The banting postdoctoral fellowship program provides fully funded scholarships to students. This fellowship program aims to bring worldwide talent under one platform and offer excellent research opportunities to talented candidates. This creates competition on a national and international level between deserving students. This program contributes positively to Canada’s social status and economy. The Candidates also develop good relationships internationally and exchange their culture with other students.

Scholarship Summary

Study Level: Postdoctoral

Host Institutes: Canadian and foreign institutes having affiliated research centres. All the non-profit organizations have robust research capacity.

Duration of program: Two years

Number of fellowships: 70 every year

Scholarship Deadline: Sep 2024 (Expected to open on April 2024)

Focused research departments:

  • Health Research
  • Engineering
  • Humanities or social sciences 

Scholarship Coverage:

  • The scholarship is awarded for two years only to each student.
  • Every student gets about 70,000$ annually.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants having citizenship in Canada, those living permanently in Canada, and foreigners are allowed to apply for this program. But they must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates who are not living in Canada or don’t have Canadian citizenship and those who have Canadian citizenship but have completed their PhD from outside Canada can apply for Canadian institutes only.
  • But the applicants who have completed their PhD or equivalent degree in Canada can apply to Canadian institutes or outside Canada.
  • The eligibility period can be extended in serious circumstances like military leaves, illness, pandemic issues, family-related serious issues or health responsibilities, lack of opportunities for research, etc.

Eligibility criteria for host institutes:

  • All Canadian and foreign institutes have affiliated research centres and organizations without profit schemes.
  • The Government and Canadian federal institutes and profit organizations are not eligible to host the Banting postdoctoral fellowship program.
  • One candidate can receive the Banting postdoctoral fellowship program once in a lifetime.
  • The students must not receive any other scholarship when they are enrolled in Banting fellowship programs.
  • The applicants are allowed to apply to Banting postdoctoral programs and other agency-specific programs simultaneously. But they can choose only one after their selection in both programs.

How to apply?

  • Before applying to any institution, the candidate must contact the respective university whether they are hosting a Banting postdoctoral program. For Canadian institutes, you can check the official website to know which institutes are eligible for applying and to which university they should apply.
  • They can also check which university offers postdoctoral scholarships in their desired research areas.
  • After selecting the institution, the applicants should contact the university or its supervisor for collaboration.
  • The applications should be completed in collaboration with the host institution.
  • The supervisor should check and approve the applications.
  • The candidates must follow all the instructions while filling out the applications and ensure that their applications, letters, and documents are safely reached the institute.

The candidate should discuss the following details with their desired institute:

  • If there is any support available for the students to aid their research program.
  • The details of the research area
  • Any obligations that a student must fulfil to avail of the scholarship.
  • The duties and rules of the researcher.
  • Any specific rules of the university that are also applied to a postdoctoral student.
  • You should register on the ResearchNet account, an application tool used for registration of postdoctoral fellowship programs.
  • The candidates must have an account on CCV (Canadian Common CV), also a web tool. This allows the users to make changes to their CV data in one go.

The ResearchNet application form requires you to fill in the following details:

  • Identify and select your research department.
  • Personal information (Bibliography)
  • Supervisor’s statement
  • Proposal letters
  • Select and identify your referees
  • Attach your required documents
  • All the information related to your degree
  • Proposal letter for research
  • The candidates should review all the information carefully, as it is their responsibility to ensure that the application and related documents reach the institution.
  • They must review the evaluation criteria from the selection committee before finalizing their application.
  • You can fill out your application form in either English or French.
  • For candidates filling out their application in French, there is an additional page to write a research proposal as it requires more space than English.

Official Website

You can check further details of the scholarship program from the official website.


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