Most international universities have IELTS as an essential requirement for admission. However, some universities don’t consider IELTS and grant admissions and scholarships solely based on your academic performance and passion for learning.

Here’s a list of fully-funded scholarships without IELTS.

Azerbaijan scholarships

The leading universities of Azerbaijan offer scholarships to help students meet their financial needs. To enroll in these universities, you don’t have to pass any language proficiency test, such as OET or IELTS.

  • The scholarships are fully funded, so they cover all the expenses of students, from tuition fees to hostel charges. And also, there is no application or registration for some of the universities.
  • Regarding the eligibility criteria, the international scholarship offers are for the residents of OIC and NAM only.
  • The course duration depends upon the programs that you have chosen.
  • The age limit for undergraduate programs is less than 25, for post-graduation, less than 30, and less than 40 for doctoral programs.
  • Required documents include passport copy, passport size photos, latest degree, and application form.


Nanjing University, China

Nanjing University is ranked among the top universities in China that offer scholarships to international students.

  • The scholarship is fully funded, so it covers all the expenses of the students.
  • There is no application or registration fee to apply for the scholarship programs.
  • It offers 86 undergraduate, 27 Master, and 43 Ph.D. programs.
  • The CSC scholarship program in China funds the scholarship.
  • All you need is a photocopy of your passport, domicile, CNIC, and latest degree, along with passport-size photos and the application form. You are ready to apply for a scholarship without any fee.


Qatar university scholarships

Qatar university scholarships are offered by all the public sector and top-rated universities of Qatar. They provide annual scholarships to attract more hardworking and deserving students.

 The fully funded scholarship covers the following;

  • The annual tuition fee of any study program
  • Monthly hostel charges
  • Cost and ticket charges for a trip to the home country every year.
  • Transport charges to the university campus.
  • This scholarship also doesn’t require IELTS, and the application and registration are also free of cost.
  • All the universities under this scholarship offer bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. level programs.


Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Asian Institute of Technology also offers fully funded government scholarships in Thailand. The Bangkok Master’s scholarships fund these scholarships.

  • The scholarship offer is for the Master’s degree program only.
  • The duration of scholarships consists of two years.
  • The scholarship amount covers stipend and hostel charges.
  • Only food engineering and bioprocess technology, energy, and environmental programs are available on the scholarship offer.
  • For eligibility, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or more in your Bachelor’s.

 Hokkaido University of Japan Scholarship

The Hokkaido University of Japan provides scholarships annually, which are funded by the MEXT scholarship program in Japan. The government offers limited seats to the university for Scholarships, so the competition increases with each passing year.

  • It offers only Master’s and Doctoral degree programs.
  • There is no need to clear IELTS as it’s not required to apply for these scholarships.
  • The scholarship provides tuition fee relief, a monthly stipend, and free medical insurance to each student.

 Schwarzman Scholarships

Schwarzman College is situated at Tsinghua University Beijing, China. It provides a scholarship for students in china who are pursuing their Master’s degrees. It offers 200 scholarships each year that are fully funded. The university is ranked 15th among the top universities in the world.

  • It is a fully-funded scholarship that covers almost all the expenses like health insurance, tuition fees, and study tours.
  • No need for an IELTS test or other language requirements.
  • This is one of the most sought-after scholarship programs for International students desiring to pursue a Master’s.

NCTU scholarships

NCTU is one of the most famous and top-ranked universities in Taiwan. International students from all over the world are eligible for fully-funded scholarships. All majors and academic fields are offered under this scholarship. It is famous for engineering, art programs, and business administration.

  • IELTS is not a requirement for this scholarship
  • This scholarship is provided for the Masters and Doctoral degree levels.
  • It is a fully-funded scholarship covering all the study, health, and tour expenses.

British Chevening scholarship

This scholarship is for students who want to study at UK universities. The government of the UK offers Chevening Scholarship as an international award.

