Best Turkey Scholarships For International Students (Without IELTS) 2024-2025 – Study in Turkey

When we talk about studying overseas, Turkey is one of the countries to consider, as it is a famous destination for most students looking to study abroad. Are you considering schooling in a Turkish institution on scholarship?

Then come along as we will consider various scholarship programs in Turkey, their benefits, and how to apply. Then you will be able to make a selection that suits your needs. Stay tuned.

  • Country: Turkey 
  • Scholarship Type: Merit-based
  • Offered by: Government of Turkey 
  • Institutions: All Universities in Turkey. 
  • Type: Fully Funded one-time scholarship
  • Degree Program: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies depending on the kind of scholarship 
  • Deadline: Varies depending on the type of scholarship program and the institute offering the program

International candidates looking to attain a Ph.D., master’s, or bachelor’s degree overseas can turn to Turkey for scholarships. The Government of Turkey has made it possible for international students from non-native English-speaking countries to apply for admission into Turkish institutions without taking an IELTS examination. There are now many fully-funded scholarship programs in Turkey that do not involve using IELTS. Let’s consider some of them.


Turkiye Burslari is one of the prestigious institutes in Turkey offering fully-funded scholarships on merits to international students. And admission into the scholarship program does not involve the use of IELTS. However, students have to take a year-long training course in Turkish as an alternative. The Turkiye Burslari has a lot of benefits it offers to eligible candidates who qualify for its scholarship program. These benefits include, 

  • A monthly stipend of about 1800 Turkish liras
  • Free accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Free travel expenses
  • Cultural and social activities/courses, etc. 

This scholarship is available to doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate students and does not involve using IELTS, YOS, or entrance exams as an eligibility requirement.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program will be around Jan/Feb 2024.


  • Uskudar University Scholarship

Uskudar University scholarships require eligible candidates to undertake a year-long course or training program in the Turkish language to increase the Turkish language proficiency of international students. However, this is not mandatory. A student can choose to take a program based on the English language but must submit a test result in English language proficiency.

Alternatively, the Uskudar University also offers a personalized English language test which you can also opt for to improve your English language proficiency. Students who fail the test will have to enroll in a one-year preparation course in the English language. IELTS is also not a compulsory requirement for eligibility.

Like other scholarship programs, some benefits come with the Uskudar University scholarships. For starters, the university entrance scholarships offer monthly stipends of 1000 Turkish liras to 1000 undergraduate students. Scholarships in cultural excellence, science, and arts are benefits of the Uskudar University’s scholarship program. There is also a scholarship opportunity available for disabled persons and a ‘deprivation scholarship’ for those who have lost their parents and need financial aid. 

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is September 2023 .

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  • Medipol University Scholarship 

Medipol University is located in Istanbul and has the Turkish language as its primary means of communication. Therefore a year-long training course in the Turkish language is necessary for preparing international students looking to enroll in a scholarship program at Medipol University.

However, there are still English-based programs that do not require the use of IELTS to apply. Medipol University offers its competency test in the English language. Students who do not pass the test or score up to 75% will have to enroll in the institution for a one-year English language course. The institute also gives need-based financial assistance with up to a 50% tuition fee waiver. Candidates who are citizens of designated countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, e.t.c, are also eligible for a tuition fee reduction of up 15% through the special country scholarship. Students with good SAT scores also qualify for additional discounts.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is December 2023.

Bilkent university is another university in Turkey that offers scholarship programs to international students without using IELTS tests. The institute gives a personalized PAE exam of proficiency in the English language in place of an IELTS test. 

Students who do not pass the exam will enroll in a one-year preparatory course in the English language given by the institution upon conditional admission. And if it is a Turkish language-based course, then eligible candidates must undergo a one-year preparatory course in the Turkish language.

Bilkent University has many scholarship programs available to eligible candidates. 

Students applying for financial aid scholarships will be assessed based on their international/national exam scores, high school grades, and other factors. Benefits of the Bilkent university scholarship programs include Free accommodation and maximum or partial tuition waivers of at least 20%. Students also get merit-based scholarships based on their end-of-the-year examination results. 

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is January, 2024.

KOC university is another university in Turkey whose admission does not require IELTS or TOEFL tests. International test results such as the ACT, SAT I, and SAT II can suffice in place of IELTS tests. Alternatively, you can also go for a preparatory course to boost your skills in the English language. 

KOC university offers yearly merit-based scholarships between 25 to 100% to deserving students. Undergraduate students also qualify for a need-based scholarship. All master’s students with a thesis are also awarded 100% merit-based scholarships by the relevant graduate school.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program for the spring semester is December 2023.


  • Anadolu University Scholarships

The use of IELTS is not mandatory for eligible candidates at Anadolu University. Instead, a candidate seeking admission into the institute can present his SAT score in place of an IELTS. Alternatively, a student going for a Turkish language-based program will have to take a one-year preparatory course in Turkish. The benefits of the Anadolu University scholarship include a full or partial tuition fee waiver of at least 20% based on the students’ end-of-the-year exam results. Anadolu University also gives need-based grants to students. 

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is November 2022.


  • Altinbas University Scholarships 

IELTS treats are not compulsory for gaining entry into Altinbas university on a scholarship program. Undergraduate students who enroll in programs that do not require a tuition fee obtain an ‘undergraduate scholarship admission”.

