DAT Bootcamp Review 2024: Is it Really the Best?

DAT Bootcamp is a short duration prep course designed specifically for the DAT. This was created by Dr. Ari Rezaei, who once found it difficult to prepare for the DAT before he took the test. He did score extremely high on the test (99th percentile), but he felt he had to work too hard for it. Then, of course, it didn’t help that he couldn’t find enough study resources for the DAT. And that’s what the DAT Bootcamp is all about. You can argue all you want about the quality of the materials and how it compares to the quality of the study materials of other DAT prep courses. But there’s no denying that DAT Bootcamp provides you with perhaps the most comprehensive study materials. You’ll be inundated with many study materials and be extremely busy going through all these. It’s not called a “Bootcamp” for nothing.

But how good is it? To answer that question, let’s take a closer look at what DAT Bootcamp offers.

Best Overall
DAT Bootcamp
  • One of the most popular DAT programs known for its Bootcamp approach.
  • High-Quality Video lectures. Chemistry lessons are top-notch.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plans. Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • Most realistic practice test compared to others.
  • Bootcamp Pro $497, Plus Plan $897

DAT Bootcamp Plans and Study Materials

DAT Bootcamp offers Bootcamp Pro, which serves up a ton of materials with 90 days of access, all for $497.

Or you can upgrade that to Bootcamp Plus for a total cost of $897. In addition, you’re given 180 days of access to all the study materials available in Bootcamp Pro. But then again, you also get 5 additional full-length practice tests.

Here’s a complete list of what you’re getting for your money:

  • 10 full-length tests
  • 8,800+ practice questions, continuously updated to reflect the current DAT test questions
  • 330+ in-depth Chemistry videos
  • 480+ DAT Biology videos (4842+ Questions)
  • 250+ videos on General Chemistry (883+ Questions)
  • 210+ videos on Organic Chemistry (1180+ Questions)
  • 80+ videos on Perceptual Ability (4209+ Questions)
  • 87+ videos on Quantitative Reasoning (1129+ Questions)
  • 24+ Videos on Reading Comprehension (1021+ Questions)
  • DAT Bio Bites Qbanks
  • PAT Generators to create unlimited PAT practice questions
  • Prometric mode, to simulate the same test interface you’ll see on the actual DAT test day
  •  Apps for iOS and Android for practice on the go

A Closer Look at Each Section

So, what are you getting from DAT Bootcamp regarding the specific study materials for each section? Let’s take a look:


The study materials for this section alone include more than 400 video lessons. You’re also getting 3,880 practice questions plus another 10 practice tests. And if that’s not enough, you still get the Bootcamp Biology Notes.

With the DAT Pro-Tips, you’re guided toward focusing on the concepts often tested in the DAT. That way, you can spend more time on areas that are likely to appear on the actual test. You only spend a little bit of time reviewing concepts that may not even be tested in the DAT at all.

You also get Bio Bites, which are snack-sized snippets to quickly find out what you already know and what areas need more work.

The study materials also feature gorgeous, hand-drawn illustrations so that you can see and understand the various Biology concepts.

You might have heard that starting in 2022; the DAT is adding new material to cover in the Biology section. These include questions about viruses, archaebacteria, genomics, gene expression, and epigenetics.

But DAT Bootcamp has upgraded its DAT prep courses to account for all these changes and additions. And that’s why the current version of DAT Bootcamp has an additional 150 new questions covering these subjects. In addition, of course, there are also new videos and other extra study materials on these topics.

DAT Bootcamp is so highly regarded because it always takes notes on all these changes and upgrades its DAT prep courses accordingly.

General Chemistry

This section features more than 600 videos, but these aren’t your regular videos. Instead, these are among the best videos in the entire DAT prep course industry. The video lessons are brought to life by the amazing Dr. Mike, who is super-engaging, while extremely clear and understandable when explaining the various concepts. Dr. Mike is so good at this that he has actually won awards for his teaching. He’s really that good.

The videos can be separated into 2 distinct categories. First, you have more than 330 HD videos offering lectures on the concepts that you’ll most likely be tested on when you take the actual DAT.

