We are thrilled to announce the Facebook Fellowship Program for 2023-2024! This fully funded scholarship is open to international students pursuing doctoral research studies. We are excited to support the next generation of researchers and innovators as they explore ways to impact our world positively.

  • Country of origin: USA/Worldwide
  • Funded by: Facebook
  • Type: Fully funded
  • Education level: PhD program
  • Duration: 2 years course
  • Deadline: Sept 2023 (Application opens in August)

The Eligibility for a Facebook Fellowship 

-Applicants must have been accepted to pursue a full-time PhD program at an accredited university 

-The research proposed for the fellowship must be related to computer science or a related field

-International students are encouraged to apply

-Applicants must maintain satisfactory academic progress during the fellowship period

-Applicants must be able to demonstrate a record of excellence in their academic and professional pursuits

– Recipients of the fellowship may not accept additional financial support from any other sources that exceed the amount granted by Facebook, with certain exceptions

Courses Offered

  • Applied Statistics
  • AR/VR Computer Graphics
  • AR/VR Photonics and Optics
  • AR/VR Future Technologies
  • Blockchain and Cryptoeconomics
  • Computational Social Science
  • Computer Vision
  • Database Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Economics and Computation
  • Energy Efficient Video
  • Compression
  • Instagram/FB App Well-being and Safety
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Networking Applied Statistics
  • Privacy and Data Use
  • Programming Languages
  • Security and Privacy
  • Social and Economic Policy
  • Spoken Language Processing and Audio Classification
  • Systems for Machine Learning

Process of applying for a Facebook Fellowship 

1. First, interested students should submit an online application which includes a research proposal, CV, and transcripts. Application deadlines must be met.

2. The next step is to provide three letters of recommendation that discuss the applicant’s academic and research abilities.

3. After submitting your application, you will be notified of the status within two weeks. If selected, you will be invited to participate in a web-based interview with the Facebook Fellowship committee members.

4. Upon completion of the interview, the selection committee will make their final decisions, and the winners will be announced.

5. The recipients will then work with their designated mentor at Facebook to develop their research plans & timelines for completion. 

6. After that, the fellowship recipient will receive a grant for two years of tuition and fees, an annual stipend, and travel assistance for conferences and related research activities. 

7. Finally, the recipient will work on completing their doctoral degree and fulfilling their fellowship program requirements to become a successful Fellow.

What does the Fellowship cover?

– Tuition and fees for two years of doctoral study

– An annual stipend covers living expenses

– Conference travel aid up to $5,000 for present research findings at academic conferences

– Access to networking opportunities with Facebook AI Research staff 

– Mentorship and support from experienced faculty in the field of research.

– A one-time payment of $42,000 for each academic year of the grant

How to prepare for the Fellowship?

Preparing for a Facebook Fellowship requires dedication and commitment. Before applying, it is essential to make sure that you have a clear idea of what research you would like to pursue and how it will be conducted. You should also ensure that your research proposal is well-structured and includes a detailed budget. 

It is also essential to prepare your academic credentials, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other documents required for the application. You should also read up on the fellowship’s requirements & familiarize yourself with the selection process. Additionally, you should be prepared to answer questions related to your research during the interview. It is essential to practice answering these types of questions before the actual interview. During this process, it is important to remain calm and confident to give your best impression.

To increase your chances of success, you can join online communities dedicated to the fellowship or get in touch with previous awardees for advice and mentorship. Most importantly, ensure to apply on time and follow all instructions correctly. Applying for a scholarship can take time and effort, but following the steps outlined above can help you stand out from the competition and put you in a better position to succeed.

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In conclusion, the fellowship will provide an excellent platform for international students to pursue doctoral studies. If you are looking for an opportunity to further your studies & do some great work in various fields of research, apply for the Facebook Fellowship Program 2023-2024 today!