Canada is known for its outstanding education and renowned universities. But students typically cut Canada off their list, thinking education would be costly there. Get this out of your mind if you also feel the same. Many famous universities in Canada provide high-quality education at affordable costs. Stick to the end to find out some of the top universities in Canada that offer various degree programs at affordable rates for international students. 

#1.University of Saskatchewan

With many scholarships for international students, this public research university in Saskatchewan has a tuition fee of $6,536.46 per year. It is ranked 439 in the QS world university ranking. With a minimum of 6.5 scores in IELTS, you can quickly secure admission to this university. 

#2.University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is a public research university in Ottawa. It is also a member of U15 – a group of Canadian research universities. U of Ottawa is ranked among the top 225 universities in the world by Times Higher Education. The annual tuition fee of this university is 15,500 CAD. 

#3.Simon Fraser University

If you want to study master’s in Canada from an affordable university, Simon Fraser is the way to go. It is a public research university located in British Columbia having US accreditation. It is 298 on the QS world university ranking having around 8,051 international students. You have to pay only $5,300 per year to get a master’s degree from Simon Fraser University. 

#4.Saint Paul University

Saint Paul university is located in the city of Ottawa. It is a bilingual catholic university that is federated with the University of Ottawa. Instructions are given in both the official languages of the country; English and French. Saint Paul is a public university that offers graduate programs in the fields of Conflict Studies, Counseling, theology, and Transformative leadership. It has an annual tuition fee of 19,000 CAD. 

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#5.Concordia University

It is a famous public research university located in Montreal, Canada. Concordia University has an annual tuition fee of 22,000 CAD. It is one of the largest universities in Canada, having about 11,717 international students enrolled in various programs. In this QS University World Ranking, Concordia University falls in 521-530. 

#6.University of Guelph

Ranked at 581-590 in the QS World University Rankings, the University of Guelph is one of the cheapest universities in Canada. Its annual tuition fee is 35,467.3 CAD. This university also offers various scholarships for international students and provides degrees in various popular programs. 

#7.University of British Columbia 

A top-rated university in Vancouver and Kelowna, the University of British Columbia holds the 29th position in Medicine, 27th in Mathematics, and 34th in Computer Science. It is a globally famous university with an annual fee of $27,159 per year. 

#8.Carleton University

Located in Ottawa, Carleton University is ranked in the 19th position among the top universities in Canada. It is among the leading universities that offer various programs at cheap costs. Its average tuition fee is $7,292 per year. If you are interested in Computer science, mathematics, social sciences, physical science, or statistics, then Carleton university will be a perfect choice. 

#9.Cape Breton University

Cape Breton is a fantastic university for international students. Its population comprises 50% of overseas students. It is a public undergraduate university that offers programs in various fields. It will cost you 17,200 CAD per year at Cape Breton university. Undoubtedly, it is an innovative institution that has launched many more academic programs in the past few years. 

#10.Acadia University

Located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, Acadia university is an undergraduate university that offers a few masters and doctoral programs. They accept international students from about 50 countries. The annual tuition fee of Acadia university is 17,532 CAD. This university is known for Varsity Athletics and holds many conferences and national championships. 

#11.University of New Brunswick

It is considered quite an affordable university in Canada, having an average annual fee of 10,000 CAD. It is one of the oldest English universities in North America. Various programs offered at this university include forestry, Arts, Science, Engineering, Kinesiology, Nursing, Law, and Business. 

#12.Dalhousie University

It is a public research university located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is ranked 279th position in the QS Ranking. It is commonly known by its name Dalhousie University provides high-quality education and excellent infrastructure. Its annual tuition fee is $9,192 per year. You can secure admission to Dalhousie university with a minimum score of 7 in IELTS. 

#13.University of Regina

Ranked 1001 in the QS World University Rankings, the University of Regina is a public university in Regina, Saskatchewan. It offers not only academic degree programs but also provides experiential learning through placements and internships. It has an annual tuition fee of $13,034. Overall, it is an excellent university for education and developing practical skills. 

