The University of Western Australia is offering scholarships for international students. This is a fantastic opportunity for international students who are passionate about higher education and wish to pursue their studies in Australia. Find out how you can study at the University of Western Australia, partially funded by this scholarship!

  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Funded by: University of Western Australia
  • Type: Partially funded
  • Education level: Undergraduate and master’s degree program is offered
  • Duration: 
    • Four years for undergraduate. 
    • Two years for masters
  • Deadline: 26th July 2024 & 31st Dec 2024

Who can apply?

• Must be an international student 

• It is necessary for applicants to have a strong academic record.

• Must demonstrate financial need

• Must be accepted into an eligible program at the University of Western Australia

• Must meet the university’s entry requirements 

• Must comply with the Australian Government’s study visa and other immigration requirements 

• Achieve something similar an ATAR between 85.00 to 98.00+; or WAM of 70.00 to 85.00+

• Must not be receiving another scholarship for the same program

• Must be able to provide evidence of English proficiency if from a non-English speaking country

• Must not have previously undertaken studies in Australia on a student visa

What is the value of the scholarship?

• On eligible courses, the scholarship covers up to AUD$48,000 over four years & AUD$36,000 over three years; postgraduate students can receive up to AUD$24,000 over two years.

• Students awarded the scholarship will receive an allowance for living expenses for the duration of their study program.

• This allowance includes coverage for accommodation, meals, and transportation.

• The scholarship also provides access to career mentoring and networking opportunities through the University of Western Australia’s alumni network.  

How will the scholarship be paid?

The University of Western Australia Scholarships will be paid in installments throughout the program. Payments will be made directly to students’ accounts at UWA, and students will need to meet all eligibility criteria for the scholarships to continue receiving payments. The amount of each payment will be determined by the university and may vary depending on the study program. Scholarship recipients are responsible for all associated tuition fees, course costs, and living expenses during their studies. Scholarship recipients must maintain good academic standing during their studies and abide by all rules & regulations of UWA while studying there.

Furthermore, scholarship recipients should plan to participate in activities organized by the university, such as public lectures, seminars, workshops, internships, etc., which can help develop professional skills. All applicants should also plan to participate in community service programs or events hosted by UWA to give back to the local community. After graduating from the university, scholarship holders may also have to give a speech about their experience at UWA or mentor new international students from similar backgrounds. Finally, scholarship holders are expected to stay connected with the university through alumni events or other networking opportunities available throughout the year.

What is the application process?

Getting a scholarship from the University of Western Australia is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create an account: 

Start by creating an online application account with the UWA International Admissions Office. You will need to provide personal information and passport details to complete the application form.

  1. Submit your documents: 

Submit all the required documents and your application form, including your curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, proof of English proficiency, and letter of recommendation (if applicable).

  1. Receive acknowledgment: 

Once your application has been received and processed, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt.

  1. Wait for a decision: 

UWA’s panel of experts will review your application, and you should hear back within 4-6 weeks of your application submission.

  1. Successful applicants: 

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter outlining the terms and conditions of the scholarship. You should review the offer carefully and respond within the specified timeframe.

  1. Commencement of studies: 

Upon acceptance of the offer letter, you can start making arrangements to begin your studies in Australia. 

By following these steps, you can apply for a University of Western Australia Scholarship and get partially funded to study in Australia.


  1. Are there any restrictions on the courses I can apply for with this scholarship?

Answer: No, this scholarship has no restrictions on the courses you can apply for. You can choose any course & apply at the University of Western Australia. 

  1. What documents do I need to submit when applying for the University of Western Australia Scholarships 2023-2024?

Answer: To apply for the scholarship, you will need to provide evidence of your academic achievements, financial means, & any other relevant documents requested by the University of Western Australia. 


Studying in Australia is a unique experience & the University of Western Australia Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for international students to get partially funded for their studies. By applying for these scholarships, you could be on your way to an incredible educational experience at UWA. So don’t wait any longer; start the journey toward reaching your educational goals!

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