AdaptiBar Review 2024 : Is it Enough For Your Bar Exam Prep?

Multistate Bar Examination, or MBE, is a test every law school graduate must take. It is the multiple-choice section of the bar examination, and it comes with its own set of challenges. More and more test-takers are reporting that the questions are very hard to answer. In fact, data shows that the national mean for MBE has steadily declined over the past few years.

The thing is, MBE makes up half of your total bar exam score. Yes, you can get a big score from the essay section, but you must still take the multiple-choice section seriously. Thus, unless you have an unbeatable guessing skill and a ton of luck, your only choice is to prepare yourself as best as you can for the MBE and know what kind of strategy to implement to tackle the test. 

So, what’s the best way to gear oneself up and pass the test with flying colors? Today, we’ll talk in detail about AdaptiBar, a prep course provider that can help you with getting ready for MBE!

A Quick Overlook of AdaptiBar

First launched in 2003, AdaptiBar was created to fill the gaps in various bar prep online courses. It was designed specifically with the multiple-choice section in mind, although now it also offers a prep program for the essay section. Due to the high number of practice questions it offers, it has also become a popular option for those looking for supplemental practice materials.

Before asking a user about which program they want to take, AdaptiBar allows them to join the initial orientation stage. During this stage, the user will be asked to answer 350 questions covering seven subjects. Using a reliable benchmarking tool as well as a smart analytical tool, the platform will then offer the user insight into the areas that need improvements.

To see what insights they get after answering the questions, users can go to the Subject Performance chart on the platform. From this cart, they can see how well they perform across the seven subjects. If they want to improve their performance in the weak areas, a user can start answering the practice questions again until they reach their desired score.

Users are allowed to repeat these steps up to four times. The idea here is to give users enough opportunity to improve their knowledge and test-taking skills. On top of that, AdaptiBar also gives users several customization options. For example, users can choose to only view licensed questions by excluding practice questions. They can also turn the timer off if they want to.

For users who don’t require practice questions, AdaptiBar offers video lessons, which start from $15. Just like the practice questions, these on-demand lessons also cover seven subjects. They include lessons from Professor Jonathan Grossman, a top MBE expert and one of the most respected names in the bar test prep course industry. 

AdaptiBar: An In-Depth Review

Now that you know AdaptiBar is a prep course provider that focuses on providing users with a quality MBE simulator, we will talk in detail about it. Without further ado, let’s talk about the important details related to this course, including package options, practice questions, analytic features, and other features!

Package Options

As a prep course provider, Adaptibar offers two popular MBE-focused package options: MBE Simulator ($395) and MBE Simulator for Re-Takers ($495). Both options include 200 NCBE-licensed questions as well as hundreds of other simulated questions written by legal experts, ensuring students get prepared on every tested subject.

The packages above also allow users to enjoy the Adaptive Algorithm and Subject Performance features, which greatly set the prep course provider aside from its competitors. The Adaptive Algorithm can quickly recognize user performance in every sector and make adjustments accordingly. Meanwhile, the Subject Performance feature allows users to see their progress.

One thing that makes the MBE Simulator for Re-Takers package more expensive is the presence of guidance videos and coaching strategies specifically designed for those who have taken the test more than once. Users will be provided coach-led videos with topics covering Rule Mastery, Working Practice Questions, Mindset, and so much more.

In addition to the two package options above, AdaptiBar went above and beyond with two other options: Writing Guide and Writing Guide for Re-Takers. These two packages are aimed at students taking the MPT and MEE tests, and they use a scaffolded approach to develop students’ knowledge so they can get the best score on the essay section.

These two methods also introduce users to the Rule Funnel, which is the “cheat sheet” to conquer the bar exam’s essay section. This method teaches students about the proper way to cleverly reverse-engineer from the pattern of a fact and create a solid argument out of it, turning a difficult question into a high-scoring response. 

Accessible Platform

Whichever prep course package you choose, you can access it through any internet-enabled device, whether it is a phone or a computer. All you need to do is open the website, enter your credentials, and you will immediately taken to the Dashboard page. From there, you can immediately start doing the practice questions and exercises.

The platform’s accessibility is great not only for students who are always on the go but also for those who like switching between their computers and phones to study. Whether you’re waiting in line for a cup of coffee or riding the subway to your office, you can quickly pull out your phone and complete several practice questions anywhere you want.

But not everyone may find this level of convenience to be suitable. Some students reported that this prevents them from feeling the pressure of the MBE test. In addition, some students complain that answering the questions requires them to look at the screen for an extended period of time, which strains their eyes more than using paper and pencil.

If you also experience eye fatigue due to looking at screens for too long but still want to use AdaptiBar, then there’s one thing you can try. The platform allows you to save the answers as PDFs. This suggests that you can print and use them as study materials without straining your eyes. You can even use colored pens to highlight the important points.

Customizable Practice Exams

Earlier, it was mentioned that users are allowed to customize the practice exam conditions according to their needs. They can, for example, select which subjects and topics that may appear on the practice exam. However, AdaptiBar can also adjust the questions you see based on the analytic results of the Adaptive Algorithm, which was mentioned before as well.

With this feature, AdaptiBar will give you more questions related to the subjects and topics you’re weak at. At the same time, you’ll see fewer questions from the subjects and topics you’re already good at. The good news is that it will do it automatically, so you don’t have to think about tweaking any of the settings.

It is, however, essential to note that the algorithm will require some time to work properly, so you’ll need to complete several sets of practice questions before it can start identifying the subjects and topics that need improvements and give you questions so that you can be better at those areas. 

We know answering those questions will start to feel repetitive and frustrating at some point, but that’s exactly what you need to ace the bar exam. What is important to note here is that the Adaptative Algorithm will allow you to excel in almost all subjects, even without you realizing it. Also, it’s patented, so you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

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AdaptiBar: Who Is It For?

AdaptiBar is best suited for students who want to complement their study materials with practice questions that can accurately mimic the real MBE questions. Even though each of the questions comes with thorough clarification explaining why you got the answer right or wrong, the platform doesn’t offer any study material. 

AdaptiBar: FAQs

  • Where Can I Contact AdaptiBar?

You have several ways to contact AdaptiBar. First off, you can make contact by phone at (877) 466-1250. You can also reach out via email. However, please keep in mind that you should contact [email protected] if you have technical issues and [email protected] if you have general questions about the prep program.

  • Can I Test AdaptiBar for Free?

AdaptiBar has a free trial program called Test Drive. Users will be provided with several simulated MBE questions, which allow them to get a glimpse of how the MBE simulator works and how it feels to answer the questions in it. To join this program, users can simply click on the “Test Drive” button provided on the homepage.

  • Can I Get Tutoring Service from AdaptiBar?

AdaptiBar is focused on providing users with a reliable and legitimate MBE simulator, and it doesn’t offer any tutoring service. If you feel like you need more guidance on how to study the materials and tackle the questions, you can ask someone from your school to help you or find a professional tutoring service.

The Takeaway

Preparing for the bar exam requires a lot of effort and it can take several months of your life. Just take a look at the kinds of questions you face on the MBE. They’re nothing like the multiple-choice questions you faced in college! Remember, those were designed and written by NBCE, who obviously have better experience in the field than any of the test-takers.

Thankfully, when you have the help of AdaptiBar, you can better ensure that you don’t spend your time studying the wrong materials with the wrong technique. With its licensed questions, adaptive analysis tool, and smart score predictor, this prep course provider allows you to not only better prepare yourself but also feel more confident when facing the bar exam.


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