Scholarship Overview

  • Country: Australia
  • Scholarship Type:  Curtin Domestic Student 
  • Institution: Curtin University
  • Funded by: Curtin University and other external parties
  • Tuition Type: Full or partial funding
  • Degree Program: Master’s and PhD
  • Scholarship Amount: Not specified
  • Separate Application Required?: Yes
  • Deadline: November 15, 2023
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Scholarship Benefits

A HDR study program incurs two primary expenses: tuition fees and living costs during the course of study. Scholarships are available in two categories that correspond to these areas:

Fee Offset Scholarships: These scholarships encompass a portion or the entirety of your educational expenses for a designated period. When the scholarship period concludes, you might receive an invoice for the remaining tuition fees if you were granted only a partial scholarship.

Stipend Scholarships: These funds are allocated to support you throughout your pursuit of full-time or part-time education. Sustenance grants manifest in diverse forms, with varying amounts, and can be sponsored by external entities (such as the government) or internal sources (such as researcher grants or funding from Curtin University’s competitive and strategic budget allocations). These grants may serve as an additional sum for a brief duration or be specifically tailored for short-term educational objectives

Fee Offset Scholarship provision:  

  1. a) Research Doctorate:

Full-time study: 4 years equivalent

Part-time study: 8 years equivalent

(b) Master’s program:

Full-time study: 2 years equivalent

Part-time study: 4 years equivalent

Your full benefit will be stated in your Offer Letter. 


  • Should be a student at Curtin University, either as a domestic student or an international student.
  • Should be registered as a full-time student within the university, unless an exception is granted by Curtin.
  • Should be pursuing a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at Curtin.
  • Should fulfill all the necessary academic prerequisites for the HDR program.
  • Should meet the English language proficiency requirements specified by Curtin, unless an exception is granted.
  • Should fulfill any additional eligibility criteria mentioned in the Conditions.
  • Should fulfill the specific requirements outlined on the Curtin Scholarship webpage to be eligible for the respective scholarship.

If your Scholarship is funded by an External Funding Party, you should meet any criteria required by that Party.

Curtin may take any funding you receive in relation to your Course into consideration in determining whether to award you a Scholarship.

How to apply?

Recipients of HDR Scholarships administered by Curtin University are requested to inform the Graduate Research School about any changes to their enrollment or personal circumstances that might impact their scholarship. These changes include:

  • Switching from part-time to full-time study
  • Taking a leave of absence
  • Updating bank account details (this can be done by submitting a Payment Starting Advice Form)
  • Engaging in new employment
  • Traveling overseas
  • Submitting their thesis or withdrawing from their HDR course

Scholarship recipients who require additional funded support to complete their studies beyond their current period of support may apply for a Completion Scholarship.

You can find full list of scholarships in Australia for international students here.

Additional Information

Your Offer Letter will provide the specific details regarding the duration of your Scholarship. The Scholarship Term should not exceed the Maximum Term unless stated otherwise in your Offer Letter. See full details of scholarship duration here

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