Quimbee Bar Review 2024 : Should You Pick This?

For those chasing their career in the law field, the bar exam is not just a test. It’s a rite of passage! As if the process of becoming a certified lawyer was not demanding enough, those graduating from law school must undergo a state-hosted examination to put their mastery on various law-related subjects and concepts to the test.

Today, we’ll take a deep look at the Quimbee Bar Review. From the kinds of packages to what the learning process is like to the study features users get, we’ll cover a lot of important details related to this popular bar exam prep course!

A Quick Overview of the Quimbee Bar Prep Course

Quimbee was first introduced in 2007 and has become more and more popular over time. It was created with the intention of supporting law students in advancing their academic careers by providing them with accessible and cost-effective study materials. Plus, it has the mission to help students master the materials in the fastest way possible.

Essentially, when it comes to helping students pass the exam, you can see that this course provider puts an emphasis on effectiveness and affordability. And, based on what’s stated on its website, this prep course has a lot of intriguing features for its students. In fact, it also states that it has helped over 600,000 law students, including those from top American universities. 

Speaking of the students Quimbee helped, this prep course promises a passing rate of 96%, which is quite high in the bar prep course game. This rate is calculated using a self-report service method. On top of that, it states that the number has not been verified, so you should not take it as a guarantee for successfully passing the exam.

Quimbee Bar Prep Course: Package Options

The package options at the Quimbee bar prep course start at $1,199,  and features differ according to the state. For example, students joining the course in Alaska will get MBE, MEE, and MPT materials, but they will not get jurisdiction-specific components. In contrast, those in Nevada will get jurisdiction-specific components but not MEE and MPT materials.

With that said, it’s crucial to know which package you must take. The main difference between the packages lies in the course materials and registration dates. You must also know that each state has a different bar exam application fee, which you must pay in addition to the prep course price. It can go up to $850, but some states have a lower price.

Regardless of where you plan to take the bar exam, Quimbee has two package options for users: Bar Review and Bar Review+. As you may already have guessed, the “+” on the second one means you will get more features but you will also have to pay more to take it. It is originally priced at $2,099, but you may get better deals at certain times.

Quimbee vs Top Bar Review Courses
Quimbee vs Top Bar Review Courses

Quimbee Bar Prep Course: Key Features

Structures, study materials, and accessible resources. These are the things that make up a good bar exam prep course. So, how well does the Quimbee Bar Prep Course do in these aspects? Without further ado, let’s jump into the key features of this bar exam prep course and see whether it can live up to its promises!

Study Calendar

As mentioned earlier, structures are essential for a bar exam prep course, and Quimbee offers you just that! With a monthly calendar that includes daily scheduled tasks, this prep course keeps users on track so they know what to learn and do every day. The platform will also remind you of essay submission deadlines, further ensuring your study performance.

The daily tasks come in various forms, from instructional videos to engaging quick lessons. On top of that, course objectives are divided into smaller chunks, keeping students from feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Typically, the materials found in the daily tasks will be in the same vein as your current lesson objectives.

Diagnostic Exams

Do you know what else is hard to do when you prepare for the bar exam on your own? The answer is the ability to objectively see how you’ve progressed so far. Thankfully, with diagnostic exams in its arsenal, Quimbee has made it easy for you to do so. Without it, you’ll be clueless about which areas you excel at and which ones you must put more effort into.

Go to the Diagnostics section in your account, and you’ll numbers showing your practice exam scores and how well you stack up against other Quimbee students. The best part it there is no strict schedule for these diagnostic exams, which means you can do any of them whenever you like, which is great in terms of flexibility.

Graded Tasks

In addition to diagnostic exams, Quimbee Bar Review also offers graded tasks, which can be especially helpful in tackling the written portion of the exam. They come in the form of essay tests and graded performance tests. Much like other grade tasks found in other bar exam prep courses, these are created to mimic the real one as closely as possible.

For the essay section, you’ll be presented with separate submission windows. Take note that unless you take the exam in Florida, in which case you will have six windows, you will have five separate windows in other states. In contrast, the performance test section only has a single window. Essentially, these courses allow you to hone your test-taking skills at your own pace.

Licensed Questions

Another great thing that makes Quimbee a try-worthy option is the fact that it uses licensed questions. Do you know why it’s crucial to choose a provider with licensed questions? First of all, they’re licensed! This implies that you can be sure that the materials and information they carry are accurate. Also, the practice tests will be similar to the real ones in terms of content.

You can access 2,00 of these licensed questions through the graded task, which we talked about earlier. If you don’t think that’s enough, know that these are full-length practice tests, so you can also get a glimpse of how the actual bar exam feels like. Also, don’t forget about the 3,000 MBE-style questions that give you additional practice opportunities.

Video Lessons and Practice Essays

It’s also important to note that Quimbee Bar Reviews offers on-demand video lessons to users. These videos are made with the goal of breaking down complicated concepts into digestible chunks. Why the short videos? One main explanation for this is that it is much easier for students to master the materials when the videos are brief and compact.

Practice essays are another essential tool for these test-takers, the essay section contributes a lot to their success in passing the test. Answers to these sections are manually graded by trained attorneys, so you can have personalized feedback on your practice essays. This, without a doubt, is beneficial to your study progress

Other Benefits

Are you a student who is always on the go? You don’t need to worry about not having enough time to study for your exam because Quimbee offers a mobile application just for you. With this feature, you can ditch your laptop because all of the study materials are available from the user-friendly and sleek-looking app!

Despite the platform’s ease of use, you will still be doing a lot of reading. Take a look at all the digital books and PDF files you can find on the platform, and you’ll get a gist of how many hours you should spend reading these materials every day. Thankfully, the course provider has made each of them downloadable, so you can read them anytime and anywhere.

One other notable thing about this bar exam prep course is that all of the materials here are written by qualified writers. Only top-rated legal experts and educators are allowed to work with Quimbee. Ultimately, this platform provides its students with unlimited retake opportunities, which is also a big plus!

Quimbee Bar Prep Course: Who Is It For?

Now that we know its key features, it’s safe to say that the Quimbee bar prep course is one of the best in the game. But, is it suitable for everyone? Well, there’s a somewhat mixed answer to it. Yes, it suits those looking for flexible, effective, and high-quality study materials. But, if you want a live course, then you should probably look for something else.

Also, it is a great option for those wanting to keep their bar exam prep budget low. While it is not exactly the cheapest option on the market, the monthly payment system makes paying for it much more manageable. All things considered, unless you prioritize live courses over flexibility and affordability, this one is a prep course worth considering.

The Takeaway

If you pass the bar exam without using a study guide on your first try, that’s fantastic! It not only demonstrates your skill as an attorney, but it also allows you to make significant financial savings. Prep courses are not cheap, and if you need to retake the test multiple times, the cost can add up. Unfortunately, that’s not always exactly the easiest thing to do.

Life’s too short, and there is no use in taking the bar exam numerous more times than you have to. With that said, you can consider taking the Quimbee bar prep course. It’s an affordable option for law school graduates who don’t have a lot to spend on such a prep course with an effective design that helps students quickly understand the topics and materials.


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