Themis Bar Review 2024 : One of Our Top 5 Pick

Themis has a long history of providing high-quality preparatory courses along with adaptable and reasonably priced study plans. It recently teamed up with U World, another well-known player in this game. Will the partnership between these two well-known figures benefit law students in any way? Let’s find out in the sections below!

Quick Overview of Themis

With the Themis bar prep course, students will be exposed to a study method that is based on the latest research on memory retention and comprehension. We can clearly see this from how the lectures are divided into 20-minute videos. This prep course provider does this specifically so that learners can better retain and digest complicated topics.

Unlike its competitors, Themis uses an all-inclusive pricing scheme, which means you don’t have to pay a higher price to get all the benefits it provides. Currently, the normal price for the Full Bar Review Course is $2,795, but you can get a significant discount if you pay well in advance. For example, if you pay for the 2025 course today, you will only need to pay $1,795.

Aside from the affordable price, Themis is also known for its flexible learning modes. Yes, this prep course provider allows students to choose one between the two available modes: Directed Study and Flex Study. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about which mode to choose early on because you can freely switch between them along the way.

Key Features of Themis

As you can see above, Themis offers a relatively affordable price to law students preparing for the bar exam, but does it come with a downside? Well, without a doubt there is no perfect prep course on this entire planet. So, to help you decide whether this one is the right course for you, here are the key features you will want to know about.

  1. Intuitive Mobile Learning App

You might not know about this but Themis is actually one of the first players in the game that makes proper use of mobile technological advancements. It lets you access the platform through virtually any device, whether it is your computer, tablet, or even your e-reader. For Android and iPhone users, there is a mobile app available for their learning convenience.

  1. Easy Progress Tracking

The Performance Analytics feature is another thing that sets this company apart from its competitors. It will not only give you useful insight into overall performance based on the practice questions and tests you worked on but also allow you to see how well you stack up against other learners, giving you a little sense of competitiveness.

  1. Practical Learning Modules

As mentioned earlier, Themis mainly uses 15 to 20-minute videos to help students gain a better understanding of the topics. They don’t do this just because they want to. Instead, they made this decision based on long-term research by experts. As a result of this study, they decided to divide the topics into manageable chunks that prevent students from getting overwhelmed.

  1. Flexible Planning Tools

It appears that the team behind Themis realizes that not all students have the capability to study full-time. For this reason, they created the Flex Study program. The to-do list, task sequence, and dynamic calendar are all designed to suit a learner’s schedule. In fact, they only require learners to complete 75% of the coursework, which is quite realistic for most people.

  1. Huge Library of Practice Materials

When it comes to practice materials, Themis doesn’t fall short either. Students will have access to a library of more than 4,000 practice questions, in which you can find over 1,375 licensed NCBE questions. For students practicing for the writing section of the test, there are around 100 published essays available. Additionally, there is a Performance Test Workshop available.

  1. Reliable Essay Grader 

How many prep courses out there that don’t charge you extra for grading your essays? Honestly, not a lot. Interestingly, this is not the case with Themis. There is a team of experts there who will happily read and analyze your writings, and they are serious about it! They will give you individual feedback and clearly point out any part of your essay that misses the point.

  1. Responsive Customer Service Team

Don’t be surprised if you receive several unsolicited calls while preparing for the bar exam because this is the way Themis’ customer service team ensures that you’re still on the right track. In fact, those who have received these calls reported that it is actually a great time to address your concerns, whether it is about the practice questions or the learning platform.

  1. Pass Guarantee

Themis also offers a pass guarantee for first-time students. It allows them to enroll in the course once again in case they fail to pass the exam. However, it is important to note that they will not be issued new textbooks. Additionally, to be eligible to receive this privilege, one needs to submit documentation that they did not pass the exam within 30 days of the exam date.

Who Is Themis For?

While it is fairly safe to say that Themis is appropriate for various learning styles, it is actually best suited for those who are well-motivated and have good self-discipline. All of its classes are held online, so there’s no obligation to attend them in person. Moreover, the dynamic calendar will automatically adjust the learning materials so you can quickly pick up where you left off.


  • Will I get any printed material?

Yes, Themis will provide you with several learning materials, outlines for the MBE, practice and simulated MBE exams, and PT questions in case they are tested in your jurisdiction. You are also allowed to print the handouts that come with the lectures on your own so you can take notes.

  • Will I get any additional discount?

One way to get an additional price discount from Themis is by applying for the public interest discount program. However, as suggested by the program’s name, it is only applicable if you are planning to work in the public sector. If you think you’re eligible to receive it, you can fill out the provided form and submit it via email.

  • Will I be able to track my progress?

One of the easiest ways to track your progress with Themis is by using the myProgress feature on the learning platform. It allows you to see the assignments you have worked on and how well you’re doing so far. And, if you want to track your learning progress in the written section, you can use the Dedicated Essay Grader feature.

  • How long is the Themis bar prep course?

The exact schedule actually depends on the jurisdiction you choose. However, you are usually suggested to start your course ten weeks before the exam. And, if you want to start early, course access is usually available three months prior to the exam date.

The Takeaway

With structured daily tasks, engaging on-demand video lectures, and interactive handouts, Themis offers comprehensive learning packages to students at a lower price. Generally speaking, it can suit a lot of learning styles. Its simulated exams as well as academic support are two other reasons why it can be a great prep course option.


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