That way, you get the knowledge and understanding you need on the most pertinent topics. You only spend time on things that will probably come up on the test. And with Dr. Mike explaining all the General Chemistry Concepts, you can’t help but learn. Even students who don’t care much for chemistry find themselves more interested in the subject simply because of these videos.

Then there are another 300 or so explanation videos. The study materials include at least 503 practice questions and, of course, the 10 practice tests. The explanation videos will take you by the hand and guide you through every step of most of the problems, so you will know how to deal with similar questions when you encounter them in the actual DAT.

Organic Chemistry

Yes, we still have the great Dr. Mike featured in the videos. That’s always a good thing. And this time, you’re getting more than 750 videos, at least 977 practice questions, plus the 10 practice tests on Organic Chemistry.

The videos will cover just about every question you might encounter in the actual DAT so that you will fully understand the various concepts. The entire Survey of Natural Sciences features 100 questions, including 30 on Organic Chemistry. With so many videos and practice questions, you’re sure to encounter real DAT questions during your review.

You’ll even learn how to answer the questions quickly, as the whole Survey of Natural Sciences section of the DAT has a time limit of 90 minutes. But, of course, that’s less than a minute for each question, so time is of the essence.

That’s why there’s an Organic Chemistry Question Bank here with more than 200 practice questions and video explanations, which help you learn the helpful shortcuts you need to answer the questions quickly. You even get a convenient cheat sheet, so all the organic Chemistry reactions you need to cover are in one handy place.


Then there’s the special Perceptual Ability Test, which you won’t usually find in other types of tests. With such aspects as top-front-end visualization, angle ranking, and keyholes, this can indeed be a challenging part of the test.

To help you with this section, you get more than 850 videos and at least 1,499 practice questions, plus the 10 practice tests. But you will find that you’ll also get some real help from the TFE Visualizer, which gives you unlimited top-front-end visualization questions. That way, you can really picture the images in your head from various angles.

The study materials also have various Floating Cubes videos, plus practice questions. And you also get PAT generators so you can practice on as many practice questions on this topic as you want. You can determine which sections are giving you the most issues (for most, these are angle rankings and keyholes), and you can improve these areas.

This section is tricky because only a few people are familiar with these questions. As a result, the questions can be confusing, especially if encountering them for the first time. But the videos and the PAT generators can help you become more familiar with the unique format of these questions, so you will be able to handle the real thing.

Reading Comprehension

This is much more common for most people, which explains why you only get a few videos for this section. You only get 20 videos since it’s a very familiar and straightforward format for most DAT test-takers. You read a passage, and then you get questions on how well you understand what you just read. You generally get 5 paragraphs of text and several questions, and you answer the questions. You can answer most of the questions by finding the exact relevant text in the passages.

But it’s not that simple. Some of the problems in this section might feature graphs, for example. That’s why you also get practice questions with graphs, related words, and evidence.

In this section, you’ll find the Reading Comprehension Academy particularly helpful. This particular feature will help you find the best methods that will help you get the best scores you can in this specific section.

There’s also a Passage Question Bank so you can practice the various methods before the practice tests.

DAT Bootcamp Reading Comprehension Real demo
DAT Bootcamp Reading Comprehension

Quantitative Reasoning

This is math, but with a twist. You get a word problem that you must understand clearly to pick the correct answer for the specific question. You’re not just given an equation with blanks you have to fill it up with the correct number. There’s some reasoning involved.

And because it’s not that easy, you’re getting more than 950 videos, along with at least 1,152 practice questions aside from the questions in the practice tests. The sheer amount of study materials here will ensure that you get to cover every possible type of math question you might encounter. That means you have practice problems, plus video explanations on how to solve the problem correctly.

Here, you have the overly supportive QR Academy, which will conveniently break down every problem in this section, so you fully understand what’s being asked. And you’ll get convenient shortcuts to help you answer the questions quickly.

Remember that the QR section of the DAT features 30 questions plus another 10 questions in the form of word problems. That’s 40 problems; you have just 45 minutes to answer everything. But, of course, you’ll have issues if it takes you a full minute to understand the problem.

It does help that DAT Bootcamp has a convenient Formulas Cheatsheet included in this section. You then have, in just 1 place, all the formulas you’re most likely to use in the DAT. But, of course, you better hope you have all these formulas memorized.

