam simulator changes the difficulty of questions based on your progress or performance throughout the test. This way, you will know which areas or concepts you know very well and which concepts or lessons you need to practice more. For the areas identified by the algorithm as your strongest, you will be given more challenging questions. While for the areas which are identified as your weakest, you will be given more materials for mastery.

SIMCLEX Performance Report

The NCLEX simulator has a provision for analysis of every question that you have answered. Whether you got the answer correct or wrong, it provides you with a detailed explanation. It tells you why you got the answers right or wrong and provides you with some insights. 

Immediate feedback is provided through the performance report generated by the system. It shows the overall pass or fail results as well as how you did in each question. This way, the SIMCLEX allows test-takers to track their progress and make the necessary actions to review the part where they failed. NCLEX Study Plan

The best thing about the program is that they offer flexible study plan options. You can choose from two, four, six, and twelve-week format formats depending on the schedule that works best for you. However, they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. These study plans are provided as separate PDFs and calendar forms, which you can print off and use to guide your studies. While there is value in these plans, as they offer a day-by-day breakdown, they fall short in effectively integrating all of your study materials.

Sample 4 week Study plan

So, although they can provide some structure to your learning, you might find that they aren’t the most cohesive way to make the most of all the resources at your disposal.

Passing Rate  claims its NCLEX prep students have a 99.25% passing rate. Having this passing rate percentage is enough reason for you to believe that their materials are very effective. However, despite having a high passing rate, your NCLEX exam results still depend on the hard work and focus you exert. You must be consistently studying and reviewing the course. Using the course to your advantage and maximizing its benefits and offerings are the ways to ensure success in your NCLEX exam. 


To make that you are getting the best value for your money, offers three days of free unlimited access to all their materials. So, before you make a payment, you can check first if it is worth the price. If in case you did not like the materials, you have the option to cancel your application. 

If after the three days trial period, you decided to proceed, you have two options to choose from: 

1 Year + NCLEX Prep Package (Most Popular)

The package price is $82 paid monthly for 3 months.

BONUS: 3 SIMCLEX Attempts ($199 value)

Comes with 3-Day Free Trial.


2 Year + NCLEX Prep

The package price is $82 paid monthly for 6 months.

5 SIMCLEX Attempts

3-Day Free Trial


Monthly Payment Plan $59

The package price is $59 paid monthly till you cancel.

1 SIMCLEX Attempt ($99 value)

No contract – cancel anytime.

No Trial Period.

Inclusions in Packages

-Full length video lessons

-Thousands of real situations practice questions with increasing difficulty based on students’ performance

-NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) that allows you to take a practice test simulation to find out your probable score in the real test

-Performance report with a comprehensive explanation of your progress

-Opportunity to apply for a 200% refund program

-access to the NCLEX channel

-access to the mobile app

-475-page eBook of supplemental material


  • Period of Access

The period of access depends on the package that you signed up for. It can be a 1-year plan or 2- year plan. Both plans give you access to all materials such as strategy tools for test-taking, video lessons, 6500+ practice questions, eBook, SIMCLEX, and even the group study program.

  • Refund Policy has a unique refund policy. Also, since you are given a three-day free access to their materials, there is no 100% refund after you signed up. The three-day trial period allows you to decide whether to continue with the program or not. 

200% Pass Guarantee

Another unique feature of is the 200% pass guarantee program. This program offers you a double your money-back guarantee if you pass the NCLEX exam. However, to be qualified for this 200% money-back guarantee, you need to pass’s SIMCLEX tests. If you think it is a very generous offer already, there’s more; if you pass the SIMCLEX test but unfortunately fail the NCLEX, you’ll get a full refund. Downsides courses are for self-motivated individuals only. It is because they don’t have a live instructor. The course is delivered through visually appealing video lessons with instructor-nurses explaining the lesson. Since the lessons are video-based and no live instructors, you cannot ask questions or clarifications.


To give you the benefit of the doubt, we gather information about the other review courses and compare them with’s program.

  • NCLEX Bootcamp This is one of our most recommended alternative now. You can check our full review here.
  • UWorld

This course provides you with over 2,100 practice questions that simulate the actual NCLEX-RN exam in terms of style and difficulty. You can also get two self-assessments, digital flashcards, a performance tracker, and a mobile app. UWorld has a high pass rate of 97% and offers access for 30 to 180 days depending on the package you choose. You can check our detailed comparison here.

  • Kaplan

This course offers you different formats of instruction, such as self-paced, live online, or in-person classes. You can also access six NCLEX content review sessions, a 700-page ebook, the NCLEX channel, diagnostic tests, and three full-length computer adaptive tests. Kaplan has a pass guarantee and a mobile app. You can get access for six months. Check the detailed comparison here.

