8 Best Countries to Study Interior Design Abroad

You definitely want the best when it comes to studying interior design abroad. Because there are a lot of countries that offer courses in interior design, you may likely be confused on which to go for.

To help you out, we have come up with the 8 best countries to study interior design abroad. We even suggested some universities so as to simplify your decision-making.

Here they are:


Why study in England?

  • England is a top place to study interior design.
  • It’s a great choice in Europe, close to London with its historic sites, stores, and cultural hubs.
  • Interior design students get to see world-famous locations.
  • England boasts top-tier universities known for research and teaching excellence.
  • A wide variety of majors are available, especially in interior design.
  • The University of the Arts London ranks highly in Europe and the world for Arts.
  • Also, The Royal College of Art is renowned worldwide as the best for art and interior design.


Why study in Canada?

  • Canada is a strong contender for studying interior design with good returns on investment.
  • You can get diplomas, certificates, or a professional Master’s in interior design.
  • Canadian design schools are celebrated for innovative teaching, excellent facilities, and practical training.
  • Provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec are booming for design careers through 2022-2031.
  • Top Canadian schools for international interior design students include:
  • Georgian College, Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver, University of Manitoba
  • University of Guelph, University of Calgary, Humber College 


Why study in Japan?

  • Japan combines traditional and modern homes in a unique way.
  • It’s a tech-savvy nation that highly values education, providing modern school facilities.
  • Interior design students in Japan get practical training and develop their art skills.
  • Many Japanese universities have programs in English for international students.
  • ICS College Of Arts in Tokyo, founded in 1963, was the first to offer interior design.
  • Kyoto Seika University also provides interior design courses and related studies.

United States of America (USA)

Why study in the USA?

  • The USA is home to elite design schools with top-tier interior design courses.
  • These programs emphasize creativity, management, and business skills for students.
  • US bachelor’s degrees in interior design are CIDA-accredited and internationally respected.
  • States like Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, New Jersey, and Michigan are hotspots for design jobs.
  • Well-known universities for interior design include:
  • Rhode Island School of Design, New York School of Interior Design, Pratt Institute, Boston Architectural College, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, Parsons School of Design, Art Institute of Atlanta


Why study in Spain?

  • Spain is an affordable option for studying interior design in Europe.
  • Despite low tuition fees, the quality of education is high.
  • It’s a popular destination for international students.
  • Studying interior design in Spain broadens your cultural perspective with its Westernized style.
  • There’s a large international student community, making it easy to fit in.
  • Spanish institutions provide a range of interior design degrees and programs.
  • Ramon Llull University in Barcelona specializes in private spaces, interior architecture, and more.


Why study in Turkey?

  • Turkey, in the Middle East, offers world-class education at affordable prices.
  • It’s home to historic Istanbul, rich in culture and history.
  • Interior design students in Turkey learn about the influence of art on culture and varied design views.
  • They gain hands-on experience and skills important for the field.
  • Leading Turkish universities for interior design include:
  • Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul Medipol University, and Bahcesehir University


Why study in Italy?

  • Italy, with its deep-rooted culture and art heritage, is ideal for art and design studies.
  • It’s famous for its furniture industry, offering students real-world learning opportunities.
  • Studying at a renowned Italian university can boost your design career prospects.
  • Italian colleges offer programs in English and have a robust education system for all students.
  • Italy is celebrated for its arts education with a wide selection of universities.
  • The Florence Institute of Design International provides diverse degree programs in English.
  • The Istituto Europeo di Design is also well-regarded for its design courses.


Why study in China?

  • China provides a wealth of educational and career opportunities in interior design.
  • Many programs are taught in English, with schools situated in key business areas.
  • Graduates in China may find ample job prospects thanks to innovation in housing and infrastructure.
  • Top universities for interior design in China include:
  • Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Now that you know the 8 best countries to study interior design abroad, would you be checking them out?

We guarantee that you will be making a good decision going with any of the countries mentioned in this article. 


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