Additional Features

Aside from the video lessons, practice questions, video explanations, and full-length practice tests, you also get the following features:

The Tagging System

This unique system in DAT Bootcamp lets you rate your current understanding of a particular practice question when you’re doing your review. Basically, you’re tagging all the questions you might want to review further down the line. This means you can identify the questions that you know you’re already familiar with and the particular questions where you might need more help.

Question Tagging System in Bootcamp
Question Tagging System in Bootcamp

You can tag every question, and that helps you a lot.

  •   If you encounter a practice question that you’ve answered correctly, and you’re confident that you can answer this type of question correctly, then give it the green Mastered tag. Then you’ll know that all these questions are easy for you, and you might give them a skim later when you have some time.
  • Another tag is the gray Bookmarked tag. You can tag any practice question this way (even the practice questions you answered correctly) when you want to take another look at it. This is a reasonable tag to use for practice questions that you should examine later in greater detail.
  • Then there’s the yellow Reviewing tag. This is best for practice questions for which you think your understanding could be clearer. You’ll want to review the various practice questions with this tag so you will feel more confident about answering them in the future.
  • The red Learning tag is for the practice questions you got wrong. These are the practice questions you want to recheck and focus more on. There should be a time when you take all these red-tagged questions, and you should be able to answer them all correctly afterward. 
  • This system lets you categorize the various practice questions you encounter, so you get a better idea of which questions need a lot more study. You can then change the tags for the questions when you become more confident about answering them correctly.

The Study Schedule

This is another helpful feature that gives you a good template for setting a study schedule for you. It gives you a doable daily plan of 3 to 6 hours of study per day, with some break days in between. You can always customize this schedule, of course, but it’s a handy template to start with. You do have to stick to the schedule religiously. Procrastination can be a tough habit to break. And you might feel a bit discouraged at first with the sheer amount of study materials you must go through.

You also get a neat Progress Tracking feature highlighting how you’re doing in each section. In addition, your progress is tracked whenever you take the full-length practice tests, so you’re continuously updated on which areas need more study.

The Apps

You can download the apps for your iOS and Android mobile devices, so you can add a bit of study whenever you have a few minutes here and there. That means you can pass the time when you’re bored studying. In addition, you can get some practice questions in, especially the bite-sized questions in the Questions Bank. And, of course, you can do a bit of review on a few of your tagged practice questions.

Representative DAT Practice Tests

When you take the DAT for real, you won’t feel that sort of confusion that you might get when you encounter something unfamiliar. That’s because the real DAT practice test will feel like what you reviewed on DAT Bootcamp.

With DAT Bootcamp, the questions feature content and a style that’s virtually the same as what you get in the real thing. Even the test interface with DAT Bootcamp is like what you’ll face in the actual DAT. It’s the sort of familiarity that can help to make you feel confident. You can tell yourself, “I’ve got this,” and you’ll tell the truth.

Tutorial Help

If you need this sort of help, you can get it. These are actual people available 24/7 and not bots. You can contact DAT Bootcamp, and the folks there will get back to you quickly.

DAT Bootcamp Crash Course

DAT Bootcamp is mostly self paced DAT prep course without any live class component. To fill that gap, they offer crash courses to fill that gap. So, if you are not confident in any specific section, you can use this crash course. It is generally priced at $97 per session. You can sign up for free trial of their regular package to regular update about upcoming crash courses.

  • Interactive Format: The courses are live and not pre-recorded, enabling real-time interaction and engagement.
  • Efficient Learning: The courses condense high-yield material into three-hour sessions, which is like fast-tracking weeks of study.
  • Frequent Availability: Crash Courses are offered a few times a month for each subject, providing multiple opportunities for students to join in.
  • No Prerequisite Knowledge: While having some subject knowledge is beneficial, it’s not a requirement, making the courses accessible to all.
  • No Membership Needed: There’s no obligation to have a Bootcamp membership to register, providing flexibility for students.


Application Services

They also offer application services to help you in getting admitted in your dream university.

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Final Words

This is one of the best deals in the DAT Prep Course industry, no doubt about it. It’s true that overall, the video lessons in the top-notch Princeton Review and Kaplan DAT courses are somewhat better than the videos you get from DAT Bootcamp. The most notable exceptions are the Dr. Mike Chemistry videos—nothing will top those.

