AdaptiBar Review 2024 : Is it Enough For Your Bar Exam Prep?

Multistate Bar Examination, or MBE, is a test every law school graduate must take. It is the multiple-choice section of the bar examination, and it comes with its own set of challenges. More and more test-takers are reporting that the questions are very hard to answer. In fact, data shows that the national mean for MBE has steadily declined over the past few years. The thing is, MBE makes up … Read more

BarPrepHero Course Review 2024 : Should You Buy This Prep Course?

The day you graduate from law school comes with various kinds of emotions. You can finally spend more time with your loved ones and you can say goodbye to headache-inducing assignments. But another thing awaits you: the bar exam. It might be a hard pill to swallow, but it will probably take over the next several months of your youth life. Yes, the bar exam is a challenging step in … Read more

Themis vs. BARBRI : Which One Should You Pick?

You have selected your state, filled out your application, and registered for the bar exam. Now, what should come next? If you’ve done any research on bar review courses, you’ll notice that Themis and BARBRI are often at the top of the list. Therefore, we’ll go into more detail about them below to help you make a more informed choice! Themis vs. BARBRI: Quick Overview The bar exam, without a … Read more

Quimbee Bar Review 2024 : Should You Pick This?

For those chasing their career in the law field, the bar exam is not just a test. It’s a rite of passage! As if the process of becoming a certified lawyer was not demanding enough, those graduating from law school must undergo a state-hosted examination to put their mastery on various law-related subjects and concepts to the test. Today, we’ll take a deep look at the Quimbee Bar Review. From … Read more