• Country: Canada
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Type: Fully/partially funded
  • Scholarship Amount: $20,000 in two installments
  • Institution: University of British Columbia
  • Eligibility: UG

UBC honors excellent students worldwide with awards, scholarships, and other financial assistance totaling more than $30 million per year. Consider applying for a chance to study for free at UBC this year!

Funding Value of the UBC Scholarship

The University of British Columbia (UBC), founded in the early 1900s, is the region’s earliest known public university. Its prestige is undeniable, as it ranks third in Canada, and many prominent personalities are alums.

Academic fees coverage, stipend distribution, money to purchase books, logistics airfare coverage, insurance package, complimentary dormitory space, and other advantages may be provided to recipients of any UBC scholarship.

Those that are accepted will receive up to $20,000. As part of the creative UBC scholarship, the funds will be divided into two $10,000 installments, which can be used for study expenses. It involves work-related trips, personal development incentives, and a student allowance.

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Details of the UBC Scholarship

The Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) will accept up to 35 new applicants this year. Students are eligible for second-year scholarship renewal. Furthermore, PIS will be actively recruiting for CES, a specialized funding source to boost the number of PSI Scholars researching climatic disasters.

All the listed scholarships below are offered every year to aspiring scholars:

  • UBC Merit-based scholarships
  • UBC International Scholars Program
  • UBC Okanagan Campus Scholarships
  • UBC Vancouver Campus Scholarships
  • UBC Public Scholar Initiative (PSI)
  • International Major Entrance Scholarships (IMES)
  • International Major Entrance Scholarship for Vantage One
  • Vantage One Excellence Awards
  • Vantage One Entrance Awards
  • Outstanding International Student Awards

UBC’s Public Scholar Initiative is one of the university’s best-offered scholarships for students enrolled in their doctorate program. It was founded in 2015 to support UBC Ph.D. candidates whose dissertation research extended well beyond traditional academic methodologies. 

It is a visible contribution to the public benefit made possible by interdisciplinary, innovative, or action-oriented scholarships in their research project. PSI’s renowned scholars have been acknowledged to contribute to the better welfare of the general public.

Scholars have obtained up to $2.1 million in funding through this initiative to promote a wide range of issues, including the preservation of historic forests, scientific advance, and many other topics. 

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The Requirements to Apply for the UBC Scholarship

The initiative is open to doctoral students in years 1-5 at UBC Vancouver and Okanagan. Applicants must be registered in a UBC doctorate course and have completed no more than 48 hours of doctoral coursework by August 31, 2022.

Students who are financed are expected to provide a report after their first year or, if possible, the following year of financing. In addition, IPS scholars will be required to present their studies in a collaboration event called ‘Ph.D.’s Go Public.’

Following their funding, all students, instructors, and researchers will be asked to complete a survey. Student thesis, student achievement, and career aspirations will be reviewed as an element of the pilot initiative’s analysis.

Application Process for UBC Scholarship

First and foremost, you must obtain two forms from the official UBC portal. After you’ve finished the download, complete your application in accordance with the instructions provided.

Then, as a single PDF, attach your filled PSI Fellowship Application 2022-23 and the Common Canadian CV. This page is a Qualtrics form; therefore, it will take five minutes to complete until all documentation is set for upload.

If you have any questions, please review the overview section because you want to make sure your application is correct.

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