Chad’s Videos DAT/OAT Review 2024 : How to use it in your prep?

Mastering the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) poses difficulties for aspiring dentists. The extensive content and time constraints demand a trustworthy prep course. Chad’s Videos have emerged as a popular option for pre dental students. 

What is Chad’s Videos?

Chad’s Videos are highly regarded for their ability to explain complex concepts in a way that is easily understandable for pre-dental students. Each video is well-made and presented by an expert in the field, ensuring high-quality instruction.

The comprehensive video library covers all the major sections of the DAT  and  2500 high yield DAT style questions, ensuring that students receive thorough instruction and guidance. The videos offer an immersive learning experience, making you feel as if you are in a classroom with a great teacher. 

Overall, they provide an alternative to reading, allowing you to see and hear Chad explain each concept in detail. The videos can be played at different speeds, enabling you to go through the material quickly or focus on specific parts.

Chad's Prep Course Options
Chad’s Prep Course Options
Higher Score Guarantee
DAT Booster Summary
9/10Our Score
  • Excellent comprehensive study materials with visual aids, such as graphics
  • Around 9000 Practice problems that closely resemble the real thing
  • Realistic Practice Test.
  • Engaging video lessons in easily digestible portions
  • Impressive PAT problem creation and analysis tools.
  • Beneficial one-on-one coaching with expert tutors
  • Offers a guarantee for a higher score
  • Anki deck from Booster is quite useful for Chemistry.
  • Apps for both Android and iOS with modern interfaces.
  • Chemistry section can be improved.

Sections Covered by Chad’s Videos


The biology section is relatively comprehensive, offering outlines, videos, notes, and quizzes. The outlines provide an overview of each lesson, giving you a sense of what will be covered. 

However, the videos in this section are not complete. They are available for free, though, so you may learn the things not covered from additional resources. Alan’s Notes section offers valuable explanations of key biology terms and definitions. The quizzes, on the other hand, contain over 400 questions, providing a reliable way to test your knowledge.

General Chemistry

Its general chemistry section is one of its strongest offerings. The outlines provide a comprehensive review of each lesson, serving as useful study materials. Likewise, the videos are highly informative and help simplify complex chemistry concepts. The quizzes cover over 300 questions, allowing you to assess your understanding.

Organic Chemistry

The organic chemistry section is another notable aspect. Chad’s videos in this section are highly regarded as the best source of quality content for organic chemistry. Outlines are available for each lesson, offering a summary of the covered material. 

Generally, the videos make difficult concepts more understandable and provide a fresh perspective. Quizzes containing over 200 questions are also available to test your knowledge and comprehension.

Perceptual Ability Test (PAT)

They have a partnership with Erudition PAT to provide PAT course. When you purchase a 3-month subscription to Chad’s DAT Prep package or the DAT Practice Pack on ChadsPrep, you will receive a complimentary 3-month subscription to the Erudition PAT Course ($120 value).

Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension section is incomplete and not particularly helpful. It is advisable to use alternative sources, such as DATPrep, for this section.

Quantitative Reasoning

It offers numerous quizzes for the quantitative reasoning section. However, the videos, outlines, and notes for this section are incomplete. It is recommended to utilize other resources for comprehensive preparation.

Additional Resources

Chad’s course provides extra resources, including waxing videos, INBDE review courses, and college review courses.

  • Waxing Videos

These videos teach the basics of tooth waxing, a useful skill for aspiring dentists.

  • NBDE Review Courses

It offers quizzes for both parts of the NBDE board exams, providing valuable practice.

  • College Review Courses

It offers videos, outlines, and quizzes on various subjects, helping students maintain a high GPA for dental school applications.

User Experience and Pricing

Chad’s website is not very user-friendly and design is out dated. The videos can be accessed online, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience. The pricing for Chad’s Videos is affordable compared to other DAT prep courses on the market. There are different subscription options available, ranging from monthly to annual plans, giving you flexibility based on your study timeline and budget.

How to Study Using Chad’s Videos?

To maximize the benefits of Chad’s videos, consider the following study tips:

  • Print all the outlines for the sections you’re studying.
  • Review the outlines before and after watching the videos.
  • Take notes on concepts and terms you don’t understand while watching the videos.
  • Review the pertinent notes after finishing a video recognized and praised by numerous pre-dental students.

