vs. UWorld NCLEX : Which One Should You Pick in 2024? and UWorld are among the most well-known NCLEX test prep companies. Though, UWorld is among the oldest brand in NCLEX prep world, has steadily captured nursing students attention with its high quality video lessons and its SIMCLEX tests. 

In this article, we will help you pick the right NCLEX review service for you if you have already made the decision to choose between (previously NRSNG) and UWorld.

Before we start, here is a brief summary.

Our Top Pick NCLEX
UWorld Nursing
Course Name
Course Name NCLEX
UWorld Nursing
Money Back Guarntee
Money Back Guarntee
Yes. 200%
Not available
Starts from $29/month
Starts from $139/month
Video Lessons
Video Lessons
2500+ Comprehensive Videos
Limited High Yield Videos
Practice Questions
Practice Questions

Here is a detailed comparison of the key components of test preparation and the methodologies used by and UWorld. Then, we’ll talk about how the two businesses differ and are similar, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Quality of  NCLEX Practice Questions

Consistent practice is key when preparing for the NCLEX. Since you can’t take full length practice tests multiple times, question bank becomes crucial. We found has extensive range of quality practice materials, with their problems closely aligning with actual NCLEX questions. Additionally,’s SIMCLEX stands out as the most impressive NCLEX simulator.

While UWorld has more than 2,300+ test questions (500+ Nextgen), offers over 6,500+. You can try question bank with its 3 days free trial option.

Winner: Tie with slight edge to

Practice Problem Explanations

Despite the fact that we believe offers the most realistic practice problems, we found UWorld’s explanations were better. Although there isn’t much of a difference, UWorld’s graphics take the prize.

Answer explanation is the best part of Uworld’s offerings. Explanations are quite visual, with lots of pictures and illustrations. This can have a significant impact on visual learners. The problem explanations on UWorld must be more thorough and graphic-heavy than those on, partly because they don’t provide any independent content reviews.

With UWorld, there are no classes or video lessons. So, the explanations need to be in-depth as compared to

To be clear,’s problem solutions are not subpar. We genuinely adore them. Simply put, UWorld has a better user interface and more depth.

While offers good lectures and cheat sheets, UWorld’s content is better organized, provides informative rationales, and is perceived as more reliable.

Winner: Uworld NCLEX
If you have limited time and you're confident about fundamental concepts tested in NCLEX curriculum, Uworld
can be a good choice.

Video Lessons 

UWorld offers very limited content review, primarily functioning as a question bank with accompanying answer explanations.

In contrast, presents a more comprehensive and well-rounded package, featuring a variety of content review resources. These include 2,500 video lessons, a review eBook, mnemonics, picnmoic  and flashcards.

Both businesses provide a comprehensive textbook in terms of lessons and illustrations. However, compared to, UWorld’s graphs and visual aids cover a wider range of topics. But as far as video lessons is concerned, is a clear winner.


So, if you need content review in your course of preparation, can be a superior choice.
Video Lessons with additional tools

Additional Study Materials stands out for its extensive supplementary materials, including recommended study planscheat sheets, an ebook, and nursing vocabulary tools, making it the ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive resources. Once more, emerges as the leader in this category.


Full Length Practice Tests

Both the companies offer computer adoptive practice tests.

UWorld offers max 4 full length practice tests in their most premium package. You get a percentile score with NCLEX predictor with your chance of success.

With, you can upgrade to unlimited full length tests (known as SIMCLEX). provides estimation of your chances of passing with a detailed graph of computer adaptive test. So, you can test you readiness level easily.



Although the prices on and UWorld are comparable, is less expensive though it provides more video lessons and practice questions.’s most popular option costs  $59/month, while a full course at UWorld costs $169 for 2 months of access. frequently feature sales and discounts. In summary, offers a cost-effective solution with a wealth of resources, making it the clear winner as far as value for money is concerned.


Money Back Guarantee sets itself apart from other competitors (not only UWorld) by offering a 200% money-back pass guarantee, which provides superior protection and value in comparison to UWorld. For those aiming to pass the NCLEX and progress in their nursing career, proves to be the more advantageous choice, instilling confidence in their comprehensive program and commitment to student success.


Duration of Content Access

It’s a little difficult to evaluate this category. The subscription packages available from UWorld and range in length from month-to-month to two years. As a result, this category is likewise considered tied.

Winner: Tie

UWorld or Our Verdict

You probably already know who will win between these two NCLEX prep programs at this time. By a wide margin, is winning this comparison.

We think their NCLEX study guides are excellent and that they are overall the best resource available. A fine Qbank is available from UWorld, but it is only that—a Qbank. You receive practice problems and explanations, but not much else.

However, also offers video lessons, cheat sheets, prep books, flashcards, and a ton more in addition to the same practice material. And all of it is affordable, high-quality stuff. This one is obvious.

Our Top Pick NCLEX
8/10Our Score
  • Best for students who need content review.
  • Realistic NCLEX simulator (SIMCLEX) with an adaptive test-like algorithm
  • 6500+ practice questions with great explanations.
  • Highly visual short video lessons with mnemonics.
  • Helpful cheat sheets and picnomic
  • Unique 200% pass guarantee (double-money back guarantee)
  • Robust mobile app for on-the-go learning
  • Lacks live instruction option


Which website is better for NCLEX preparation— or UWorld?

Although we appreciate UWorld’s Qbank, particularly their answer explanations, we believe provides a more comprehensive NCLEX review package overall. More practice materials are available on, along with a thorough content review.

Is enough for my preparation?

Yes. You can also complement with these NCLEX text books.

Which one is superior between and UWorld Qbank?

In addition to offering about three times as many practice questions as UWorld,’s difficulties also seemed more plausible to us. The exam questions were a better fit for the style, subject matter, and level of difficulty of actual NCLEX exam questions.

How realistic is SIMCLEX compared to NCLEX?

SIMCLEX offers computer adoptive 75 to 145 questions per test depending on how you perform. We found questions to be quite realistic.

Is Uworld harder than real NCLEX?

Not necessarily. But, many students find real NCLEX easier as questions and answer choices are heavily edited and are more clear.

Which NCLEX preparation program is less expensive, or UWorld?

When comparing typical packages, manages to cost about less than UWorld despite providing more study material overall.

Can I get discount on Uworld or

You can find’s latest coupon codes here. Uworld does not have any public coupon code as per our information.


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