  • IELTS is not required to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • This scholarship is for Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees.
  • It is a fully-funded scholarship; thus, it covers all living expenses, accommodation, and travel.

Quest University Scholarship

Quest University is private liberal arts and Sciences University. It provides a range of scholarships that cover the full tuition fee. IELTS test scores are not necessary for admission.

  • It is a fully-funded scholarship for financial support.
  • It offers scholarships for Master’s and Ph.D. programs.
  • IELTS is not mandatory for applying for this scholarship.


Bilkent University Scholarship

 Bilkent is a private university in Ankara, Turkey. Students who desire to get higher education can apply for this fully-funded scholarship. It is a complete relief of expenses.

The university is ranked 54th in Asia and 2nd in Turkey. It has been nominated among the top 3 universities in Turkey.

  • Under this scholarship, students can apply for Master, Bachelor, and Ph.D. programs.
  • The IELTS test is not necessary for admission.
  • The application fee costs about US$150. However, students can apply for an application fee waiver 


KAIST University Scholarship

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is a research university in Daedeok Innopolis, South Korea. This university provides as many as 300 scholarships offering students an environment where they focus properly on their studies. It is among the best fully funded scholarships for international students to meet their finances.

  • The IELTS test is not mandatory. You can provide them with your English proficiency certificate.
  • This university offers scholarships for Ph.D. and Master’s degree programs.
  • It covers expenses like; medical insurance and tuition fee. For research, more monthly stipends are provided to students.

York University international students program:

York University is Canada’s 4th largest university. It is a public research university in Toronto, Canada, that offers international students a variety of scholarships. 

 The institute offers about $35,000 annually to help international students financially support their higher education. IELTS is not necessary for the scholarship. 

  • It is a fully-funded scholarship that supports health insurance, living expenses, and study expenses.
  • The IELTS test is not required to apply for the scholarship.
  • It offers Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs under this fully funded government scholarship.


University of Technology, Sydney scholarships:

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a public research university in Sydney, Australia. It provides all qualified students with a fully-funded scholarship for Masters and Ph.D. degree programs. It also offers fellowships in relevant fields for Ph.D. degrees. 

  • IELTS is not required, and any other language proficiency test is also unnecessary.
  • It provides a fully-funded scholarship for only Masters and Ph.D. degree programs.
  • It offers fully-funded scholarships to students who cannot afford their educational expenses.

Australia Awards Scholarship

 This scholarship program is offered for undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D., and research studies.

  • The scholarship is sourced by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade DFAT.
  • It covers the tuition fee, hostel expenses, air tickets, and health insurance and can also provide additional academic support.


Stipendium Hungaricum:

 This scholarship is available for graduation, Master’s, tier Master’s, Ph.D., and non-doctoral programs.

  • This scholarship is available for limited countries only.
  • In 2021, almost $0.5M in applications were received, and 47 thousand lucky students got selected for the scholarship.
  • This scholarship is also fully funded and covers all expenses.


Fulbright students program:

 The Fulbright student program provides financial assistance to international students pursuing undergraduate studies and young professionals in the United States.

  • Students in Master’s or Ph.D. degree programs are applicable for this scholarship and can also be given to non-qualified post-graduate applicants.
  • This program welcomes students from more than 160 countries around the whole world. 
  • About 4,000 international students are selected per year who are granted this scholarship program.


Governments of Romania Scholarship:

All international students having excellent scores in their undergrad school are applicable for this scholarship except the students from EU states.

  • The government of Romania provides scholarships to undergraduate students now pursuing Masters and Ph.D. programs.
  • Students submit their applications. After the submission, the selection results are announced, and additional requirements must be fulfilled.


Japanese Government Scholarship:

 The ministry of sports, culture, and technology grants scholarships to international students who desire to study at Japanese Universities.

  • This scholarship is granted to certain selected schools, which is about 143,000 Yen to 148,000 Yen.
  • They offer both fully-funded and partially-funded scholarships.
  • Research students and undergraduate students are applicable for this scholarship.