Benefits of Chad’s Videos DAT Prep Course

Comprehensive Coverage

Chad’s Videos offer in-depth coverage of the main subjects tested in the DAT, including Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Quantitative Reasoning. Each subject is thoroughly explained, ensuring that students have a solid understanding of the core concepts.

Engaging and Concise

One of the standout qualities of Chad’s Videos is their engaging and concise nature. Chad has a reputation for his skill in explaining intricate subjects with clarity and ease. The videos are well-structured, focusing on the key points without unnecessary fluff, which helps students save time and stay focused.

Extensive Practice Questions

In addition to the video lectures, Chad’s Videos also provide a wealth of practice questions to reinforce learning and assess your progress. The course includes over 500 DAT General Chemistry practice questions, 1500 DAT Biology practice questions, 400 DAT Organic Chemistry practice questions, and 250 DAT Quantitative Reasoning practice questions. 

These practice questions help students familiarize themselves with the exam format and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Full-length Practice Tests

To simulate the real DAT experience, Chad’s Videos offers five full-length practice tests for each subject. These practice tests allow students to gauge their readiness and identify areas that require further improvement. By practicing under exam-like conditions, students can build confidence and reduce test anxiety.

Detailed Answer Solutions

Understanding how to approach and solve DAT questions is essential for success. Chad’s Videos provide screen-recorded answer solutions for all the practice questions and tests. 

This feature allows students to review their answers and learn from their mistakes. The gradual explanation process helps students understand the fundamental principles behind a problem and form practical strategies to solve it.

Study Guides and Outlines

To aid in organization and study planning, Chad’s Videos provide study guides and outlines for each subject. These resources outline the main topics and subtopics covered in the videos, making it easier for students to follow along and review specific areas of focus.

Helpful Test-Taking Tips

Chad’s Videos also offer valuable test-taking tips and strategies to optimize performance on the DAT. These tips cover time management, question prioritization, and techniques for approaching different question types. By implementing these strategies, students can maximize their efficiency and accuracy during the exam.

Flexible Payment Options

Chad’s Videos offers flexible payment options to cater to different budgets and study timelines. Students can opt for either a one-time fee totaling $180 and gain unrestricted entry to all resources available for three months- or adopt an installment-based approach that costs as little as $60 per month and can be terminated at their convenience. Students are empowered to personalize their study plan by this flexibility.

Effectiveness and Testimonials

Chad’s Videos DAT prep course receives great reviews for its user-friendly interface and accessibility across devices. It’s regularly updated to provide the most relevant content and offers comprehensive coverage, engaging lectures, and ample practice resources. And, with flexible payment options, Chad’s Videos can be a valuable tool for DAT success and a promising dental career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Chad’s Videos DAT include?

Chad’s Videos DAT is an extensive repository of pre-recorded video lectures that offer thorough coverage of every subject matter in the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). These videos specifically focus on General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Quantitative Reasoning sections, with a strong emphasis on General and Organic Chemistry.

Are Chad’s Videos available for free?

No, Chad’s Videos are not available for free. The content requires payment of a subscription fee to be accessed. You can choose between a recurring monthly subscription priced at $60 or a 90-day access package available for $180.

Can Chad’s Videos be used in conjunction with other study materials?

Absolutely! Chad’s Videos can be used alongside other study resources to enhance your DAT preparation. The videos serve as a supplemental learning tool, providing a different perspective and reinforcing important concepts.

Can Chad’s Videos be accessed on mobile devices?

Yes, Chad’s Videos are accessible on mobile devices. The platform is designed to be compatible with various devices, allowing you to conveniently study anytime and anywhere.

Is technical support provided for Chad’s Videos?

Yes, technical support is available for Chad’s Videos. If you encounter any technical issues or have questions regarding the platform or video content, you can reach out to the support team for assistance.


Chad’s Videos  offer comprehensive and affordable DAT preparation. With high-quality instructional videos, outlines, and quizzes, it’s a valuable resource for mastering key DAT sections. While some sections may need supplemental resources, positive testimonials make it a worthwhile investment. For flexible and accessible DAT prep, consider Chad’s Videos course. If you want to check our top picks for DAT preparation, check this article. You can check the comparison between the most popular DAT prep courses here.


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