• Country: Australia
  • Offered by: Southern Cross University
  • Institutions: Southern cross University Campuses
  • Type: Partially Funded Scholarship
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate, Postgraduate
  • Scholarship Amount: $5,000 – $8,000 AUD
  • Deadline: Depends on the Term and Degree Program
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Australia is one country that opens up their academic opportunities to the rest of the world, even giving special privileges and options mainly aimed at international students. Multiple universities in Australia offer a wide range of scholarships to incoming undergraduate and graduate students; Southern Cross University is one of these charitable institutions. 

The Southern Cross University scholarships are partial funding given to select students to aid their financial needs throughout their education with the university. They are offered to international students who apply to the university for an undergraduate or master’s program. 

As a renowned institution, SCU Australia and its scholarships not only present students with the opportunity to study at the university but also to excel in their respective fields.

The university offers two scholarships for the academic year 2023-2024; the details are listed below, along with their benefits.

SCU Australia Scholarships

The recipient of an SCU Australia scholarship will be awarded these benefits:

#1.International Regional Scholarships

The student who gets this scholarship will receive a $5,000 tuition fee reduction every year. It will be paid throughout the student’s education in installments, starting from the first year until the student graduates, depending on the degree course period.

#2.Vice Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Scholarships

For the Vice Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Scholarships, the student will be awarded an $8,000 tuition fee reduction. This will also be paid yearly for the whole duration of the student’s chosen program, starting from the first year until graduation.

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Criteria for Eligibility for SCU Australia Scholarships

These are the criteria that applicants must qualify for in order to be eligible for the scholarship grant:

Must speak English

The medium of instruction in the university is primarily English, so the student should be proficient in the language.

Must not be from Australia or New Zealand

The scholarships are offered to international students, so any applicants from all the world’s countries are eligible. Students who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand will not qualify for the scholarship.

Apply for a full course

The applicant must apply for a full course degree program at any SCU Australia campus: Lismore, Gold Coasts, or Coffs Harbour. The scholarships will only be granted if the applicant enrolls in the full eight units per year of coursework for any undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Must meet University requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must first meet all minimum admission requirements of the university.

For Undergraduate Applicants

  • Must qualify for the entry grade level of the degree program being applied to
  • Has a qualification equivalent to Australian-level Year 12
  • An English language comparable to Academic IELT of 6.0 Overall

For Postgraduate applicants

  • Must qualify equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s degree
  • An English language comparable to an Academic IELT of 6.5

Maintaining the Scholarship

The student must complete all the necessary units for the coursework and maintain at least a passing grade in all departments to remain eligible for the grant.

Attendance Requirements

To remain eligible, the grantee must meet all attendance requirements for their degree program and student visa.

SCU Australia Scholarships Application

The following are the requirements and processes to apply for the university and the scholarship.

University Applications

Southern Cross University applications are accepted through the following channels:

  • Education Agents

Student applicants from Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Libya are advised to apply through Education agents.

  • Online Applications

Online applications can be done on the web.

  • Direct Applications

For direct applications, the applicant must fill in the International Application for Admission form with all the supporting documents listed below to avoid delays in the application process.

  1. Certified copy of Academic Transcript of Record
  2. English Proficiency Test Result (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  3. If required, Academic or employer references
  4. If relevant, the Advanced Standing application

The university advises that the application be sent in and received two months before the desired semester begins. 

Vice Chancellor’s Academic Scholarship requirements

This is the process of how to apply for the Vice Chancellor’s Academic Scholarship:

Official Websites




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What university can you apply to with the scholarship?

You can apply to any of the SCU Australia campuses. They are in Lismore, Gold Coasts, and Coffs Harbour.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The amount will depend on the scholarship you will be granted, but the value is from $5,000 to AUD 8,000.

Who can receive the scholarship?

International students are prioritized for this scholarship, so students from Australia and New Zealand cannot be granted the scholarship.