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From pre-nursing students to those who are planning to take up NCLEX tests soon, they can take advantage of investing in prep courses. However, while prep courses give you an edge, they can be pricey, especially for those who are still students. Luckily, you can still lower the rates of these prep courses by using coupons. Here, we’ll share what coupons are available for you at

NCLEX Prep Giveaway

Every month we give a free test prep course of your choice (GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, DAT,OAT,NCLEX LSAT, MCAT  etc) for up to $599 for one lucky winner. To participate in our free giveaway, follow these steps:

1)Subscribe to our channel.

2)Like one of our videos by hitting the 👍 button.

3)Comment on one of our videos. One comment per video per month. And if you want to enter multiple times, go ahead!

Nurse Plus is ranked among the top study tools for dental students worldwide.

But the best part is Nurse Plus keeps offering discounted rates from time to time, which is the best option for students who cannot afford such high-priced courses.

When does offer a discount?

  • If you are planning to join the study program then keep on checking the website from time to time as it often announces some percent off every other week.
  • The discount is usually 10% but it keeps on changing from 10 to 25% depending upon the type of coupon or discount.
  • Most of the promo codes have short validity spans and they expire after some time. So when you get a discount offer, don’t think twice and get yourself enrolled in the study plan of your choice.
  • You can also avail of the discount on special events or days like the New Year’s sale, Christmas discounts, etc.

Does Always Offer Discount Codes ?

No. Sometimes codes do not work. But,they do offer discount codes round the year.

Is There a Standard Coupon Promo or Code?

While there is no fixed standard rate for the promos and codes, you’ll most likely see coupons with a discount rate of 10-40%. These rates are on top of the other discounts provided on the site as well. An example is the Quarterly Subscription Plan on the site where you often see offering 15% discount on the website, but in coupon codes, there is an added 10-40% off discount.

If you change this into dollars, that means you’ll be able to save around $30-60 of money! The bigger plans on the site equate to a saving of $50-175, which is such a huge help to those who are short on money but are adamant to take prep courses.

When is the Biggest Sale at

Even if the site offers coupons the entire year, there are certain times when a huge sale is offered with promos going beyond 35%, and these are usually during holidays like:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • President’s Day

The Biggest Promo at Right Now

Currently, the biggest plan offered is the INSIGHT36, which gives a discount of 36% and is usually provided on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or major holidays.

Black Friday Sale at

There is also a Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day sale on the site. However, the platform does not offer these promos on the exact day of the holiday. They’re offered two days before the actual holiday, so keep on the lookout.

Cyber Monday Sale at

Thanksgiving is a major holiday, so also extends the spirit of festivity and offers promos during Cyber Monday. Since they’re offered closely to each other, switches in the coupon codes can happen. That’s why if you’re planning to get this discount, make sure that you’re using the most updated code. 

How Much Can You Save on

Since there are different kinds of plans offered here, you won’t have a fixed digit. However, expect to at least save $20. You can easily find codes that save you $20 or more, but it would still depend on the kind of prep course you’re going to get. Some can save up to $150 if they make the most out of the codes offered. So, don’t hesitate to explore the site thoroughly for some great deals. 

Now that you’re aware of these coupons on, we hope that you can find a good deal soon! 

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