#14.University of Winnipeg

It is a provincially and privately funded institute providing education in various programs. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg is a famous cheap university in Canada offering programs in the fields of science, economics, arts, business, education, kinesiology, and applied health sciences. Its annual tuition fee is $14,960. 

#15.Brandon University

You can get a high-quality education at an impressive 7,203 per year from Brandon University. This university constitutes six faculties, including the Faculty of Music, Science, Health Science, Arts, Education, and Graduate Studies. However, it is competitive to secure admission into this university. 

#16.Queen’s University at Kingston

It is a public research university in Kingston, Ontario. It is ranked 201-300 in the Academic ranking of world universities. It has a tuition fee of $14,747.92 / per year. To compete to secure a seat at Queen’s university, you need to have a minimum 80% GPA. 

#17.McMaster University

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University is a public research university and also a member of U15 Canada. It is among the top 85 universities worldwide and the fourth top university in Canada. It has an annual tuition fee of $17,096. They offer various graduate and undergraduate science, social science, humanities, business, engineering, and health programs. 

#18.McGill University

McGill University is named after its founder James McGill. It is a famous public research university with more than 300 programs in various fields. Its annual tuition fee is 29,200 CAD. It is among the top 50 universities worldwide and falls under the top three institutes in Canada. 

#19.University of Calgary

In the QS Ranking 2022, the University of Calgary secured the 235th position. This university is located in Alberta and has around 6,791 international students and an average tuition fee of 35,000 CAD per year. Its excellent teaching staff and exceptional graduate programs make the University of Calgary a fantastic option for national and international students. 

#20.Memorial University of Newfoundland

Famous for teaching, training, and research, MUN has an annual tuition fee of $9,666. It is among the cheapest universities in Canada and is located in Newfoundland. It offers more than 100 degree programs and is ranked among 601-700 top universities worldwide. 

#21.Canadian Mennonite University

CMU is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Students from all religions and ethnicities are welcomed at Canadian Mennonite University, which offers various programs in any field. The annual tuition fee at CMU is 10,770 CAD. The cost may vary slightly depending on the program you want to enroll in.

#22.University of Alberta

Having an affordable fee of CAD 8,880 per year, the University of Alberta is ranked among the top 5 universities in Canada. Students from all over the world join this university to pursue their favorite degree programs. It is ranked 136 in the Best Global Universities and consistently ranked as the best for international students by Times Higher Education. 

#23.University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is among the top 25 universities in Canada that offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs at affordable costs. It is the 17th largest university in Canada, having various schools. The average tuition fee for undergraduate programs is 12,455 CAD, while postgraduate programs can be covered for 9,220 CAD. 

#24.Athabasca University

Athabasca is a famous public research university in Canada that typically offers online programs. It is the first university in Canada that specializes in distance education. For international students, they offer UG, masters, and different certifications generally in the fields of counseling and nursing within the campus. 

#25.University of Toronto 

Ranked 28th in the world university rankings, the University of Canada is academically outstanding and offers different programs cheaply. Its annual tuition fee is 24,000 CAD. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, and excels in the fields of education, library and information management, anatomy, physiology, pharmacy, and sports-related subjects. 

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 What is the minimum IELTS Band requirement for Canada Visa Permit?

For undergraduate and diplomas, you need a minimum of 5.5 in each of the four IELTS bands, while the overall score should be 6.0 and above. 

 What are the top three cheapest universities in Canada?

  • Canadian Mennonite University.
  • The Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • University of Northern British Columbia.

 Which city in Canada is best for international students? 

As an international student, Toronto is the best place. Apart from that, Laval and Calgary are also cheap to study and settle in.

 What are the admission requirement documents for Canadian universities?

Here are the documents that you will need at the time of application submission for Canadian universities:

  • Academic certificates
  • Completed admission form
  • Official score report of GRE/TOEFL/SAT
  • English proficiency test score report
  • Statement of purpose (for graduates)
  • Passport and passport-size photographs


Can my Canada Visa get rejected?

Failure to provide the required documents, unable to prove finances, or meet the health standards can result in visa rejection.