The Best Calculators for the ACT

The Best Calculators for the ACT According to the ACT officials, all the ACT math problems may be solved without a calculator. But it’s the height of folly to try to prove that yourself because you’re actually allowed to use a calculator for the ACT. That way, you save a lot of time, and you also increase the chances of getting the answer right. You’re allowed to use the calculator … Read more

How to Improve Your ACT Science Score

Are you worried about how well you’ll do in the Science portion of the ACT? Here are some tips that should help you get a higher score. It’s natural to be worried about the ACT Science portion if you’re planning to take the ACT. After all, most students tend to forget about the particular lessons and facts they once covered when they were taking up Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, or … Read more

How to Improve ACT Reading Score

Looking to optimize your ACT Reading score? Here are some tips that should boost your score for the Reading section of the ACT. At first glance, it seems a bit more difficult to review for the ACT Reading portion of the test, compared to the other sections such as those on English or Math, or even for the ACT Science portion. With the Math section, you only need to remember … Read more

What’s A Good ACT Score? [2022]

The ACT is like the SAT—it’s a standardized test that college admissions boards use to determine which students get admitted and receive scholarships. Doing well in this test can very well become the determining factor on whether you get in the college you want. But how do you know if you’ve “done well” in the ACT? What’s a good score to aim for? This isn’t exactly a simple question, but … Read more