• Country: Australia
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Offered by: University of South Australia
  • Institutions: University of South Australia
  • Type: Full Tuition Waiver
  • Degree Program: Master’s/Phd
  • Scholarship Amount: Covers a total of 4 years for Ph.D. students and two years for research Master’s students
  • Deadline: Open all year
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The University of South Australia offers International Research Tuition Scholarships (IRTS) for international students to allow them to complete a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in the research field. The scholarships are given to international applicants who demonstrate academic excellence and research capability. 

During their degree, they will be supported and given a full living stipend supported by external funding. Students who can fund their living allowance and show proof of this can still be considered for an IRTS. 

With a research environment that has extensive connections to industry government and communities, highly experienced and engaged supervisors, and a focus on addressing globally significant issues, the University of South Australia commits to ensuring that research degree candidates are provided with excellent and contemporary research training, allowing them to graduate with skill sets that improve their employment prospects. The Excellence for Research in Australia reported in 2018 that 100% of the university’s assessed detailed research fields were rated above world-standard. 

Scholarship Value and Duration

Recipients of the International Research Tuition Scholarships can enjoy the following benefits:

  • For Ph.D. students, a total fee waiver for a maximum of 4 years, with a possibility of a six-month extension.
  • For Masters by Research students, a total fee waiver for a maximum of 2 years. 

Please note that the scholarship does not cover Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate health coverage for themselves and their families, if applicable. 

Offered Courses

These are the courses the University of South Australia offers for its scholarships:

  • Allied Health and Human Performance
  • Clinical and Health Services
  • Education Futures 
  • STEM
  • Business 
  • Creative and Architecture
  • Justice, Society, and Law 

You can find full list of scholarships in Australia for international students here.


To be eligible for International Research Tuition Scholarship, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must be proficient in the English language.
    • This can be demonstrated by the following:
      • Passing an approved test (IELTS, TOEFL, CPE or CAE, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic)
      • Academic experience
      • Finishing an Academic English program (CELUSA, UTS Insearch Academic English Program in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • All world countries are eligible.
  • Must the eligibility criteria of the University of South Australia
    • For Ph.D. students:
      • An Honors degree or a Bachelor’s degree with Honors of at least class 2a standard in an appropriate discipline
      • OR a Master’s degree relevant to the field
      • OR have previous education, relevant professional experience, and published research work that satisfies the Dean of Research.
    • For Masters by Research students:
      • An Honors degree or a Bachelor’s degree with Honors
      • OR a Bachelor’s degree relevant to the field of at least three years with a minimum credit average
      • OR a Master’s degree relevant to the field
      • OR have previous education, relevant professional experience, and published research work that satisfies the Dean of Research.
  • Must be a commencing international research degree student.
  • Must demonstrate high-quality research capability, as assessed by the University
  • Must have the support of a strong supervisory panel and be enrolled in an environment rich in research
  • Must be a recipient of a fully externally funded stipend scholarship or a recipient of a living stipend with external funding support OR
  • They must be able to fund their living costs for their time in the country and can show proof of this upon applying. 

Please note that the university does not accept test results from Duolingo as evidence of proficiency in the English language in any circumstances.

Additionally, the living stipend should be externally funded and administered through the University or in agreement with a sponsorship body, industry partner, or organization. The University’s Research Degree Scholarship Allocation Guidelines: Competitive Commonwealth and University of South Australian Funded Scholarships will be used to assess all applications submitted to the university. 

How To Apply 

  • International students who have an external sponsorship or scholarship are eligible to apply for listed projects at UniSA.
  • Some sponsored students may need to meet additional criteria outlined by their funding source. This could include developing an independent research project under a UniSA supervisor.
  • More details on application requirements for sponsored international students can be found here.
  • If you have trouble finding a UniSA supervisor to oversee your proposed research, or have any other questions, contact the university for assistance. The sponsorship office can help connect students to potential supervisors and answer queries about the application process.

To apply for International Research Tuition Scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Visit this page and create your account.
  2. Once you have logged in to your account, attach the following documents:
    1. Proof of English proficiency
    2. Selected program
    3. Proposed supervisor
    4. A CV that includes professional experience
    5. Study history documents
    6. Proposed research
    7. Published research
    8. Academic referee reports 

Any listed projects are available to international students with external sponsorship or scholarship. Some sponsorship or scholarship bodies may stipulate additional conditions for the applicants. Some may ask them to develop their project with a University of South Australia supervisor. You can find out more on this page

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