NCLEX Mastery Review 2024: Hyped or Worth it?

NCLEX Mastery app has been a topic of discussion for the past few weeks, and most people wonder if they should get it. The app, popular as a resource to help students prepare for the NCLEX, allows students to access content on various devices while on the go. 

So, is it worth it, or is it hype? Here is the review.

What We Like and What We Dislike?

Before diving into the app’s details, here is a short summary of what we like and dislike about the NCLEX Mastery app.

What We Like What We Dislike
  • It is accessible on different devices- smartphones, computers, etc. making it accessible on the go.
  • Affordable compared to other courses offering the same service
  • A lot of practice questions and review quizzes
  • The app has a section to track your progress on the review material
  • It is more effective when used alongside other review materials
  • It does not include any videos or lectures on NCLEX topics
  • The app focuses more on practice and review rather than the learning material


NCLEX Mastery Overview

The NCLEX Mastery app is a resource that provides definitions of NCLEX concepts, mnemonics, practice questions, quizzes, and a general descriptive view that can be accessed on different devices.

NCLEX Mystery Sample Question

There are two app solutions to help students taking NCLEX. Both apps are designed to help students through practice quizzes and questions, are accessible on various devices, and have subscription pricing. 

However, there is a lot of overlap between the two apps. Both do not offer any lectures or videos and don’t offer a formal review course. There is a different app for students in Canada taking NCLEX PN & RN. 

How Much Does NCLEX Mastery Cost?

There are three pricing options. The one-month plan goes for $29.99 monthly; the three-month plan sells for $59.99, while the annual plan goes for $119.99.

NCLEX Mastery Curriculum

The software is dedicated to helping students review content they have learned through definitions, mnemonics, and practice questions. Compared to other courses, NCLEX Mastery does not offer lengthy lectures which people can use to learn core concepts. Therefore, it is more of a revision resource, and most students prefer it as a supplementary resource.

While it lacks structured lectures, there are a lot of review materials that can help aspiring nurses understand what might be tested on their upcoming NCLEX. For a revision resource, NCLEX Mastery has many review questions that can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and know what topics they might need to go back to.

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Also, the NCLEX Mastery curriculum is flexible; you can choose the subjects you want to review. This lets you tailor your content review to your skills. 

A Review of the Platform

While other resources are offering the same services to nursing students, NCLEX Mastery has a competitive advantage because of its platform. They have content that students can easily access through tablets, smartphones, computers, etc. The accessibility comes in handy when the student has only a few minutes to spare, making studying easy.

Convenience is a great factor for students with a lot to do and looking to make the most of every minute. A student can use the app in their downtime and become familiar with their coursework compared to the time it would take through other apps.

Their software also gives feedback to the user, which is detailed enough to help them understand their mastery of the topic. This way, the student learns what topics they excel in and what topics they might need to channel their focus to, as the NCLEX Mastery app also lets you know how many questions you get correct under each subtopic. 

Generally, the NCLEX Mastery app has features that make it easier for students to focus on studying. It actualizes the motto: study smart, not hard. Additionally, it is versatile enough as it allows students to make custom quizzes on subjects they select. There is also an option to take timed tests to prepare you for NCLEX time limitations.

Who Stands to Benefit Most from the NCLEX Mastery App?

The app is a great resource for students who need to review content on topics they have learned and mastered and only need practice with. It is also suitable for students looking for additional study resources on a budget. 

While it has great practice questions, NCLEX Mastery is not very detailed and might not be the best option for anyone looking to revisit the topics through notes or videos. So, to get the best experience with the app, ensure you have a strong understanding of your nursing classes and only need help reviewing. 

What Other Students Have to Say

A useful resource

Laurice, a nursing student who has tried the app, says,” I can admit this has been a useful resource in my study. I can use the app on any device, which makes it easy to study on the go. All I have to do is squeeze in some time to study and use my app on my phone.”

An impeccable app even for iPhones

Tiffany, an iPhone user, shares her experience with the NCLEX Mastery app on her phone. “It is the best study app, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an app that offers value for the money.”

I am glad I tried it

Natalie shares, ” I was skeptical about it at first, but since I needed help with some topics, I decided to try it. After using it for a few minutes on the first day, I experienced how good the app was. It has a lot of questions, good mnemonics, and practice quizzes, which helped me understand some topics best/”

Alternatives to NCLEX Mastery App

We all have different needs, and if the NCLEX Mastery app does not meet your study needs, I have three suitable alternatives to help you prepare for your NCLEX. The first one is It has a lot of practice questions, an NCLEX simulator, and a gold standard subscription with a pass guarantee. 

Next, I recommend the UWorld NCLEX, which is exceptionally helpful for visual learners as it has great visual explanations that simplify even the most complex concepts. Lastly, I recommend the Hurst, a comprehensive NCLEX-RN course with core content.


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