Denmark offers scholarships for international students studying at Danish Universities. There are different scholarships available, like government scholarships and university Scholarships. Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply for scholarships in Denmark without IELTS.

Danish Universities offer all kind of degrees – Bachelor’s, Master, and Doctoral degree programs. Compared to other countries, Denmark is more affordable, and 700 international programs are taught in English.

Here is a list of Danish scholarships available for international students;

Denmark Government scholarships

Denmark government scholarships are provided and managed by the Ministry of Higher education and science. The Danish Government provides scholarships for  Bachelor’s, Master, and  Ph.D. programs. To gain the scholarship, students have to complete specific courses.

This scholarship is a fully-funded or maybe partially-funded scholarship and covers your educational expenses. IELTS is not mandatory for these scholarships. There are eight universities under Danish Government.

1.University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The Danish Government provides scholarships to students studying in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at SDU. If you are a foreigner studying at the University of Southern Denmark, you should apply for a master’s fellowship scholarship. This scholarship doesn’t require a separate application.

All applicants are eligible. The best-qualified students are provided with scholarships by the Danish Government. It does not matter how long ago you completed your degree; if you are talented and intelligent,  you can get a scholarship.

  The scholarships offered by the university are;

  • The University of Southern Ph.D. Fellowship
  • The Danish Government Scholarship
  • The Master’s program scholarship

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2.IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

This scholarship provided by the Danish Government covers the full tuition fee and half of the living expenses. Students who score best are selected for this scholarship at the IT University of Copenhagen.

IT University of Copenhagen polishes the students’ academic skills and offers them an MSc scholarship. It provides 3 to 4 scholarships each year to support higher education. No need for extra steps; if you meet all the requirements, you can get a scholarship from Danish Government. 

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3.Aalborg University (AAU)

 Aalborg University offers various study and research programs in social sciences, life sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and engineering. The scholarship is offered to the applicants for the academic year per semester.

Aalborg University accepts students interested in material science in Ph.D. degree programs. The students must have a degree in the related fields. They can also get a monthly payment. 

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4.University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

The University of Copenhagen is situated in the capital of Denmark. It is one of the most popular universities due to its information technology programs. Students can apply for different programs like BSc, BS, and MS programs, and many courses are also available, like software engineering, digital design, and study games.

Students who cannot afford their expenses can apply for scholarships from the Government and universities;

  • Danish Government Scholarship
  • Rotary scholarship
  • Full bright scholarship
  • Women Tech maker’s scholarship

5.Roskilde University (RUC)

This Danish Government offers scholarships to a large number of students each year. If you are doing a Master’s, you can apply for Master’s level scholarships. The scholarship for the tuition fee relief is available for 21-23 months.

Students at Roskilde University applying for scholarships can get complete tuition fee relief and monthly living expenses of 780 DKK. IELTS is not necessary to get a scholarship.

Some Danish Government scholarships available here;

  • Graduate degree program scholarship
  • Danish State Scholarships
  • Roskilde university scholarship

6.Aarhus University (AU)

Aarhus University is a renowned institution ranked 69th among the top universities. It’s an excellent option for applicants desiring to pursue postdoctoral programs. The international students are also offered academic and social support and guidance for their future. They support their students financially and prepare them for life ahead. 

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7.Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The Technical University of Denmark is one of the most sought-after universities focusing on research and education. It offers a wide range of Bachelor to doctoral degree programs. If accepted, all students who apply for the scholarship get relief in tuition fees for the Technical University of Denmark.

The international research standards make the university recognizable in the world. There are various courses available that are part-time and full-time. Some external scholarships are also available for the students;

  • Scholarships for globally-minded leaders
  • The gen foundation financial aid program
  • Global study award scholarship

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8.Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Copenhagen Business School is a public university situated in Copenhagen, also known as CBS. It is the best option for a 2-year Master’s degree and 3-years bachelor’s degree.

The Government selects a limited number of students per year who receive the scholarship. It helps them relieve themselves of their tuition fee and other expenses while studying.

At the start of each month, the candidates get payment, which will continue for 22 months. They will receive 7000 DKK coverage of their expenses at Copenhagen Business School.

Government and this university offers students various scholarship programs:

  • E-Fellows scholarship
  • CBS MBA scholarships
  • CBS executive scholarships of Excellence

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Why study in Denmark?

There are several reasons to study in Denmark. It’s a great choice for students who want to study abroad. It offers a vast range of courses for overseas and local students. Here are a few reasons to study at Denmark’s top-rated universities:

  • Good social student life
  • Tuition fees scholarships
  • High-quality education
  • Career opportunities
  • Master’s degree courses in English
  • Friendly environment
  • High standard of living 
  • Low or no tuition fee