Best NE-BC Review Course 2023

One of the most sought-after examinations in the country every year is the NE-BC. It is the board certification exam conducted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center for qualified takers.  This is the number one exam that could give the best credibility and accreditation reference to registered nurses. This is the key to easy promotions, moving onto new leadership roles, and accelerating one’s career path in the medical field.

Just for a quick overview, the exam consists of about 175-200 questions (depending on the curriculum changes and requirements for the year) which have to be answered within 3 and a half hours. 

The first section of the exam has 25 diagnostic questions that are randomly picked from the subjects included throughout the course. The exam, of course, won’t come easy, so preparation should be as tough.

In this article, we will be giving you the updated list of references that will help you ace the 2023 NE-BC exam. Let’s get started.

1. Mometrix

The Mometrix University NE-BC review course is at the top of this list primarily because it is the one with the most positive reviews and it is highly recommended online. This review course is prepared by the Test Prep Review which is a highly-known review center that has already published numerous contents for exam preparations.

The Test Prep Review (TPR) in collaboration with Mometrix Academy has developed this NE-BC review course called Mometrix University. 

They offer online access to their e-library to give better access and more study sources to students that will subscribe and purchase their review programs. They also have an archive of video lessons, slides, study guides, and audiobooks to complement the Mometrix University review course.

What You’ll Get:

  • Practice tests
  • Skill set guides
  • Flashcards
  • Study prep strategies
  • Anxiety control tips and guides
  • Contextual clues practice set
  • Hedge words practice set

Key Review Course Features:

What students love about the Mometrix University review course is that it provides just above and beyond the theoretical learning that they need. It also prepares them to be confident in taking the examination itself. 

The review course has a section on knowledge management as well as strategic planning.

It also gives access to more than 350 e-flash cards upon purchase. All of the topics in the review course also have more than 450 warm-up questions. Aside from that, you can find a diagnostic test at the beginning and at the end of each learning chapter.


  • Has a wide range of learning aids
  • One of the most budget-friendly review courses online
  • E-flash cards are provided for free
  • Online access to e-resources 24/7
  • Strategies and tips from recent passers
  • Untimed tests
  • Learner-friendly


  • Money- back guarantee only lasts for 1 week
  • The study guidebook requires a separate payment
  • Has a lesser number of practice test questions when compared to other online review courses

Overall, it’s a cost-effective option for takers who only have a month or less in preparing for the NE-BC exam. It is also a good choice for those who are anxious about taking the test (especially first-time takers) since it has study tips and testing strategies included.


One of the most-trusted providers in the nursing field is It is a well-known go-to for nursing industry news and updates, nursing support, and CE classes. 

It is still the leading provider for nursing review courses and it has an ANCC joint accreditation status which makes it one of the most credible and legitimate study sources since the early 90s.

What You’ll Get:

  • Career advancement guide
  • Work ethics improvement tips
  • Study guide
  • Learner-friendly tools

Key Review Course Features:

What makes it different from other review courses is that this review guide focuses more on the adaptability of the knowledge requirements for aspiring Nursing Executives (NE). is well-designed for working nurses who don’t have much time for test prep. The review course can actually be completed depending on the reviewee’s time and schedule.


  • 24/7 access to online courses
  • The tools are developed by well-known practitioners and highly-accredited teams in the medical field
  • Access to an online community
  • Study at your own pace


  • There are no diagnostic tests and practice sets included in the course
  • There are no physical study aids and tools included

The review course is presented in a formal and academic way. It is one of the best choices there is, especially if you have a hectic work schedule and if this is not your first time taking the test. 

It also gives students the privilege of contacting executives and PDEs for assistance and general questions about the tool.


Just like, PESI is also one of the well-known organizations that helped mold the nursing industry into what it is now. A team of doctors designed this study guide and it has been proven to provide excellent results for NE-BC. 

The review course itself is continually being developed to adapt to new learning strategies and to include new policies on the current framework of the medical field.

Aside from topics that will generally be included in the exam, they also include up-to-date info about research, health policies, and professional practices in their study guide. This is very helpful since questions about current trends can just pop out randomly in the exam.

What You’ll Get:

  • 24/7 access to materials
  • Research articles
  • Additional study guides on financial management as well as human capital management

Key Review Course Features:

The style of this review course is like following a study program. The PESI review course consists of video sessions and audio seminars which allow working nurses to still catch up with studying while on the go. It also has practice exams online that are self-paced and not timed.


