Scholarship Overview

  • Country: Canada
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Institutions: McGill University
  • Funded by: Government of Québec
  • Tuition Type: Full tuition
  • Degree Program: Undergraduate, Masters and PhD
  • Scholarship Amount: Up to $37,500
  • Separate Application Required?: Yes
  • Deadline: 31 July, 2024.

Scholarship Benefits

Undergraduate Programs

Three-Year Program (e.g., 120 credits): 

  • Students will receive $2,500 per term, up to a cumulative amount of $15,000 (calculated as 6 terms x $2,500/term).

Four-Year Program (e.g., over 120 credits): 

  • The cost is $2,500 per term, with a maximum total of $20,000 (calculated as 8 terms x $2,500/term).

Students enrolled in a freshman (U0) program might qualify for PBPQ funding if they successfully complete at least 12 credits at the U1 level within a single term.

Master’s Programs

  • The fee is $2,500 per term, with a maximum total of $12,500 (calculated as 5 terms x $2,500/term).

Terms in which a student is registered as a qualifying student for a Master’s program do not qualify for PBPQ funding.

PhD Programs

  • The fee is $2,500 per term, up to a maximum of $37,500 (calculated as 15 terms x $2,500/term).

Terms in which a PhD student is registered in Year 1 are excluded from PBPQ funding eligibility.

Students will receive the per-term funds after completing a full-time term of study successfully, starting with Fall 2022. For example, the funding for the Fall 2022 term will be disbursed in the Winter 2023 term, and this pattern will continue for subsequent terms.


Eligibility Criteria for PBPQ Funding

To qualify for PBPQ funding for a specific term, students must meet the following criteria, as assessed by the Government of Quebec during the application review for that semester:

Quebec Residency: 

Note: To verify your current status as a Quebec Resident at McGill, please check the Access to Fee Information page. Only Canadian citizens (including Canadian First Nations) and Permanent Residents are eligible for Quebec residency. All other student categories (e.g., International, Refugee, Diplomat, Visitor’s Visa) are ineligible, as per the Ministry of Education’s guidelines.

Quebec Permanent Code: 

Students must possess a valid Quebec Permanent Code

Full-Time Study:

  • Students must be enrolled full-time for the relevant semester. Students with documented disabilities or certain family situations (e.g., having a young dependent child) may be considered full-time if enrolled in at least 6 credits, as defined by the Government of Quebec.

Minimum Credits: 

  • Students must have successfully completed the required minimum number of credits in an eligible program. 

Note: According to the government website, “You are considered to have successfully completed your study term if you have obtained the minimum number of hours or credits required by the scholarship program. Consequently, you will be entitled to the scholarship provided you achieve this minimum number, even if you failed one of your courses.”

Undergraduate Freshman Students: 

  • Students in a freshman (U0) program may qualify for PBPQ funding if they successfully complete at least 12 credits at the U1 level within a given term.

Master’s Students: 

  • Master’s students must be registered in a degree program and not as Qualifying students.

How to apply

The application period for Winter 2024 is now open. The deadline to submit your application is July 31, 2024.

Click here to apply

  • Submit your application promptly, even if you have incomplete or pending grades at the time of submission. The application deadline is strict and applies to all students, including those with grades like K, KE, L, or LE on their record at that time.
  • Ensure that incomplete or pending grades are resolved quickly to avoid impacting your eligibility for PBPQ funding. Deferred final exams, indicated by interim L grades, will be scheduled according to standard university procedures.
  • Students must submit an application after each full-time or deemed full-time study term they successfully complete in their program.

Additional Information

The Government of Québec’s initiative, the “Programme de bourses Perspective Québec” (PBPQ), is designed to motivate students to pursue postsecondary education in areas considered crucial for the province’s workforce needs. These priority fields encompass engineering, education, health and social services, information technology.

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