A renewable yearly scholarship program is also given to students on merits even after gaining admission based on their GPA. Students who have earned substantial sums of academic excellence in their previous undergraduate institutions are granted ‘Honour Grants’ for the next academic year after they must have concluded their English preparation program.

There are no deadlines for applying for an Altinbas University Scholarship program. Applications are accepted by Altinbas University all year round.

  • Maltepe University Scholarships

Maltepe University does not also mandate the use of IELTS to gain admission into the institute. Your annual English exam results from your high school can suffice.

Alternatively, there is also an option of a one-year preparatory program to improve proficiency in the English language. Some benefits of Maltepe University scholarship programs include a full or partial scholarship of at least 25% available to students depending on their grades and the type of scholarship program they enrolled in at the institute. 

Scholarship applications are accepted by Maltepe University all year round.


  • Yasar University Scholarships

The use of IELTS at Yasar university is also optional. The institute offers applicants who cannot submit proof of proficiency in the English language a one-year preparatory program to improve in the English language. This one year of the English language program does not count when counting the total number of years of study needed to graduate. Students who pass the proficiency exam will gain entry into the course they applied to study. The institution also offers several scholarship programs and discounts. Students applying for scholarship programs from partner institutions like Erasmus or Global get a 10% scholarship discount. A full or partial tuition fee waiver is also available to students with a record of high academic excellence. 

Tuition waivers are available all year round for students who keep a decent academic record from the previous year.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is October 2022 (closed).

  • Izmir University of Economics Scholarship

Izmir university does not enforce the use of IELTS on students looking to gain entry into the institution. Students can submit their SAT scores or take the institution’s English language test instead. There are good scholarship opportunities available at Izmir university. International candidates from specific countries opting for an undergraduate program at the institution get international student scholarships. The benefit of this scholarship program is a complete tuition fee waiver for an entire year. Further, students with a GPA of 3.50 or above are eligible for 50% discounts if they meet the requirement. Scholarships are also available for students showing excellent athletic ability.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is October 2023 .


  • Istanbul Kultur University Scholarship

Admissions granted to the Istanbul Kultur university do not require using IELTS or TOEFL tests. You only need to present proof that your previous education was in English. An English language proficiency test set by the institute is also available for students applying for English-based programs who prefer that option. Courses offered in Turkish do not require any proficiency test at all. However, candidates will have to undergo a one-year program in the Turkish language to improve their proficiency.

Merit-based scholarships are given to deserving students by the institution. Undergraduate students also get a tuition fee discount of at least 25% or more based on their SAT scores.

Students with high school results also get 75% of tuition waivers. Graduate students also get a 25% discount at least or more based on their CGPA. 

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is October 2023 .

  • University of Biruni Scholarship

Students opting for a scholarship program in Biruni can present a TOEFL or PTE score to the institute of Biruni in place of IELTS test results. Students who cannot submit these tests will have to enroll in a one-year preparatory program at Biruni University to improve their proficiency in the English language before beginning their academic programs.

The institution offers a considerable amount of scholarships. Applicants with excellent grades in college or high school also get merit-based scholarships. Students applying for a doctoral or masters program with outstanding master and undergraduate trans scripts in their name get a merit grant. Existing international students can also apply for ‘Turkish Scholarships’ consisting of free accommodation and tuition fee waivers.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is not yet known, as applications are still ongoing. 


  • ATILIM University Scholarships

ATILIM University permits students to present TOEFL/CPE/CAE or PTE scores as proof of English language proficiency in place of IELTS. Alternatively, students who can not meet these scores must undergo a preparatory course in English. To be eligible to gain entry into ATILIM University on scholarships, students will be evaluated based on letters of appreciation, GRE, GMAT, or SAT results, transcripts, honors, and awards. For merit-based scholarships, the financial aid office assesses student applications on a need basis.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is December 22, 2023.


  • Yeditepe University Scholarships

Proof of proficiency is necessary for students before they can commence studies at Yeditepe university. While IELTS is not mandated, you must have a TOEFL minimum score of 79 or an SAT minimum score of 550 to show your English ability. The institution also gives a foreign language proficiency examination. Students with a lower score on this exam can enroll for a preparation course in English for some time. Yeditepe University offers a full tuition waiver for students on a full scholarship, a 50% tuition fee waiver for students awarded a 50% scholarship, and a quarter tuition fee coverage for students awarded a 25% scholarship. The top 100 students admitted into a scholarship program at the University based on their DL results are given 900 Turkish Lira through their college education and preparatory school. 

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is December 2023.

  • ISIK University Scholarships

IELTS is not a mandatory requirement for applying to ISIK university. Toefl scores or a minimum of 500-550 SAT scores are accepted. For Turkish-based courses, candidates must undergo a one-year program to increase their proficiency in the Turkish language. 

ISIK university also gives a merit-based scholarship program with a tuition fee waiver between 25% – 100% depending on your exam score in the previous year.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship program for the spring semester is December 2023.


Benefits Of Turkish Scholarships

The following are the benefits of studying in Turkish universities on a scholarship program,

  • Free accommodation
  • Free or partial tuition fee waiver
  • Access to Turkish conference funding, library and heritage sites.
  • Turkish Study Visa funding 
  • Complete Flight tickets coverage
  • Health insurance

As we have seen in this article, numerous scholarship opportunities in Turkey don’t involve using IELTS. So, use the information provided in this article in selecting the Turkish scholarship program that best meets your desire. Farewell on your educational journey overseas.


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