  • PDF manuals and downloadable guides
  • Unlimited learning resource access
  • Online community access
  • Collaborative discussions with students online
  • Lifetime access and subscriptions to online and purchased PESI review materials


  • Practice tests are set at random topics
  • Kind of pricey when compared to other materials
  • No available contacts for instructors and PDEs

The PESI review course provides beyond just the basic curriculum review. It also prepares students and takers for unexpected questions that might be included in the exam. The content is developed by a team of highly-educated professionals that are well-respected in the nursing industry. 

It is also designed to fit one’s schedule and to adapt to every taker’s pace and style of learning.

4. ANA (American Nurses Association)

ANA is an organization that is associated with the American Nurses Foundation and the ANCC since 2016. 

ANA is known as a highly-respected contributor when it comes to the nursing industry—be it in the academe, the continuing education aspect, or the nursing career itself.

ANA has developed its own study source for the nursing executive exam and it is called the NursingWorld NE-BC Review Course. It is created through a collaboration of experts and accredited nursing organizations.

What You’ll Get:

  • Course-specific materials and study guides

Key Review Course Features:

The NursingWorld NE-BC Review Course is designed to give an engaging review experience to the takers. The tone of the whole study guide is like being in a classroom set-up. It is written in such a way that it is relatable and easily understandable. 

There are also a series of quizzes all throughout the review course so that the nurse of the student taker may assess their own progress.


  • Discount is applicable to this program (For ANA members)
  • Certified preparation materials
  • 24/7 online access to materials
  • Available contact hours for assistance upon completion of the course


  • No money-back guarantee
  • No flashcards will be provided
  • No practice tests included

This is one of the most cost-effective options to review especially if you’re a nurse for the ANA. They provide highly-credible resources which are referenced from legitimate nursing organizations. 

The ANA foundation proactively made its way to the nursing academe to promote educational advancement, professional career growth, and well-being to nurses and aspiring nursing executives nationwide.

The NursingWorld NE-BC review course by ANA is presented comprehensively and is designed to enhance the fundamentals of aspiring Nurse Executives without compromising their current employment responsibilities.

5. Eminent CPR

Eminent CPR is a renowned center for the medical field since 2006. They started providing review lessons a few years after it was founded. Their lessons are in an online set-up, and they have a consistent and excellent passing rate for their students every year.

What You’ll Get:

  • Live meetings via Zoom
  • Online discussions
  • Think tank groups

Key Review Course Features:

Every review session with Eminent CPR can take up to an 8-hour long live Zoom meeting. It is an online class setup where the students can actively participate and discuss with the instructor. 

The webinars are also recorded so that the students can use them as an additional reference while studying throughout the course.


  • Online study sessions
  • Live discussions with PDEs
  • Unlimited access to different webinars


  • RNs with hectic schedules may not be able to attend live webinars/Zoom meetings
  • No money-back guarantee

If you are comfortable with working at your own pace but would need live assistance and learning ideas at the same time, this is the best choice for you. The Eminent NE-BC study guide helps you learn at your own pace while at the same time, interacting with professionals and co-takers.

This study guide by Eminent has also garnered a lot of 5-star reviews online. This is highly recommended for first-time NE-BC takers.

Examination Structure

The NE-BC is an assessment consisting of 175 multiple-choice questions. It is competency-based, and 150 of the total items will be scored; the remaining 25 questions will be considered as pre-test or professional practice diagnostics. 

With a passing score of 350, the successful NE-BC taker will have a 5-year validity for their credentials and certification.

Final Words

Qualified takers of the NE-BC are RNs with years of experience and outstanding work performance. Being an NE is one of the ultimate career goals in the industry of nursing since it is the highest senior administrative position there is. 

Aside from theoretical reviewers, takers should also have a fundamental knowledge of management.

When searching for the right review course and study guide, you must first assess your current work schedule. Time management is the key to passing the NE-BC. As an aspiring NE, you should learn how to deal with learning while still focusing on your job as an RN. 

It is not an easy task, but passing the exam will be worth it. It will jumpstart your career and it will definitely be an accomplishment on your part.

It is important that you are motivated to pass the exam and not just take it for better career opportunities. Studying for the NE-BC requires commitment. Create a study plan that works best for you and make it your goal to pass.


How much do I need to prepare for NE-BC?

The NE-BC exam itself can range up to $270-$395 depending on your organizational memberships. This does not include the reviewing materials or study guides yet. Based on online pricing for the review courses, it is best to prepare around $200 for the test prep.

How will I pass NE-BC?

Do a lot of practice tests, be committed to reviewing for one whole month, and practice time management.

What is the passing rate for NE-BC?

The national average for the 2022 NE-BC is 59%.

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