DAT Booster Vs DAT Bootcamp : Which One is Best For You in 2023?

Today, I’m going to be comparing the two most popular DAT prep courses: DAT Bootcamp and DAT Booster. We’re going to take a close look at how they stack up.

Quick Summary

If you need a comprehensive self-study prep course and have at least 3 to 5 months to cover detailed video lessons, DAT Bootcamp is the best choice.

If you are weak in PAT and Biology or short in time, say less than 3 months, you should go with DAT Booster. The PAT section of DAT Booster is a notch above all other materials. 

If budget is not a concern, you can go for both Bootcamp and DATBooster during your course of preparation, depending on your weakness in practice tests.

A Quick Comparison

Here are the most relevant features of DAT Bootcamp and DAT Booster, set side by side for easier comparison:


DAT Bootcamp

DAT Booster

Study Materials

3,500 videos (at least)

3,000 videos (at least)

Practice Tests

60 practice tests (at least)

80 practice tests (at least)

Practice Questions

8,800 practice questions (at least)

8,900 practice questions (at least)

Tracking and Monitoring



Mobile App



Access Period

90 days or 180 days

90 days (You can keep extending)


$499 for 90 days

$899 for 180 days

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$299 for 90 days ($499 for 180 days)

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Detailed Comparison

Now let’s check out the features in greater detail:

Study Materials

Yes, it’s possible for aspiring dental students to just tackle the textbooks literally to cover many of the subjects covered by the DAT. It’s just that both these prep courses also offer practice materials for the PAT, which you may not easily find in any textbook. Also, both prep courses offer terrific video lessons that cover all the topics found in the DAT. These videos are all premium and in HD, and they do convey the concepts more effectively than just the text and illustrations in a regular textbook.

DAT Bootcamp

DAT Bootcamp is famous for its detailed videos, which offer many facts regarding the various lessons and subject matter. Even if you think you already know enough from textbooks, the DAT Bootcamp videos will often still provide you with new facts. The Chemistry video lessons are particularly superb, and many say that they’re the best DAT Chemistry video lessons in the entire industry.

On the other hand, some students find the minutiae offered by the videos as overwhelmingly too much. Students might feel bombarded with too much information.

Thus, the general consensus here is that the DAT Bootcamp videos lessons are great only for those who already have a decent (or even strong) understanding of the subject matter already. And when you consider that you have at least 3,500 video lessons to go through, and each one will offer a prodigious amount of detail, then you might be in for a bit of a rough time.

DAT Booster

Technically, DAT Booster almost matches DAT Bootcamp in both quantity and quality. That’s certainly obvious with the number of video lessons. DAT Booster has at least only 3,000 videos, while DAT Bootcamp has at least 3,500 videos.

But some people find 3,000 video lessons ample enough, as these videos still cover all the relevant subject matters.

It’s also true that DAT Booster videos don’t offer as many details in the lessons. And for many students, that’s actually a good thing. The videos offer just enough details to let you answer the DAT questions properly, and the videos are also very clear in presenting the facts. But you’re not overwhelmed by the amount of data from each video.

Also, the quality of the DAT Booster study materials has been exalted in the industry. This is especially true for the PAT section. This particular section is widely regarded as the best PAT study course in the industry, and the company behind DAT Booster actually offers a PAT Booster prep course as a separate option. The study materials offer features such as 3D image manipulation, so that you’re able to manually “turn” an image this way and that to get a feel for its true appearance and dimensions.

Practice Questions

Both courses offer a fairly similar number of practice questions, and both of them offer representative questions that mimic the questions on the DAT.

DAT Bootcamp

Here you have up to 8,800 practice questions, and that sure is a lot. It’s fairly certain you won’t run out of questions during your 90-day access. That amounts to almost 98 practice questions per day on average. Again, the questions are quite similar to what you might expect in the real DAT.

DAT Booster

Here you have slightly more practice questions, with at least 8,900. That gives you almost 99 questions per day for the 90-day access period. That’s just 1 more practice question per day, on average.