This course lets you choose between in-person, online, or interactive streaming options. You can also take readiness exams, access 1,500+ NCLEX questions, workbooks, and a pass guarantee. Hurst has a pass rate of 98% and offers access for 30 to 120 days depending on the option you choose.

  • ATI

This course provides you with a self-paced review course or a virtual or live option. You can also use a mobile-friendly online classroom, content assessments, and rationales, a comprehensive NCLEX review book, diagnostic tests, live coaches, and a personalized course. ATI has a pass rate of 96% and offers access for 12 weeks.


Passing rate Delivery of lessons Practice questions & Workbooks Length of program Perf Report Online access Refund policy NCLEX simulator
UWorld 97% Digital flashcards mobile app


2,100 practice questions 30 to 180 days package Performance tracker
Kaplan Self-paced, live, in-person classes

Mobile app

700-page eBook

Diagnostic test

Three full-length adaptive test

NCLEX channel
Hurts 98% With options for in-person, online, or interactive streaming Readiness exam, 

1500+ practice test questions


30 to 120 days
ATI 96% With options for self-paced, virtual, or live

Mobile-friendly online classroom

Live coaches

Content assessments and rationales

Comprehensive review book

Diagnostic tests

12 weeks 99.25% High-engaging video lessons

Self-paced online course

Personalized study plan

Mobile app

6,500+ practice questions

475-page review eBook

300+ page pdf cheat sheets

Options for a 1-year or 2-year plan

(with 2, 4, 6, or 12-week format)

Performance tracker and performance report Access to NCLEX channel 200% money-back guarantee With the NCLEX simulator exam called SIMCLEX reviews from students of nursing

  • According to Clyde, RN, his grades have risen tremendously and his study time has decreased by 50%.
  • [email protected] says that his SIMCLEX test has assessed his weakest points and provided him with great suggestions for improvements. He passed the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN in one try.
  • Another anonymous reviewer has this to say:

Three times, I took the NCLEX. On my third try, I finally used this application. After doing the curriculum, I felt more thorough and educated than I ever had. I followed the 4-week study regimen and gave the SIMCLEX three times, passing the final two times but failing the first. I studied the material for several hours each day, taking notes during the lecture, and doing tests. I had over-planned. I felt secure the whole time I took the third NCLEX, in which I passed 75 questions. I reached 145Q on my first two tries, but the entire time, I was lost and perplexed. I can’t emphasize how much I like”

  • Allison said that she was a visual learner and had difficulty with exams even if she studied countless hours. But when she signed up for lectures, she is now enjoying nursing school. It is because of’s amazing online app loaded with quick simple videos on all the topics that she needs mastery of. 
  • Kim has this inspiring story to tell:

“I have to comment! I am in the last semester of the AND-bridge program, AGAIN! Last semester was horrible, nothing went right, studied my butt off for a failure (who else hates the word?) After I yelled, cried, and beat myself up, I happened upon this website. So, I decided while I was on holiday break and waiting to see what my fate would be (whether or not I would have to sit out a semester) I would entertain myself with this site,

OMG! You have no idea! I watched the videos, look at the outlines, take the practice tests, and made myself a little study guide for those dreaded COMP exams. Well, the first one down scored from 58 to 82. Passed that ATI first shot. I have six weeks left in this semester and 2 more exams, and I know that I am doing it. Thank you so much for these lessons and this help. It has taken 20 years to go back to school as LPN. I will let everyone know it turns out.” Coupon Code & Discounts

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The Verdict

Based on the information in the given table, is our top pick as best overall NCLEX prep course. The reason for this verdict is as follows.

  1. Only has an NCLEX simulator exam. This flagship program of offers a realistic NCLEX simulator that provides immediate feedback.
  2. Only have a unique money-back guarantee. Aside from a fully 100% refundable guarantee, it also offers a 200% money-back or double-your-money challenge for those who will pass the NCLEX.
  3. It is the only review course with a whopping 6,500+ practice questions compared with others that have only 2,100 or 1,500 questions.
  4. It has the longest length of the review program to give you time freedom as well as enough time to master all the lessons.
  5. offers the best value for your money.

Although boasts of its 99.25% passing rate, it also demands your 100% effort. Even if the course is well-designed for success, if you don’t do your part, it won’t work for you. Moreover, you should also review the test plan and format of the NCLEX-RN exam and familiarize yourself with the computer adaptive testing (CAT) system. Finally, you should plan your study schedule well in advance and stick to it until you achieve your goal of passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

Our Top Pick NCLEX
8/10Our Score
  • Best for students who need content review.
  • Realistic NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) with an adaptive test-like algorithm
  • 6500+ practice questions with great explanations.
  • Highly visual short video lessons with mnemonics.
  • Helpful cheat sheets and picnomic
  • Unique 200% pass guarantee (double-money back guarantee)
  • Robust mobile app for on-the-go learning
  • Lacks live instruction option


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