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The day you graduate from law school comes with various kinds of emotions. You can finally spend more time with your loved ones and you can say goodbye to headache-inducing assignments. But another thing awaits you: the bar exam. It might be a hard pill to swallow, but it will probably take over the next several months of your youth life.

Yes, the bar exam is a challenging step in your future career as an aspiring lawyer. It requires a lot of effort and dedication, but don’t worry too much just yet because BarPrepHero is there for you. Today, we’ll talk in detail about the bar prep course, including anything from pricing options to study features to the learning experience!

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An Overview of the BarPrepHero Course

Do you prefer to work with textbooks or do you learn better visually? Do you need 1:1 tutoring lessons or do you think it’s enough to learn from video lessons? There are many things that go into deciding the best bar prep course for our needs. Thus, to help you make a better decision, we did thorough research on BarPrepHero, and here are our thoughts about it!

Company Reputation

First launched in 2012, BarPrepHero has helped more than three hundred thousand law students and professionals prepare themselves for the bar exam. During its initial years, it provides free lessons. However, it now provides paid programs that are focused mainly on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and Uniform Bar Examination (UBE). 

But even with its premium options, BarPrepHero still provides free lessons during some months of the year. These are primarily intended for people who haven’t decided whether to spend money on a prep course. The free program comes with flashcards, point sheets, and a complimentary MBE practice test, among other things.

Package Options

Like many other popular prep course providers, BarPrepHero offers different learning packages at different price rates. The most affordable one is The Sim MBE, which is priced at $99 per month. It includes more than 600 simulated MBE questions, 600 flashcards, and a Bar Exam Genie AI as your private tutor (a feature you don’t always get from a prep course provider).

The other two options are The Full MBE and The Full Bar, which are priced at $199/mo and $299/mo respectively. For The Full MBE, the additional features are five detailed email consults and an official outline of the MBE. Meanwhile, if you get The Full Bar package, you’ll also get official MEE essays and MPT tests from NCBE as well as five additional detailed email consults.

The great thing about subscribing to one of these premium packages is that you’ll get a pass guarantee. This implies that if you don’t pass a certain passing grade after completing a bar prep course, you can ask for a full refund. All you have to do is send an email to BarPrepHero and wait until it gets back to you with a confirmation email.

Key Features

From the package options above, we can safely say that BarPrepHero courses are relatively affordable, especially when you compare them to those from the bigger players in the game. But given those low prices, what are the things we should give up? Without further ado, let’s get right to discussing the key study tools that this course provider has to offer!

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  • Question Bank

In total, you will have access to more than 1,900 official and simulated MBE questions, which should be more than enough to get yourself familiar with the exam. Those simulated questions are written by authorized writers with years of experience, so they’ll also give you an authentic test impression. Moreover, the questions come with built-in hints and a comprehensive rationale.

  • Essay Analysis

One of the things that makes BarPrepHero deserve numerous five-star reviews is its essay feature. With access to more than 20 years’ worth of discussion and answers, the platform not only helps you answer multiple-choice questions but also does a great job of assisting you with writing an excellent essay. The only unfortunate thing is that it still has an essay grading tool in its arsenal.

  • AI Learning Assistant

How many prep course providers out there can provide you with a reliable learning assistant who is there to help you every hour of the day? BarPrepHero offers you exactly that with its Bar Exam Genie AI. It will not only give you detailed answers to your questions but also respond to you immediately. Plus, it may offer you personalized feedback, reinforcing your learning process.

  • Exam Simulations

BrapPrepHero also does not fall short in terms of practice examinations. Each of the exams comes with 6 different modules and 300 questions. With a similar format and question structures, these practice exams are designed to mimic the real bar examination as closely as they can be. What’s more, these exams come with adjustable features, making the whole thing even more personalizable.

You can, without a doubt, do the tests as they are. However, if you feel the need to change the pace or the kinds of questions, it’s also very possible. Usually, people make these adjustments to help them improve in certain areas. Another notable thing is that every question you miss will be immediately included in the challenge bank, ensuring you continually work on strengthening your mastery.

  • Flashcards

Here is the cherry on top of the BarPrepHero course: loads of flashcards. If you’ve taken a bar prep course before, you’d know how useful these cards can be. Thankfully, this prep course certainly does not skimp on these helpful learning materials. Even when you purchase the most affordable package, you’ll still get more than 600 flashcards. For the more expensive packages, more than 1,600 packages are available. 

  • Night Mode

This might seem like a very minor thing. But, given how hectic our daily lives can be, the ability to access the learning platform and read the study materials becomes very crucial. As you may have noticed already, more and more websites and phone apps out there are now offering night mode to their users. With that said, it’s a good thing that BarPrepHero is also jumping on the trend bandwagon.

BarPrepHero Course: FAQs

  • Is there any material on BarPrepHero aside from essay discussions and practice tests?

As mentioned earlier, BarPrepHero also provides a bountiful of flashcards. In addition, there are point sheets and audio content as well. All of them are designed to supplement your learning process, so make sure you use them between the practice tests and assignments. 

  • Is there any pass guarantee?

BarPrepHero also offers its students an opportunity to get a total refund in case they don’t meet a certain passing grade. There is one catch, though: you have to complete one of the premium packages, which means you have to take either The Full Bar or The Full MBE. To get your refund, you only need to send an email. 

  • I graduated a few years ago, can I still join a BarPrepHero course?

If you haven’t attended law school in a while, a BarPrepHero course can serve as a planned refresher, and it works far better than a set of YouTube videos. For someone in your position, it’s exactly what you would need—a brief crash course with a ton of legitimate practice exams. 

  • Do BarPrepHero courses include real questions from previous examinations?

Yes, they do! Each of all BarPrepHero courses includes a number of questions taken from the real exam. Therefore, by completing these practice tests, you will slowly but surely gain unique insights into the real tests. More than that, you will also be able to familiarize yourself with the pressure and structure of the test, allowing you to better picture the whole thing.

The Takeaway

There’s not a single bar exam prep course out there that can perfectly suit everyone, as each one delivers something different to its users. In the case of BarPrepHero, it provides students with a self-study learning experience, which means those who chose this prep course are allowed to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

There are definitely more premium options out there like Themis, Quimbee, and BARBRI, which provide students with more structured lessons and advanced learning platforms. Nonetheless, if you are looking for effective learning materials, high-quality questions, and affordable pricing options, then BarPrepHero is a bar prep course option worth considering.


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