But you’re getting a lot more study materials here than anywhere else. No other DAT prep course can beat the (at least) 8,800 practice questions and 3,900 videos you’re getting from DAT Bootcamp. You can be virtually sure that with 280 questions in the actual DAT, none of those questions will be unfamiliar. The study materials will have indeed covered some aspects of these questions.

Factor in how these prep courses are much more affordable than Princeton Review and Kaplan (both of which can cost you more than a thousand dollars each), and you’re getting a great deal at either $497 or $897. You can even use Afterpay to do 4 installments without paying any interest.

So, is DAT Bootcamp a good choice if you’re preparing for the DAT? It’s a great choice, and you’re sure to do well in the DAT if you take this review seriously. Of course, you’ll be very busy studying, but it’s all good!  

Best Overall
DAT Bootcamp
  • One of the most popular DAT programs known for its Bootcamp approach.
  • High-Quality Video lectures. Chemistry lessons are top-notch.
  • Customizable practice questions and study plans. Helpful video explanations for hundreds of questions. Good for visual learners.
  • Most realistic practice test compared to others.
  • Bootcamp Pro $497, Plus Plan $897


Is DAT Bootcamp worth it?

For Chemistry and Biology section, DAT Bootcamp is the unmatched among its peers. Bootcamp has improved its PAT section significantly recently as well. If you need high yield video lessons to get prepared in 3-4 months, DAT Bootcamp is the right prep course for you. You get 10 full length practice tests with detailed answer explanations to prepare for you DAT in the most effective way.

Is DAT Bootcamp free?

No, but they do have a limited free trial option though. You can sign up to get a feel of their course and get a full length test for free. You can also use their question of the day feature for free.

Is there a DAT Bootcamp app?

Yes.DAT Bootcamp provides a modern sleek app. Their interface is one of the best among peers.

Is DAT Bootcamp hard?

Yes. But they do have a solid reason for the same. DAT Bootcamp’s practice tests place an emphasis on medium to hard level questions. This approach, simulating the steep scoring scale of the actual exam, makes their tests slightly more challenging but not harder than the real DAT. The goal is to use these practice tests as a learning tool, helping you avoid repeating mistakes in the real exam, thus improving your test-day performance and increasing your chances of getting into dental school.

Is DAT Bootcamp enough?

Yes. You should give more time to review the questions you get wrong in practice tests. But, some students might still feel weaker in a particular section even after completing DAT Bootcamp. You can try DAT Bootcamp crash courses for your weak areas. If you are weak in PAT section, you can try DATBooster. Many students find DAT Destroyer in combination with Bootcamp for their preparation.

How long is DAT Bootcamp program?

DAT Bootcamp provides both 90 days and 180 days option to choose from.

Are DAT Bootcamp scores accurate?

No. DAT Bootcamp scores tend to deflated your score by 2-4 points compared to real DAT. You should take the average of you last 5 full length tests and add 2 points to get a conservative estimate of your real DAT score.

How much is DAT Bootcamp?

DAT Bootcamp is the most comprehensive DAT self paced prep course in the market and you can get Pro package (3 months access) for around $449 and premium package (6 months access) for $809 with the promo code DEN10.

Is DAT Bootcamp similar to real DAT?

Yes. We found level of difficulty of practice problems similar to real DAT. Many DAT Bootcamp students report that its practice tests are similar to the actual DAT, especially the chemistry and biology sections.DAT Bootcamp’s practice tests place an emphasis on medium to hard level questions. This approach, simulating the steep scoring scale of the actual exam, makes their tests slightly more challenging but not harder than the real DAT.

Are DAT Bootcamp crash courses worth it?

If you are struggling in certain section such as Biology or Chemistry section, these crash course can be of good help. Sign up for their free trial course to get the latest schedule of their crash course.

How to pause DAT Bootcamp subscription?

You have to request that by contacting support. You can generally do that once.

What is the guarantee of DAT Bootcamp?

No, DAT Bootcamp does not provide score improvement guarantee. You can consider DAT Booster if score guarantee is a critical feature for you.


