If you’re looking to attend one of Turkey’s top universities, you may be interested in the Bilkent University Scholarships available each year. 

  • Country of origin: Turkey
  • Funded by: Bilkent University
  • Type: Fully/Partially funded
  • Education level: Master’s degree, Ph.D. program
  • Duration: The Master’s Scholarship is for three years, and the Ph.D. scholarship is for four years.
  • Deadline: 1st Nov 2023/31st March 2024/31st May 2024

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Bilkent University is a well-known university in Ankara, Turkey. The university offers over 140 undergraduate programs, 138 graduate programs, and 154 doctoral programs in various fields such as natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, business administration, law, and others.

 Bilkent University Scholarship opportunities are open for international students from all over the world. If you have applied or are interested in applying for any of these opportunities, you should read this post carefully. Bilkent University awards fully funded master’s and Ph.D. scholarships to international students with excellent academic records who have completed their bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification from recognized higher education institutions outside of Turkey within the last ten years before the date of application.

  • Scholarships for international students are based on academic criteria like grades, test scores, and chosen study programs.
  • Eligible applicants may receive scholarships covering 20% to 100% of tuition, in 20% increments.
  • Some students with full tuition waivers may also get accommodation scholarships.
  • Tuition waiver scholarships last up to four semesters for the English Preparatory Program and up to ten semesters for four-year undergraduate programs.
  • Accommodation scholarships last for a maximum of eight semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

The following requirements must be met to qualify for these scholarships. 

1. Be a citizen of a country other than Turkey.

2. Have excellent English language skills.

3. Have an undergraduate degree with a good GPA (above 3/4); 

4. Be under 35 years old as of January 2024.

5. Not have completed any Master or Doctorate Degree from any university; 

6. Not received any scholarship from any higher education institution in Turkey in the past three years. 7. The GRE quantitative score required is 153.

  • Scholarship recipients must:
    • Enroll in the minimum required courses each semester.
    • Maintain an Annual-GPA of at least 2.00/4.00.
    • English Preparatory Program students must qualify for the ECA or PAE exam.
    • Failure to meet these conditions can lead to scholarship reduction.
  • Students with accommodation scholarships must maintain an Annual-GPA of 2.50/4.00, or risk losing the scholarship.
  • All scholarship students must attend all lectures and academic activities. Poor attendance could result in scholarship suspension.
  • Disciplinary actions can lead to scholarship reduction or cancellation.
  • Students on exchange programs must take and pass the minimum required course load.

Required Documents

Scholarship applications require the following documents: 

  • Statement of purpose 
  • Research proposal
  • Academic transcripts
  • Professors or academic advisors should write two letters of recommendation. 
  • Applications should be submitted in English.
  • Latest CV
  • IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE Scores are needed.

Application Process

The application process is open to all international students. 

1) Submit a completed online application form. 

2) Send a scanned copy of your high school diploma or equivalent degree certificate to the Office of Graduate Admissions. 

3) Have one letter of recommendation sent by an academic advisor or faculty member. 

4) Submit two letters of reference from current or former professors. 

5) Submit proof of English proficiency. Send GRE/GMAT scores, all transcripts, & university entrance qualifications if available. 

Scholarships Benefits

The recipient of the scholarship will receive the following benefits: 

– For those pursuing a doctoral degree:

1. A monthly stipend of 5.500 TL (Turkish Lira) a month

2. A tuition waiver of 62.100 Turkish Liras per year is available

3. Coverage under a private health insurance plan

4. There will be a laptop computer available

5. Post-PhD qualifier meal cards will be provided

6. Support for travel will be provided on a conditional basis

– Students pursuing an MS degree:

1. Annual tuition waiver of 62.100 Turkish Liras

2. A monthly stipend of 4.400 TL

3. Coverage under private health insurance

4. A laptop will be included

5. There will be conditional support for travel

Depending upon a student’s ranking within the top 5% the scholarship covers tuition fees to the extent shown below:

Rank Percent of tuition
First 1% 100%
Second 1% 80%
Third 1% 60%
Fourth 1% 40%
Fifth 1% 20%


  1. Do I need to speak Turkish? 

No, you do not need to speak Turkish to be eligible for a scholarship at Bilkent University. However, we strongly encourage you to learn the language! Learning Turkish will give you an edge when looking for internships or jobs after graduation-not to mention that it’s also fun!

  1. What is required of me as a graduate student to receive my monthly stipend? 

As long as you’re enrolled full-time and make satisfactory progress toward your degree requirements, your stipend will automatically be paid monthly through eBanka.

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Bilkent University scholarships are a great way to study at a world-class university in Turkey, with the benefit of being fully funded. If you have questions or want more information on these scholarship opportunities, check the official website.

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