· Country: United Kingdom

· Scholarship Type: Merit-based

· Offered by: University of Dundee

· Institutions: University of Dundee

· Type: Partially funded

· Degree Program: Undergraduate (up to 5 years) and Masters (up to one year)

· Scholarship Amount: £5,000 per year

· Deadline: August 31, 2024

The University of Dundee offers the Global Excellence Scholarship to support UK, EU, and overseas students interested in pursuing full-time on-campus courses in the UK. This scholarship is meant to encourage and support high-achieving candidates wishing to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Scholarship Value and Duration

The scholarship offers the selected recipients £5,000 per academic year. This means £15,000 for a 3-year degree, £20,000 for a 4-year degree and so on. For undergraduates, the scholarship covers up to 5 years. However, for postgraduates, the scholarship only covers a year.


The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are divided into two: the admission requirements for undergraduates and the admission requirements for postgraduates.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

· Applicants must have an academic offer of entry for an undergraduate program in any school contributing to the scholarship. Applicants who study a program in the School of Medicine or Dentistry are automatically disqualified.

· Hold international fee status, as proposed by the University in question

· Achieved a or the equivalent of a UK AAB at A level or above

Postgraduate Admission Requirements

· Have an academic offer of entry for a program in any affiliated schools taught by a postgraduate. The program must be full-time, running for 12 months and with 180 credits.

· Hold international fee status determined by the University

· Achieved either a or the equivalent of a UK 1st Class honors degree

Applicants should also demonstrate proficiency in the English language.

Subjects Taught

Here are the following courses you can find at the University of Dundee:

· Accounting and finance

· Architecture and urban planning

· Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences

· Comics

· Dentistry

· Education

· Engineering

· Geography or environmental science

· Law

· Medicine

· Philosophy

· Politics and international relations

· Social work

· Anatomy and human identification

· Art and design

· Business, management and marketing

· Computing

· Economics

· Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy

· English, Film Studies, Creative Writing

· History

· Mathematics

· Nursing and Health Science

· Physics

· Psychology

 How To Apply

To apply for the Dundee Global Excellence scholarship, follow these steps carefully:

· Visit the UCAS website first to send your application and get the offer.

· After submitting your course application and if you have been given an offer of entry from the University of Dundee. You will then wait for an email to be sent to know if you are eligible for the award. An offer must be received first before you can submit a scholarship application.

Documents Required

You simply need to submit your original academic transcripts for the University Admissions team to assess. Applicants can check the course pages for undergraduates and postgraduates for further details on the supporting documents they must submit.

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What is the University of Dundee’s rate of acceptance?

The University of Dundee is moderately selective, with an acceptance rate of 36%.