Hurst NCLEX Prep Review 2024: Should You Buy it?

The NCLEX is a high-stake exam, and if you are currently preparing for it, chances are you’ve come across many prep course options. While there are a ton of NCLEX prep providers available, Hurst has set itself as one of the best among its competitors. Through the sections below, you will learn how Hurst can help you in the NCLEX preparation and how the learning materials it provides may be beneficial along the way.

What is Hurst NCLEX?

Hurst Review was first initiated in 1988 by Marlene Hurst, who is a nurse herself with an MSN degree from Mississippi University. To this day, the prep course has helped more than 400,000 test-takers to get themselves ready for the NCLEX exam.

It provides nursing students with prep courses for both NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN, with courses lasting from 30 to 120 days. So far, Hurst Review holds a great reputation for quality instruction, whether through its text or video learning materials.


The Pros and Cons of Hurst NCLEX

The creator of Hurst was a nurse herself, with on-hand NCLEX preparation experience. So, it should come as no surprise that many of the learning materials are developed based on expert suggestions and critiques of other prep courses. 

Before we talk in great detail about the many important things of Husk Review, we will give you a quick overview of its pros and cons.

Hurst NCLEX Review
7.5/10Our Score
  • It combines the mastery of fundamental content with engaging video lectures and student workbooks for a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Great for students who have limited time for preparation.
  • Money-back guarantee if you do not pass the NCLEX on your first try.
  • Uses a “clinical judgment approach” that is in line with the NCSBN plan.
  • There are different course options to fit any budget.
  • Live instructions are available both in-person and online.
  • Access to a workbook, content-rich rationales, readiness exams, etc.
  • The limited course access duration and brief guarantee policy timeframe make Hurst Review somewhat less appealing compared to competitors.
  • Hurst Review's heavy emphasis on core content over test strategies results may not be suitable for the latest NCLEX question pattern.
  • A concise curriculum may not be suitable for weak students.
  • Some students find the overall lesson curriculum a little vague.
  • The online platform looks outdated.

A Detailed Overview of Hurst NCLEX

The  company was started by a prominent nursing professional and educator, Marlene Hurst. As an instructor, her significant achievement was leading a local community college program to a 100% NCLEX pass rate. Leveraging her experience, Hurst continues to offer high-quality nursing reviews for aspiring nurses. Hurst Review, with its primary focus on NCLEX, ensures students gain a deep understanding of the reasons behind the causes, signs, and symptoms in nursing practice.

Now let us talk about numerous things that are essential to help you decide whether the prep course is the best option for your NCLEX success.

General Curriculum

The best thing about the prep courses at Hurst Review is the experience level of the instructors. They all have AT LEAST five years of experience in the professional nursing world and went through a thorough evaluation process. They were also put through an orientation and boot camp procedure to help them become NCLEX experts in the field.

Hurst Review Video Lessons

Whichever course category you choose, the Hurst Review team will take you through three essential steps. First, you will be told about the NCLEX exam content. Then, you will be taught the strategies to excel on the exam. Lastly, you will take NCLEX-style questions using the Q Review Simulator to see how ready you are.

Hurst Review Q Review

Platform Outline

The Hurst Review platform allows you to access a variety of lectures that talk about the core concepts focused on NCLEX preparation. You also have access to Q Review questions. You may take up to four randomized tests, which include up to 500 NCLEX practice questions.

Overall, the courses come with sharp graphics and a somewhat modern approach. Unfortunately, the way Hurst categorizes the online programs feels a little jumbled. This makes it a little hard for students to follow along the study plan using Hurst’s digital platform.

Elevate Module Hurst Review

Course Models and Options

Hurst Review probably has the highest number of prep course options among its competitors. There are, in total, five prep course categories that come with different learning material access duration and costs.

With prices starting at $239, Hurst Now is the cheapest option.

Hurst Live and N-Stream, on the other hand, are the most expensive courses, with prices topping at $399.

  • Hurst Qbank (Most Popular) : This affordable option priced $109 provides 30-day access to over 1,500 practice questions.
  • Hurst Now: This package includes an on-demand review with 90-day access to four readiness exams, a question bank, and additional content. It is priced at $249.
  • Hurst Now PLUS (Recommended): Similar to Hurst Now, but with extended access of 120 days to the content. It also includes additional elevate content module.
  • Hurst N-Stream: A pricier choice that provides nine months of access to specialty lectures, a question bank, four readiness exams, and more. It also includes three days of live classes that can be attended from home.
  • Hurst Live: Priced similarly to Hurst N-Stream, it offers the same features but with in-person classes instead of live-streamed ones.

Within Hurst’s prep courses above, students may choose between the flashcard or quiz modes. It also has a Question bank that includes thousands of practice questions. What’s more, a big portion of those questions come in an alternate format, making them great for developing students’ critical thinking.

Hurst Review Pricing

Pass Guarantee

The pass guarantee is another great reason for a test-taker to get a Hurst Review prep course. It has a money-back policy that allows a student to refund their money if they fail the NCLEX exam after taking a Hurst preparation program.

If you are a test taker who wants to get your money back, you can do so by informing the Hurst team two weeks after receiving your NCLEX failure notice. Once you have done it, you can send the failure notice and a copy of your Candidate Performance Report, along with all Hurst learning materials.

Who is Hurst NCLEX for?

With its “clinical judgment approach”, Hurst Review provides nursing students with a straightforward way to ace the NCLE exam. This approach triggers students’ critical thinking skills, freeing them from the burden of having to memorize all of the exam materials. On top of that, it offers students the ability to choose online or in-person learning. So, if you are short in time and do not need extensive review of content, this can be a good choice.

How Hurst NCLEX Compares to Its Competitors?

If you still cannot decide whether to get a Hurst Review prep course or not, here is how the prep provider compares to its competitors.

Hurst vs. Kaplan NCLEX

Many have known that Kaplan is the kingpin of the prep course world. Even so, it seems that Hurst Review can still compete well with Kaplan. It has more affordable offers and more straightforward learning methods. Probably the only thing that makes Kaplan better is the 24/7 availability of consultation.

Hurst vs.

Due to its complete and innovative learning approach, is popular for students who need a lot of visual aids in their preparation process. It also has a well-developed mobile application that makes it easy for students to study using their handheld gadgets. Even so, unlike Hurst Review, it does not offer any live courses.

Hurst vs. Princeton Review

Princeton Review is one of the longest stand prep course providers. Compared to its competitors, it has unrivaled live learning methods and the most real practice questions. These plus points, however, come with a high price point, making the service not suitable for lower-income students.

The Takeaway

As you may have known, the NCLEX exam takes a significant time to prepare. This makes choosing the right prep course one of the most essential decisions a student must make after finishing nursing school. 

Now, with all the explanations above, do you think Hust Review has the right prep course for you? While it is true that only you can make the final decision, the fact that Hurst has a 98% NCLEX pass rate and offers a money-back guarantee can be an influential consideration.

We have made the review above to make it easier for you to make the best decision. It is a safe pick for many students and we can safely say that it is a good option if you need a prep material for quick revision of concepts to get ready for NCLEX in short duration. 


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