Review Summary

Rated 4.0 out of 5
4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good67%

User Reviews

I felt like Bootcamp was enough for me.

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 27, 2024

I seem to be one of the exceptions because I didn’t find PAT Booster to be as helpful as others did. From what I saw, everything PAT Booster offered was also covered by DAT Bootcamp, including the PAT Academy which teaches you the strategies. While some people might prefer the format and difficulty level of Booster, I felt like Bootcamp was enough for me.

With DAT Bootcamp and DAT Destroyer, and using Chad’s videos as a supplement for chemistry, I felt like I was well-prepared for the exam.


stick to DAT Bootcamp, learn from mistakes, stick to your study plan

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 25, 2024

I cleared the DAT after a focused 3-month study period. The DAT Bootcamp was key, providing the structure I needed. Practice tests were essential imo, and I dedicated roughly 4 hours daily to studying, adjusting as necessary. I strategically took a break just before the exam to stay mentally healthy. Daily PAT practice, targeted QR review, consistent RC strategy, in-depth biology prep, and Dr. Mike’s chemistry resources were crucial. For organic chemistry, Bootcamp’s cheat sheets and videos refreshed my knowledge. My tips: stick to DAT Bootcamp, learn from mistakes, stick to your study plan, and ensure life balance.


Liked Bootcamp's Practice Test

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 24, 2024

I mostly used Bootcamp for practice tests and I was averaging a good score on the practice exams, and on the actual DAT, I managed to pull off a higher score, mostly because I crushed the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) section with an insane score.

As you get further along in your test prep, you reach a point where you’ve got a pretty solid handle on the stuff that’s gonna be on the test. At that stage, your final score comes down to how you’re feeling on test day and a bit of luck. Like, you need to know your stuff, but things like your mental state, how confident you are, and even external factors can make a big difference in how you end up doing overall.


If you can afford DAT Bootcamp, I'd say go for it

Rated 3.0 out of 5
April 18, 2024

In my opinion, if you can afford DAT Bootcamp, I’d say go for it. But at the current high price, I don’t think it’s worth the money. Instead, I’d suggest looking into DAT Booster and DAT Math Destroyer. They’ve got better content and practice, and they cost less. Booster guys have increased prices now though!

Here’s a breakdown of the resources and what they cost:

– DAT Booster: $240

– DAT Math Destroyer: $200

– Chad’s video coursesaver: $50 (this is optional if you decide to use Booster)

– Dynamite Bio Review: Free

– DAT Bootcamp bio notes: Free

– Feralis notes: Free

By using these resources, you can study for the DAT effectively without spending a ton of money.


Use tag questions for tracking, use notecards, maintain a social life, exercise, and don't obsess over practice test scores

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 18, 2024

I achieved decent scores on the DAT last month, thanks to a rigorous study schedule with DAT Bootcamp. I engaged in intensive study sessions six days a week, lightening up with shorter reviews on Sundays. My strategy involved completing several Bio modules weekly, daily Chem modules, and using notecards for complex topics. I scored highest in OChem using a similar approach. For Perceptual Ability, I tackled daily problems and watched lots of explanatory videos. I managed to get through Reading Comprehension and Quantitative Reasoning by consistently working on strategy and practice problems.

Tips for success: Use tag questions feature for tracking, use notecards, maintain a social life, exercise, and don’t obsess over practice test scores. The actual DAT seemed easier after the rigorous Bootcamp prep. Stay dedicated to your prep, and you’re set for a good performance on the DAT!


Quantitative Reasoning part—that felt a bit easier than the real deal

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 15, 2024

When I was gearing up for my DAT, I went all-in with Bootcamp as my go-to guide. I had this grand plan to study for three months, but life happened, and I ended up cramming all that prep into just a month and a half. But check this out—I still pulled off a good score. That was pretty much in line with the practice scores I was hitting right before the exam.

I’ve got to say, I don’t buy into the whole idea that DAT Bootcamp’s practice exams are way off with their scoring, well, except for the Quantitative Reasoning part—that felt a bit easier than the real deal. So, for anyone wondering if an average score on Bootcamp’s practice is going to magically bump up on the actual test, in my case, that didn’t happen.


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