The DAT Booster practice questions are similarly exceptional. In fact, this is especially true for the practice questions in the Biology section of the prep course. Many student who have taken the DAT after going through the DAT Booster course have reported that some of the questions they encountered in the real DAT were word for word the same as the practice questions they tried on the DAT Booster.

The same goes for the quality of the PAT study section. The questions are extremely representative, and you’re even allowed to manipulate the images in the questions.

And the PAT section even offers an unlimited number of PAT practice questions. If you’re initially having trouble with the PAT before you went through the DAT Booster, then this particular section will certainly help. You just won’t run out of practice questions.

Practice Tests

It’s best if you try the practice tests throughout your 90-day access period. That way, you can track your progress so you’ll know if you’re getting better (or not, though that’s very unlikely).

You can also identify your weak points, and you can devote more time to these particular subjects.

DAT Bootcamp

Here you have at least 60 practice tests with 18 full-length practice tests, and that sure is a lot. You should be very familiar with the real DAT once you go through these tests.

It also means you can take 2 practice tests for each 3-day period. That’s enough to make sure you can track your progress and identify your weak points throughout the 90-day study period.

The practice tests are very realistic, so you will be very familiar with the real DAT once you take it. And the markup features here are superb.

DAT Booster

Here, you have even more practice tests with at least 80. That means there will be very few days when you’re not taking a practice test to monitor your progress. The 20 extra practice tests should really hammer home how the real DAT will feel like, plus you’re able to monitor your current progress more accurately.

Interface Quality and User Experience

It’s true that there’s really no objective way of comparing prep courses according to this factor. It all boils down to individual preferences and personal tastes. But it’s also true that you can survey large groups of users (or read their reviews) to note the general user experience.

DAT Bootcamp

Personally, I find the DAT Bootcamp interface just a bit better. Sure, the interfaces are similar. But somehow, going through the DAT Bootcamp prep course feels somewhat faster and smoother. Everything is prompt and quick.

In addition, you can download the DAT Bootcamp mobile app, so you can do some practice questions any time you have a few minutes free. This is certainly a lot more convenient, as most people don’t have their laptop with them all the time.

So, when you’re out on a date and your date is late, you can just whip out your smartphone and use your waiting time for a few practice questions.

DAT Booster

The quality of the interface is excellent as well, though the entire experience doesn’t seem as smooth as with the DAT Bootcamp. But then, that’s just my personal opinion.

Also, there’s no mobile app. So if you’re determined to study every time you have a few minutes free, that means you need to have your laptop with you all the time. And isn’t that a bit inconvenient?


That wraps up our detailed comparison of DAT Booster and DAT Bootcamp. So, which course do we recommend?

DAT Bootcamp and DAT Booster have different strengths, so choose based on your priorities.

Booster pros: Strong biology/PAT, updated study materials, representative practice tests

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Bootcamp pros: Sleek interface, mobile app, useful chemistry videos/markup tool

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If you can afford it, you can use both and it could be ideal to get all the benefits. But for most students, picking one course based on your needs is necessary.

If you are starting your DAT preparation, DAT Bootcamp is the better overall course.

DAT Booster does have some great advantages, like its Biology videos, PAT resources and limited tutoring. However, DAT Bootcamp has more pros:

  • Higher-quality video lessons and solutions
  • More realistic practice questions and larger question bank
  • Better study materials and platform
Best Overall
DAT Bootcamp
  • One of the most popular DAT programs known for its Bootcamp approach.
  • High-Quality Video lectures. Chemistry lessons are top-notch.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plans. Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • Most realistic practice test compared to others.
  • Bootcamp Pro $497, Plus Plan $897
Higher Score Guarantee
DAT Booster Summary
9/10Our Score
  • Excellent comprehensive study materials with visual aids, such as graphics
  • Around 9000 Practice problems that closely resemble the real thing
  • Realistic Practice Test.
  • Engaging video lessons in easily digestible portions
  • Impressive PAT problem creation and analysis tools.
  • Beneficial one-on-one coaching with expert tutors
  • Offers a guarantee for a higher score
  • Anki deck from Booster is quite useful for Chemistry.
  • No App. Tech and interface can be improved to give it a more organized feel.
  • Chemistry section can be improved.



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